9+ Heartfelt I Love You Box Gift Ideas

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I love you boxes are so easy to find or create and I’m so excited to share them with you on the blog today. 


But first, what is an “I love you box?”


An I love you box is really just like it sounds. A box curated with gifts specifically for someone you love. 


So, really it can be anything for anyone (mom, dad, husband, wife, sister, cousin, etc.). 


And literally speaking, this could mean something like a box of candy that has the words “I love you” written on the outside or even a box of flowers that spells out I love you


But for the purposes of these I love you box ideas, that’s not what I’m talking about. 


I’m talking about heartfelt, curated gift boxes for someone specifically…even if you are just shopping for yourself!


Because after all, loving yourself is most important and we all need a little pampering from time to time.



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What Do You Put In An I Love You Box?


There are many types of specialty gift boxes out there, but an I love you box specifically needs to have the following components: 

  1. A theme
  2. A heartfelt card/message
  3. Two to three gifts (more is always nice, but a minimum of two or three items)


I love you box themes could be anything from a specific holiday like Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day to a color theme (like everything in the box is blue or green) or just a general concept like a self-care gift set or a date night in a box.


Whatever the theme, the point of an I love you box, though, is always the same: to express your love for someone.





I Love You Box Ideas for Women


An I love you box for women is probably the easiest among the different category ideas on this list. And, I think that’s simply because women are easy to buy for. 


Self-care items are especially great for women, mothers in particular because many moms struggle to put themselves first


The Self-Care Gift Set by Silk and Sonder


Silk and Sonder Self-Care Ad

This gift set from Silk and Sonder is a perfect gift for your mom, wife, or even yourself! It includes a beautiful wellness planner and pen, a candle, bath bombs, and access to the Sonder Club. 


It’s really the ultimate I love you box focused on self-care and perfect for any woman who needs to put herself first. 


You can also add a gift note so your loved one gets a sweet message along with the gift box. 



Fit For A Queen Gift Set


The “Queen” themed gift box from Luxe England Gifts is perfect for any woman.


There are three different versions including For Mom, For Her Birthday, and For Your Queen each of which changes the card included. 


The actual items in this box are the same no matter what style you pick, but they are perfect for women of all ages in all walks of life, so it makes for a very versatile I love you box idea.



I Love You Boxes for Men


I always think men are difficult to shop for. But, that’s partly because a lot of gifts for women target wellness and self-care. Think candles, bath bombs, journals…you don’t see those things in a gift box for men too often. 


But, there are some great gift boxes for men that target wellness and self-care and really say “I love you” to that special guy in your life. 



Zaaina Men’s Gift Box

Handmade bath and body skincare products, Zaaina has beautiful, customizable gifts that are perfect for all guys. 


I especially love that their products are made in the USA (in Arizona) and are clean, cruelty-free products with quality and natural ingredients. 


They have perfect I love you boxes for men including options that offer a touching note for your husband, dad, brother, or uncle. 



Outdoor Themed Self-Care Gift Box


Marketed as a “Get Well Soon” box, this gift box is perfect for a number of different occasions. It features a comfy blanket, a coffee mug, a coaster, and water-proof playing cards.


It’s essentially a self-care gift box for guys which I love because guys need self-care too!


The only thing it’s missing is a card, but since it’s something you can purchase on Amazon, you always have the option to mark it as a gift and type in a custom message that will be printed on the gift tag (plus who doesn’t love those reusable Amazon gift bags!). 




Gender-Neutral I Love You Box Ideas


A gender-neutral I love you box can be a heartwarming and thoughtful way to express your affection for someone. 


The focus in this category is less on gender-specific stereotypes and more on the person’s unique tastes, interests, and preferences. 


Your ultimate goal with a gender-neutral I love you box is to find or create a meaningful and personalized gift that shows your love and appreciation for that person.



A Box from Greetabl


One of my favorite ways to easily make a personalized gift is with Greetabl. And, because you can customize everything about this little gift box it makes for the perfect gender-neutral I love you box idea.


Greetable Ad for the perfect  gender-neutral I love you box gift idea.

Not only do you get to select the box design, but you can customize the message and upload your own photos as well. 


Plus the gift options include a wide variety of food, candy, and fun options (Tiny Uno cards anyone!?). 


