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If you don’t know me, I love Disney. 


First off, who doesn’t like Disney!? (I mean really…come on…)


We all grew up watching Disney movies. Remember those VHS tapes that went into the “Disney vault”…my daughter has no idea how good she has it with Disney+!


My favorite Disney movie is Beauty and the Beast, but I love Frozen and Moana as well.


I’ve been to Disney World five times and Disneyland once as well (sorry to any Disneyland lovers, but Disney World is better in my opinion!). 


I wish I could go to Disney World more, but it’s so dang expensive! 


So, instead, I like to look for ways to bring Disney into my home. 


And that brings me to Disney coffee and Expedition Roasters specifically. 


There are a few different popular Disney coffee brands out there (including Disney’s own Joffrey’s which you can find in the parks and even on Amazon!). 


I’ve had Joffrey’s before, both in the parks and at home (and it is good!); there’s a reason it’s popular. 


But another popular coffee roaster amongst Disney coffee lovers (that I think is better!) is Expedition Roasters


Keep reading to learn more about Expedition Roasters and snag my discount code at the end!



Expedition Roasters Coffee Review Pin for Pinterest


Since 2014 Expedition Roasters has been brewing what they call “Themed Coffees™ for a unique immersive coffee experience.” 


So basically, Expedition Roasters creates coffees inspired by various pop-culture content, much of which revolves around Disney (be it shows, movies, rides at the parks, etc.). 


One thing very unique about Expedition Roasters is that they partner with artists who create artwork for their coffee bags. 


There are artists from around the world that have collaborated with Expedition Roasters and it’s a unique personal touch that I’ve yet to see with another coffee roaster.


I enjoyed learning about the artists, and you can purchase art prints for some of the coffees too!


But back to the good stuff…the coffee. 


Expedition Roasters has so many options especially when you add in the seasonal blends that they rotate, something I always love and appreciate in a coffee roaster. 


I didn’t know where to begin with my coffee selections for Expedition Roasters because there were so many exciting options, so I just went straight for the sampler pack!


Sampler packs of coffee from Expedition Roasters.

I loved this pack because it had eight different coffees to try including: 


  • Beans From Outer Space – Peanut Butter Cup
  • Happily Never After – New Orleans Praline
  • Voodoo Brew – Black Velvet Cognac
  • Enchanted Tiki Coconut
  • Skipper’s Brew – Jungle Banana Pie
  • Wonderland Coffee Crumb Cake
  • Ink and Paint – Birthday Cake
  • Dark Side Roast – Triple Dark Roast


In addition to the sampler pack, I also purchased a bag of the Fortune and Glory (bourbon streusel flavor) because it sounded too good not to try!


So, I’ve got lots of coffee to tell you about! 



My favorites from the sampler pack were the Wonderland Coffee Crumb Cake, Beans From Outer Space, Enchanted Tiki Coconut, and the Dark Side Roast. 


The Wonderland Coffee Crumb Cake smelled AMAZING. Seriously, one of the best, flavored coffees I’ve ever smelled. 


Wonderland Coffee Crumb Cake Sample Coffee Bag from Expedition Roasters
My favorite blend from the sampler pack, Wonderland Coffee Crumb Cake.

Out of everything I tried, it stood out as my number one. 


It had a great flavor and was not too sweet or overpowering. I enjoyed this blend, and it is one I’ve purchased multiple times since reviewing Expedition Roasters!


Next up, was Beans From Outer Space which has a peanut butter cup flavor. I’ve always loved the idea of peanut butter coffee but have never found a good one…until now that is!


Beans From Outer Space is out of this world (see what I did there!). It is packed with a good peanut butter flavor that you can actually taste and it compliments the coffee. 


It was dreamy paired with milk too and the smell is heavenly. 


Disney park lovers will enjoy this Disney coffee called Enchanted Tiki Coconut. 

A sample bag of the Enchanted Tiki Coconut is a Disney coffee themed blend from Expedition Roasters
A fun coconut coffee blend inspired by Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room!


Inspired by Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room, the Enchanted Tiki Coconut coffee was another good blend too and one that I didn’t expect to enjoy. After all, coconut and coffee aren’t exactly a combination you see too often. 


But, it wasn’t too sweet and was a nice blend with just a mild hint of coconut. It was tasty.


I’m not normally a fan of dark roasts because they are actually over-roasted if you want to get technical. 


