15+ Irresistible Gifts for Coffee Lovers Under $20

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This post was last updated June 12, 2023.


Throughout the year, I always keep my eyes peeled for gift ideas, especially coffee-related gifts. 


Many of my friends and family drink coffee or tea, and there are some really awesome gifts for coffee lovers under $20.


From mugs to notebooks and amazing coffee flavors, there is something for everyone! 


So grab a cup of coffee and come shop with me! 🙂



15 Amazing Gift Ideas for Coffee Lovers



Gifts for Coffee Lovers Under $20


There are so many amazing coffee mugs out there. And although your coffee-loving friend or family member might have too many already…what’s one more? 


#1 – A mug from Little Things with Sam 


Hand holding a coffee mug for a coffee lover under $20

Little Things with Sam is run by Sam (of course!) who creates unique designs for things like Disney, Marvel, or just day-to-day life for coffee mugs, shirts, and other objects/apparel.


Not only are the designs unique, but many of them are only available for a limited time before they go into the “vault.” It’s almost like an exclusive coffee mug club.


Her designs are seriously the best…I mean just look at this Beauty and the Beast mug!



My favorite mug style from Little Things with Sam is the 18 oz ceramic camper mug, which you see pictured, and it comes in right at $20.


Hand holding a coffee mug for a coffee lover under $20

But, Sam has tons of other mug styles that are under $20 and her Mystery Mug offer is amazing!


A Mystery Mug is just $10 and is just like it sounds…a mystery! The design and drinkware style you receive will be a complete surprise to you! But for $10 you really can’t beat it!  And, it would make the perfect gift for any Disney coffee lover!






#2 – A coffee-themed baby board book


Baby board books make a great gift for parents and these coffee-themed baby board books are perfect for the coffee lover in your life that is a new or soon-to-be parent. 


These coffee-themed baby board books bring together a parent’s love for coffee and the joy of reading in a captivating and child-friendly way. 


They are a delightful addition to any child’s library, and fun for parents too! 



#3 – Coffee syrup


Yes Cocktail Company has amazing cocktail kits and syrups to craft fun drinks right at home!


Their coffee syrup would make the perfect gift for a coffee lover in your life!


It features Spearhead Cold Brew and would be great in cocktails, smoothies, or even shakes. 


They also offer a number of different drink recipes on their site, like this Sugarhouse Coffee drink that uses the Charred Oak & Maple Cocktail Syrup


Just print out the Sugarhouse Coffee drink mix on a recipe card and tie it to the cocktail syrup and you’ve got an instant gift for a coffee lover that is under $20 and will be a big hit!




#4 – Coffee-scented candles make for great gifts for coffee lovers under $20!


There are a lot of coffee candles out there, so it’s easy to get overwhelmed with options. If you are looking for a great brand, though, check out Sweet Water Decor


Their candles are amazing and made in the USA (in Pittsburgh, PA specifically!). Plus they are soy-based and come in a ton of different styles and scents. 


I love their Fresh Coffee scented candle. It makes the perfect gift for any coffee lover and it smells amazing!


For more coffee candles, check out this post of 11 amazing coffee-scented candles (all that would make excellent gifts for coffee lovers!).




#5 – A bag of coffee


I couldn’t have a list like this and not suggest at least one bag of coffee.


As you know, there are tons of coffee options for coffee lovers under $20 (seriously…you can’t go wrong with a bag of coffee!), but I highly suggest something from Expedition Roasters


Wonderland Coffee Crumb Cake Sample Coffee Bag from Expedition Roasters

I loved the Wonderland Coffee Crumb Cake blend specifically! It was packed with a delicious flavor that wasn’t too sweet or too strong.


It was just a perfect balance and I highly recommend this flavored coffee.


As an added bonus, you can also save 10% with my discount code KTLIKESCOFFEE.


#6 – A latte pour-over kit


If you are looking for something more unique than a bag of coffee, I suggest Copper Cow Coffee, specifically their latte pour-over kits. 


Individual pour over kit from Copper Cow Coffee makes a great gift for coffee lovers under $20

You can read all about their various latte and delicious flavors in my review, including this unique Lavender Latte (pictured).


Any of these latte kits would make an excellent gift for a coffee lover in your life and they come in under $20! 


There are even tea options too. Thai Iced Tea, Chai Tea Latte, and Matcha Tea Latte are all available too and would make a great gift for any non-coffee drinkers in your life too!



#7 – Coffee-flavored chocolate bars


Is there a better combination than coffee and chocolate? I’m not sure there is honestly, and this K’UL Espresso & Cacao Nibs Dark Chocolate Bar is delicious!


A bar of K'UL chocolate makes the perfect gifts for coffee lovers under $20!

K’UL is an amazing company located in Bellingham, WA. Through chocolate, K’UL is changing the world by elevating women, protecting children, and fighting slave labor.