Lastly, the ability to add a “bonus” gift in the form of a gift card to a variety of stores like DoorDash or  Amazon means you can create something your loved one will truly enjoy. 


It’s so much better than a card…it’s a Greetabl!



The Mystery Box from Sweet Water Decor


Surprises are so much fun, and who doesn’t love a surprise mystery box? 

Candles on a table with a stack of books, a plant, and a strand of decorative beads.


Sweet Water Decor is a lifestyle brand that specializes in creating handcrafted candles, mugs, stationery, and other home decor items with inspiration and motivational quotes. 


Their products are high quality (I own many things!) and I love the fact that they are based in Pittsburgh, PA (where I was born!).


They are a large wholesaler but also sell direct. And they offer amazing Mystery Boxes that would make a great “I Love You Box” idea for anyone special in your life. 


Boxes are available in a few different sizes (and prices), small, medium, and large specifically. 


These Mystery Boxes are unique and could include anything from Sweet Water Decor’s inventory (including discontinued products, samples, or never before seen designs!). 


You really don’t know what is in the box, and that’s part of the fun for whoever you gift it to. 



A Coffee or Tea Gift Box


Always a go-to gift idea is something around coffee or tea, you choose which based on your recipient’s drinking preferences.


There’s really nothing like a good cup of coffee or tea and as far as I love you boxes go, it makes a great gift idea (you are basically giving the person a warm hug in a box!).


My favorite tea box is Sips By. It’s a tea club box that allows you to discover and try new tea personalized to your preferences. 


A cup of tea on a persons lap.

You just select the “Give as a Gift” option and purchase that for your recipient. They then get to take the tea quiz and personalize their box to their liking choosing from loose-leaf or bagged teas (or a mixture!) as well as caffeine or caffeine-free (or both!). 

It’s a perfect gift for anyone. I gifted a subscription to my mom a few years ago and she loved it!


On the coffee side of things, there are tons of gift ideas perfect for coffee lovers, but some of my favorite coffee box sets are from Onyx Coffee Lab. 


With a large variety of box sets at different price points, it’s perfect for your coffee-loving friend or family member.


My personal favorite is the Collection Box because of the variety you get in it. The boxes are personalized with details about coffee and roasting practices. 


It’s really a unique, special, and thoughtful gift box with delicious coffee too!



Kids I Love You Boxes


Filled with items that bring joy, foster creativity, and deepen the bond between parent and child, I love you boxes for kids are a way to express your love and affection. 


From self-care for kids to crafts and books, there are a variety of ideas that work well for children of all ages.


Sonder Kids 3-Month Gift Box Sets


A child writing on a piece of paper with a blue pencil.

Slik and Sonder also have amazing gift sets for kids, and the Creator Gift Set is the perfect I love you box for kids. 


It includes themed journals in the following categories: play, curiosity, and love, and is perfect for kids ages 6-12. 


With a variety of interactive activities, color pages, writing prompts, and blank pages it’s the perfect gift box for the child that you love. 


Silk and Sonder have other gift sets for kids categorized as Leader, Adventurer, and Observer that include different themed journals.



Book Boxes


If you are shopping for a toddler or young child, book boxes are a great way to give a simple heartfelt gift that isn’t toys but both the child and parent can enjoy. 


A mom reading a book to two children.

The Tiny Humans Read Sibling Box is for kids ages 0-8 and the sibling box specifically is great for families. It includes two picture books and two board books so it appeals to a wide range. 


Another great option is Owl Post Books. Their Imagination Box is perfect for kids ages 0-13 (you choose the age range). Each box includes three new books and a fun craft.


You can also select the Imagination Mini option, which includes one book as well as the fun, seasonal craft.


Owl Post Books also has a Young Adult Fantasy Imagination Book Box for those over 13 too!



The art of expressing love and affection through thoughtful gift boxes is a beautiful way to deepen connections with our loved ones. 


Whether it’s for a partner, family member, friend, or even a child, these box gift ideas are designed to bring joy, foster creativity, and strengthen the bonds that make that relationship special. 


And I hope you find the perfect, heartfelt I love you box for your loved one!


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  1. This is such a cute idea. I was actually thinking about doing something like this for a friend who recently had a baby. This post was right on time.

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