Dark roast coffee beans are made by roasting the coffee beans for either a longer period of time or at a higher temperature (or sometimes both!). 


And with that, comes a coffee that is less dense, less caffeinated, and sometimes more bitter because the beans are essentially being burned.


The Dark Side Roast from Expedition Roasters, though, was really good as far as a dark roast goes. It had a smooth and silky texture and didn’t have a bitter aftertaste. 


It would make any Disney coffee-loving Star Wars fan very happy!


Last up on my favorites would be the Fortune and Glory blend. A bourbon streusel-flavored coffee that smelled amazing and had a very yummy taste. 


It was also especially excellent as an iced coffee with some milk or cream added in. 


Bag of Fortune and Glory Coffee next to a sign that reads, But First, Coffee.


If you are counting, we still have four more coffees from Expedition Roasters to talk about!


The Ink and Paint coffee was interesting because while I didn’t enjoy it, my husband did!


For me, it left a bit of a bitter aftertaste in my mouth, but that wasn’t the case for him. He does normally drink coffee with milk, so maybe that is why. But even still when I tried it that way it just wasn’t for me. 


But, this goes to show you that coffee (like anything you eat or drink) is subjective to your individual palette (ohh see what I did there too…I’ve clearly had too much fun with this coffee and this review).


Happily Never After, although a clever name for a coffee, wasn’t something I need to have again. 


It was just okay, and when you compare it to the other amazing flavored coffees we’ve talked about above it just doesn’t stand up. 


Now, for the hard part. There were two coffees that I just did not enjoy: Voodoo Brew and Skipper’s Brew. 


A sample coffee bag of Skipper's Brew inspired by the Disney ride the Jungle Cruise.
Although packed with banana flavor, Skipper’s Brew wasn’t for me.

The Voodoo Brew is a black velvet cognac flavor and it was just too strong of an alcoholic flavor for me. It didn’t have a strong cognac smell, but it just had this alcoholic aftertaste that I didn’t care for. 


But, nothing compares to Skipper’s Brew, which was a banana pie-flavored coffee. It was honestly just bad because coffee and bananas don’t go together in my opinion (at least in liquid form). 


It smelled like bananas and tasted like bananas and I couldn’t finish the coffee. It’s the only one out of the bunch that I would tell you outright to just avoid. 


Because, honestly, overall Expedition Roasters has some excellent flavored coffee. 


I’m amazed at the flavor that they pack into each blend (even the awful Skipper’s Brew actually smelled like bananas while it was brewing…it was wild). 


Their flavored coffee is so unique and I love the Disney twist on many of their offerings. It’s a fun way to bring Disney into your home. 


Trying Expedition Roasters was by far the most fun I’ve had sampling coffee blends. The flavors were unique and I really enjoyed the sampler pack and the variety you got to try.


With the holidays coming up, the sampler pack paired with an adorable Disney coffee mug (like this ceramic coffee mug or this travel coffee mug) would make the perfect gift too!


And on a side note, I’m also obsessed with their Harry Potter-inspired flavored coffee, Bewitching Butterscotch Beer


With notes of butterscotch, caramel, and marshmallow fluff this coffee packs a subtle, yet tasty punch. It really does remind me of butterbeer, just in a coffee form! So make sure you check out that one too!



You can use discount code KTLIKESCOFFEE to save 10% off your coffee order at Expedition Roasters.



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11 thoughts on “Tasty and Fun Flavored Coffee – Expedition Roasters Review”

  1. The Happily Never After – New Orleans Praline and Voodoo Brew – Black Velvet Cognac both sound absolutely amazing. I currently have a butter pecan coffee bean in my fridge. I had no idea Disneyland had its own line of coffee. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before. Thanks for this review. I may have to get the New Orleans Praline.

  2. Such fun coffee finds. These also sound like perfect gift ideas for Christmas. I’ve got lots of coffee lovers on my holiday list. Thanks for sharing!

  3. The Wonderland Coffee Crumble sounds like one I need to check out! I love Disney coffee. The peanut butter cup one also sounds amazing! I’m not a huge fan of coconut so I might skip the Tiki Coconut one. I can’t wait to try some of them. Thanks for reviewing these!

    1. I was really skeptical about the Tiki Coconut, but it was pretty good. The Wonderland Coffee Crumb was the best! And, the peanut butter was a close second. Definitely, the best peanut butter-flavored coffee I’ve had in a long time.

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