Everything used and sourced for their products is done ethically and uses only organic and non-GMO ingredients. Plus it tastes amazing! 


And perhaps my favorite thing about K’Ul is they feature the women they work with on the front of their packaging. 




#8 – A coffee journal


I am currently using this Coffee Shop Adventures Journal pictured for my coffee-tasting notes. I love the simplicity and feel of this notebook. 


Coffee shop adventures journal is a great gift for coffee lovers under $20
A blank notebook with a fun coffee flair is one of many gifts for coffee lovers under $20!

This notebook (or one like it) would make an excellent gift for a coffee lover in your life! 


Trust me…any coffee lover will love a coffee-centered notebook or journal. And, if you are looking for more coffee journals check out this list of 20 of the best coffee journals!




#9 – Coffee-themed playing cards


You can never go wrong with gifting someone a deck of cards. 


Everyone loves cards and uses them at some point, plus they make for a perfect stocking stuffer!


And, this Bicycle House Blend deck of cards is just what a coffee lover needs!


With coffee mugs on the back and brown hues inspired by coffee, it makes for a great gift for coffee lovers and is under $20!



#10 – And another fun take on playing cards is this Sip-To-Suit card deck about coffee! 


A standard deck of cards that also has facts and information all about coffee! The deck includes 


    • 2 cheeky Joker cards
    • 1 unit conversion reference card for volume, weight, and temperature
    • 1 introduction/how-to card
    • 18 coffee-making methods cards (each with unique Brew Meters)
    • 18 drink formulas cards
    • 16 educational tips cards

It’s a really fun product that I bet the coffee lover in your life doesn’t have yet!




#11 – A coffee coloring book


A coloring book might seem a little cheezy, but adult coloring books are really popular and coloring in general can be a very good stress reliever for many people. 


So why not take a calming activity and put a coffee twist on it? 


There are tons of options when it comes to coloring books, but I’ve highlighted some of my favorites that make great gifts for coffee lovers under $20.


This Coffee Quotes Coloring Book offers over 50 phrases/quotes all themed around coffee. There is even a “test” color page so you can see how your pen/markers/crayons (whatever you use) look on the pages. 


The digital cover of the Mommy and Me Coffee Coloring Book by KT Likes Coffee.

Or, you can check out my Mommy and Me Coffee Coloring Book, which is a printable coloring book perfect for parents and kids. 


It’s packed full of coffee images and terms and even includes a definitions list in case you find something that you don’t know (or can’t understand how it relates to coffee…because let’s be real I had to get creative with X and U!). 


It’s a fun gift any coffee lover and parent will enjoy.




#12 – If you are shopping for a coffee enthusiast, check out the book Craft Coffee: A Manual



It’s detailed, but not too in-depth that it’s overwhelming. It’s just the right balance. 


And, in 2017, the book was named a top food and drink book by a variety of companies, including Food Network. 




#13 – A mini coffee cup!


This is probably one of the cutest things I’ve seen in a long time. Mini Starbucks and Mini Dunkin Donuts Cups!


You can drink out of it (it holds 4 ounces!), but it’s mostly a décor-type piece (tons of the Etsy reviews talk about using them in photo shoots). 


That said, I can imagine this working great as a stocking stuffer, gift card holder, or something to put chocolate in (preferably coffee-flavored chocolate!). 


It’s a cute little gift idea, and I couldn’t resist putting it on this list and sharing it with you all.



#14 – Coffee stickers!

A pack of coffee stickers can make a great gift for a coffee lover under $20


Stickers are all the rage nowadays it seems. And, honestly, I get it…stickers are fun!


You can put them on your laptop, notebook, binder, hard-case cooler, coffee travel mug…the list goes on. 


So, why not gift a coffee lover in your life a pack of coffee-themed stickers?


I love this Coffee Lover Sticker Pack as well as this pack of 50 Coffee Stickers (pictured here…which I own myself!).  



#15 – A milk frother


Every coffee enthusiast needs a milk frother, an electric one specifically…because we don’t live in the days of yore anymore. 


There are tons of different brands to choose from and to be real with you…they all do the same thing.  


I like this electric milk frother specifically, though, because it comes in a variety of color options so you can match anyone’s kitchen or pick their favorite color!


It makes an excellent gift for a coffee lover!



#16 – Coffee earrings


If you are shopping for a female coffee lover, then earrings are a great idea!


I love stud-style earrings because they are easy on all ear types. There are some really adorable coffee earrings on Etsy, like these Sterling Silver Coffee Earrings that are also available in a rose gold finish.


And, I found these fun Friends Central Perk-themed earrings (pictured), which include a standard crystal stud plus the Central Perk sofa and a coffee cup and saucer.


It’d make a great gift for someone who loves both coffee and Friends!



There are all kinds of gifts for coffee lovers under $20, so don’t stress next time you need a gift for someone special in your life! 


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Other Gift Ideas: 


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