The Best Disney Gift Boxes for All Ages

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I’ve been working on shopping for friends and family recently in preparation for holidays and birthdays. 


I like to get an early start on any holiday shopping especially because it’s just easier. 


You can plan and take your time gathering gifts for your loved ones. And, you don’t have to stress about shipping times or even pay increased rates to get things delivered on time. 


Shopping ahead is just an all-around win in my mind. 


And recently, I’ve been researching Disney gift boxes specifically as I was on the hunt for someone. 


I love Disney and know many others who do as well, but sometimes getting Disney items or Disney-themed products is stressful. 


There are so many options and things to choose from – “Disney shopping” can be overwhelming even if you are just shopping for a toddler. 


But that’s where I come in!


Curated gift boxes are my new favorite thing for people. 


A gift box is an easy way to get multiple presents all at once that are themed/tailored to that specific person. 


For me, it takes away a lot of the stress and I love getting multiple presents for one person all at once. 


A lot of times you can even keep the presents wrapped/packaged exactly as they are in the beautiful gift box they come in!


And, Disney gift boxes are no exception to that! 


So let’s explore some of the best Disney gift boxes out there for both kids and adults. 



Disney Gift Boxes Pinterest Pin


Disney Gift Boxes for Kids


Of course, there are tons of Disney toys and themed gifts out there for kids. After all, Disney is for kids even though adults love it just as much (if not more!). 


Lots of places have Disney gift boxes for kids specifically. But these are some ideas or companies you may not have heard of before!


Dress-Up Trunk


I loved dressing up as a kid (my mom actually made many Disney costumes for me when I was a kid, which eventually turned into dress-up clothes!). 


Nowadays, though, you can get cool dress-up trunk boxes with various Disney princess outfits.


All of these options include both outfits and accessories plus they come in a cute little trunk/storage box too! 


Walt Life Gift Box


A Disney subscription box for fans of all ages, Walt Life also offers one-time purchase boxes too. 


What I love about the Walt Life boxes is in addition to having male, female, and gender-neutral options they also have a recipient age option. 


That’s what makes these boxes perfect for kids!


You can pick a box that will work for a child aged 0-4, 5-9 years, 10-17 years, 18+ years, or even All Ages. 


The contents of each box vary and there are different price points with each offering a different number of items.


Happy Socks


Nothing Says Christmas Like a Pair of Socks! This is something my family has always said to each other ever since we saw this My Little Pony episode (my sister loved My Little Pony growing up). 


We always get a pair of socks for Christmas and to be honest it’s a lot of fun! 


Happy Socks, however, takes sock-giving to a whole other level. They have cool box sets, including Disney-themed ones for kids.  


There are lots of options for adults too and their gift sets make for a fun twist on giving someone a Disney gift box!



Hanging Disney store sign where you can buy Disney gift boxes.



Disney Gift Boxes for Adults


Speaking of Disney and adults, when it comes to Disney gifts for adults the sky is the limit. 


Anything you can think of has probably been given a Disney twist. From soaps to pillows to dishes and coffee table books. There is a Disney version of everything it seems. 


So finding a Disney gift box for adults is pretty easy (and fun!). 


Ultimate Dreamers Box 


The Dreamers Box is perfect for Disney-loving adults.


This box is geared specifically towards adults and you can select an option for either a “Woman Box” or a “Man Box.” The boxes could include anything from apparel (you can input your clothing size) to collectibles, jewelry, books, cups, and other items. 


Each month is a different theme/box so you never know what you are going to get!


You can purchase a one-time box or sign up for a Disney subscription box with monthly delivery. 



A Disney Gift Box from Etsy


Etsy is a great place to shop for unique gifts for loved ones and Disney-themed boxes are abundant on the site. 


Below are some of my favorites that could be used for a variety of occasions. Including birthdays, Christmas, or even a “going to Disney” surprise for someone!


Star Wars Themed Soap


Specifically targeted to men, Dr. Squatch has a variety of body care items and soaps. They also have awesome Star Wars Soap Collector’s Boxes


Available in two different styles/collector’s box options each one has four specially-crafted soaps inspired by Star Wars that also smell great!


It’s a unique twist on a Disney gift box and perfect if you are shopping for a guy that is hard to buy for!



A BB-8 coffee mug.



Coffee Themed Disney Gift Boxes


Coffee and Disney go hand and hand. 


If you’ve visited any Disney park or resort you know that coffee is everywhere. Disney recognizes that it’s an important beverage and makes it readily available!


Many Disney-inspired coffee gift boxes make excellent gifts for both coffee lovers and Disney fans!



First up is Disney’s very own Joffrey’s. 


Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Co. is the official coffee of Disney. You can find it all over the parks and resorts. And, it’s good coffee too!


Joffrey’s has coffee collection boxes that would make great Disney gift box gifts too! 

You can even get Joffrey’s on Amazon now too!



Expedition Roasters is another coffee company that takes some inspiration from Disney in many of its blends. 


I love Expedition Roasters; it’s truly some of the best, flavored coffee I’ve ever had. 


They have a Coffeeverse™ Starter Set that would make a great gift for a Disney coffee lover. It includes samples of popular coffee blends as well as a mug!



Bones Coffee Company 


Bones Coffee Company has been around for some time and makes great coffee. The design work on their bags is cool and unique too.


The company also has an exclusive Disney Gift Box: Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas Collector’s Box.


With five 4oz sample packs inside an awesome gift box, it’s sure to make any lover of The Nightmare Before Christmas swoon!



My final bonus tip when it comes to Disney gift boxes, especially for adults, is to keep an eye out for something from your favorite Disney-themed shops.


Cinderella castle at Disney World.

Many shops launch exclusive gift boxes around the holidays, and they make great gifts for loved ones.


One of my favorites, Little Things with Sam, had a “Magical Christmas Mystery Box” that included a variety of Christmas-themed Disney products. Candles, mugs, things of that nature. 


So make sure you are following your favorite Disney shop somewhere online so you know what they are offering around the holidays!


Disney gift boxes are easy to find if you know where to look! 



There are so many options out there for children and adults to celebrate their love of Disney, I hope you enjoy picking out the perfect Disney gift box for your loved one (or even yourself!). 




14 thoughts on “The Best Disney Gift Boxes for All Ages”

  1. love this idea of Disney gift boxes, I like to do movie theme nights with my family and I think these would fit in perfectly!

  2. Love these Disney-inspired gift ideas! I include socks in all of our stockings each year and Disney socks will be a great way to turn an ordinary gift into something fun. I can also say from experience that the Star Wars soap box from Dr. Squatch is a great gift for the men in your life!

  3. My husband and I met as Disney cast members, had a Disney wedding, and currently live ten minutes from Disney World, so it’s safe to say that this post is perfect for us!! Something about presents and Disney go so well together! Thanks for sharing this!

  4. Wow, these are all such great ideas! As an Orlando resident, we often have family come down to go to Disney and I’m always looking for fun Disney gifts to give them on their arrival.

    1. Sounds like you are a great host Brittney! I bet your guests appreciate your hospitality and that you are so close to Disney. I highly reccomend Disney themed coffee! 🙂

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