Gifts for the Impossible Man: 10 Unique and Fun Ideas

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Men always think shopping for women is hard, but it’s really not. 


Women like candles, jewelry, chocolate, spa days, flowers, a good book, a pretty journal, a funny saying on a dish towel the list could go on and on. I think there are so many “easy” things to get for women…even women that have everything or say they don’t need anything. 


But men…men are hard to shop for.  Impossible even.


I suppose you can get candles or chocolate or even flowers for a guy, but (to me at least), it doesn’t have the same effect. 


So every year when my husband’s birthday or Christmas or Father’s Day rolls around, I struggle with what to get him.


I finally started saving ideas throughout the year and it has made such a difference when it comes to shopping for him for special occasions.


Now I just consult my list of ideas, pick a few of those, and I’m done!


Because I’ve assembled quite a collection of ideas over the years now, I wanted to share some of my favorites with you. 


So, below are my top 10 gifts for the impossible man in your life!


Table of Contents

Set of Pliers


I can’t tell you the number of times my husband has said specifically that he needs a certain type of plier that he doesn’t have.


Yes, it’s just tools, and yes tools are usually on every list of gifts for the impossible man, but I’m talking about this tool specifically (not just a standard hammer or drill).


I bet there is a pair or two of pliers your guy is missing from his tool kit (because mine was for a while!), so this set of pliers is a great gift idea.


Pliers are practical, but still more unique than a drill or a hammer. 


It’s also not too expensive, which is great when it comes to tools because those things can get pricey!



Smart Night Light Alarm Clock


This little alarm clock is awesome. I got it for my husband when his phone broke and he didn’t have one for a few weeks. 


It runs on batteries, so no cord, and it has a built-in night light that is a soft nightlight (which you can turn off too if you don’t want it). 



The other weird, random feature of this clock is it has an indoor temperature gauge monitor, which has been surprisingly accurate. 


All in all, it’s a great practical gift for that impossible man in your life (who probably already has everything!). It has some cool features and comes in a few different colors too.



USB Rechargeable Candle Lighter


This thing is so cool. It is a lighter that is rechargeable!? 


I love this lighter and it is a great practical gift idea that is eco-friendly too!


You can even include a candle with it. There are tons of candle options out there, but I love this rustic-style candle bowl.  It would make a great gift for the impossible man in your life.



JerkyGent Subscription


Full disclosure, my dad found this awesome company and gifted my husband a year’s worth of jerky one Christmas.


JerkyGent is one of the best gifts for the impossible man in your life. My husband loved getting these packages in the mail every month (and frankly so did I!).


JerkyGent always sends unique and tasty jerky…seriously some of the best we have tried that we never would have sampled otherwise. 


You also get discounts too in the monthly subscription package so you can purchase individual bags of various jerky you sample.


It’s a great subscription box for a jerky lover in your life, and a unique gift too!





Oak & Bond Coffee makes great gifts for the impossible man!

This will probably be on any list that I have because it is a great gift idea and I truly believe there is a coffee blend out there for everyone. 


Case in point, Oak & Bond Coffee. My husband is a bourbon lover (which a lot of guys seem to be), so I knew this coffee would be right up his alley. 


Not only do they have classic single-origin coffee blends, but they have Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee too (along with Scotch Whisky and Rye Whiskey Barrel Aged Coffee too!). 


This is such a unique take on coffee and a great gift idea if the guy you are shopping for is a whisky or bourbon lover too.


You can also get Oak & Bond products off Amazon via Prime (which is awesome if you are a last-minute shopper like I tend to be!).  


To read more about Oak & Bond, check out my monthly coffee review!





It sounds kinda lame, I know. 


But, I’m not talking about just any old bar of soap.


If you are looking for a gift for the impossible man you have to check out the bar soap from Dr. Squatch.

Dr. Squatch is a brand that provides hygiene products for men that are natural, healthy, and still smells great. Their bar soaps are awesome and come in a number of different scents.


They also have limited edition collections featuring Star Wars and Batman themes, which are so much fun (and still smell great!). 


I got my dad the Star Wars soap collection set for Christmas one year. The box is beautiful and he saved it to display in his office because it’s really just that cool!

In addition to soap, Dr. Squatch also has a variety of other products, all of which are made just for men.



Emergency Seat Belt Cutter Tool


A seat belt cutter and window hammer tool is one of those weird emergency preparedness gifts that I just think is good to have.


It’s also something most people don’t have because it’s not something you think you will ever need. But you never know what could happen.


So not only is it practical, it makes a great, unique gift especially if you are shopping for gifts for the impossible man in your life.



A Book on Prepping 


Continuing along those same lines of preparedness, a book on prepping or building a bug-out bag is a great gift too!


My husband actually gave this exact book to me one year (because we both like prepping!). But, it’s a great resource with a lot of helpful tips and ideas. 


You can also combine it with the seat belt cutter above or include something small like a LifeStraw or Fire Starter for a unique survival basket/bundle gift (bonus points if you wrap it by putting it all in a bug-out bag!).



A Custom Gift Box


This is actually something I’ve done not just for my husband but for other friends and family members too!


Order a custom-made gift box.


A custom gift box like this one pictured from Winnie Lu makes for great unique birthday gifts for anyone!A custom gift box from Winnie Lu is a perfect gift for the impossible man!

It sounds fancy, but really it’s just having someone else do the work for you


There are lots of companies that do this (I loved Patricia at Winnie Lu who has since closed her business).


The box she designed for my husband one year is pictured here. But, there are many other companies that do things like this too.


Check out Gifty Gal or Zaaina for custom options! 


Finding a gift box for someone is a great way to shop for that impossible man in your life. 


Of all the things on this list, this is my new favorite way to shop for anyone (not just my spouse!).




Popcorn from Opopop


My husband loves popcorn and this is a fun unique gift idea (for anyone really, not just men). 


Opopop is a popcorn company with unique, unexpected flavors for a fun twist on microwaveable popcorn! 


Their kits are so easy to use and make a great gift bundle too!

Opopop popcorn bowl and flavorings make the perfect gift for the impossible man.


To jazz it up even more you could also include a new movie or credit/gift card to Amazon Prime to rent/watch a movie there! 


From there if you want to add more flavors from Opopop you can, but that kit is really all you need, and it makes a great gift all by itself. 





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Guys are hard to shop for, I know. But, hopefully, this list makes it a little easier next time you are hunting for unique gifts for the impossible man in your life. 


If you have any great gift ideas for guys that are impossible to shop for, tell me about them in the comments below!


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  1. My husband would love the coffee and popcorn. He’s a big lover of food! Thanks for sharing these great ideas!

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