11 Must-Read Coffee Blogs for Coffee Lovers

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There are a lot of coffee blogs out there, but I wanted to share with you the ones that I enjoy and follow. 


If you don’t know by now, I’m a no-frills kind of coffee person. Many of the blogs about coffee that I follow and read are the same way. 


Some are more technical or focus on specialty coffees, but most are run by those that just love the drink and want to share that love in some capacity with others. 


And, no matter what type of coffee lover you are, there’s a blog out there for you. 


Check out my favorite coffee blogs and coffee bloggers below!




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My Favorite Coffee Bloggers


When it comes to coffee blogs, there are a few different types. Some focus on brewing processes and techniques while others focus on different coffee roasters and coffee shops.


Because I enjoy coffee, I follow a mix of both technical and fun. I enjoy the more technical blogs for the information and what I learn, but I also follow other coffee bloggers to see what they are drinking and what coffee shops they are visiting.


Basically, I like a healthy mix of fun and educational so that’s what you will find with this round-up of coffee bloggers below!




Website snap of Coffee Review

Coffee Review


21st Century Coffee: A Guide book by Kenneth Davids

Coffee Review has been around for decades and the 21st Century Coffee: A Guide by Kenneth David (co-founder and editor-in-chief of Coffee Review) has anything and everything you could ever want to know about coffee. 


I have loved having this book as a reference for learning more about coffee. It would make a great coffee table book too because it is beautiful to look at (and it’s about coffee!).


Kenneth’s website also reviews new coffees each month and the yearly roundup of the top coffees is always one of my favorite posts.


If you love all things coffee, this site is a must for you!




Website snap of Disney Coffee Blog

Disney Coffee Blog


In case you don’t know, Disney and coffee are totally a thing. 


I love following Matt on Instagram and seeing his daily posts about coffee drinks in and around the Walt Disney World parks. 


Matt’s coffee blog is also a great resource if you are going to Disney and trying to find your caffeine fix!


He’s got all the places that serve coffee in the parks, resorts, and surrounding areas spelled out for you (including the types of coffee they serve too!).


Matt is also working on launching Seillean Coffee Co.




Pull & Pour Website Screenshot

Pull & Pour


Andrew is the creator of Pull & Pour coffee. He reviews hundreds of coffees every year and focuses specifically on specialty coffees and brewing methods. 


If I’m completely honest, sometimes it’s a bit over my head simply because I don’t have all the tools he uses. I’m a really simple coffee brewer (just give me my drip coffee maker and I’m good!). 


But, regardless, Andrew’s got terrific free content, great coffee reviews, and guides to help you get into specialty coffee brewing if it’s something you want to try.


Some coffee roasters he’s reviewed include brands that I have tried and love too, like Oak & Bond Coffee and Roadmap CoffeeWorks.


Pull & Pour also has a really cool coffee club membership through text messages! 


Each week you get an alert about the coffee Pull & Pour has partnered with, sometimes limited coffees/releases just for club members too! 


It’s completely free and a unique way to explore and try new coffees. I’m signed up and always love seeing what he is releasing for the week.




Website screenshot of a coffee blogger called I Need Coffee

I Need Coffee


Launched in 1999, I Need Coffee is a fun blog all about coffee. 


More than just recipes and guides, you will also find categories like Coffee People, Coffee History, and Coffee Comics on this site. 


I love coffee blogs like this because there is much to learn about coffee beyond roasting/brewing methods and recipes or guides. 


And, I think coffee is fun so I particularly love the Coffee Comics released on I Need Coffee. 




A screenshot of the fun coffee blog Coffee Stylish

Coffee Stylish


Simple and easy-to-understand coffee information, recipes, and buying guides are what you will find at Coffee Stylish. 


This site has it all and is the perfect coffee blog for any coffee lover


I love that Coffee Stylish is truly a basic coffee guide with simple and approachable content.  


Because good coffee doesn’t have to be complicated.




A coffee blogs called Home Coffee Expert

Home Coffee Expert


Whenever there’s another Katie in the coffee blog world I pay attention because clearly Katie’s know things about coffee 🙂 


Okay, I might be a little biased there, but Katie and Matt Woodburn-Simmons are behind the Home Coffee Expert blog that I really enjoy. 


It’s packed with information and resources for home coffee brewing. I love their infographics and just how their website in general is laid out. 


Their articles and guides are easy to read and they have a great table of contents on each post that lets you jump back and forth to the various sections (so handy!). 




The Coffeetographer website is a unique coffee blogger with a focus on the visual side of coffee.

The Coffeetographer


Photography and coffee collide at The Coffeetographer. And, honestly, it’s really not a traditional blog. 


The Coffeetographer is a website dedicated to photojournalism through the lens of coffee. 


Beautiful words and pictures all about the hot beverage and the culture around coffee fill the site, and it’s such a unique perspective. 


Because for so many people our lives really do revolve around coffee. And, this website gets you thinking about all the things you can do with coffee plus what it means to everyone.




Here you will find coffee blogs from Paulig Barista Institute trainers.

Paulig Barista Institute


The Paulig Barista Institute is built for and around both professional and home baristas. 


It’s actually based out of Finland, and the Paulig Barista Institute blog is detailed offering great recipes, guides, and insight on coffee. I love that it is a mix of both technical and relaxed coffee information.


It’s a great coffee blog no matter how you like to brew or drink coffee. They also offer barista training in the Nordics, Baltics, and Russia.




Screenshot of Brian's Coffee Spot a coffee blog devoted to coffee.

Brian’s Coffee Spot


Brian of Brian’s Coffee Spot is based out of North Wales. Much of his content is of course based on coffee shops and locations in the United Kingdom, but he has lots of information on places in major cities in the United States and throughout Europe too.


I love the City Guides and Travel Spot detailing Brian’s thoughts and travels to various cities and coffee shops. 


Brian’s Coffee Spot is perfect for finding a unique coffee shop or cafe during your travels so be sure to check it out!




The Way To Coffee Screenshot. One of many amazing coffee bloggers!

The Way to Coffee


Resi runs a really cool site called The Way to Coffee. 


Not only does she post content about coffee (guides, reviews, etc.) she also helps coffee companies grow their business!


She has a unique perspective from bringing both her love of coffee and her marketing and photography background together to help coffee companies create content and build their audience.


I love seeing the business side of coffee too, so this is a cool blog to follow for that aspect.




KT Likes Coffee a coffee blog for moms.

KT Likes Coffee


I’d be remiss if I didn’t selfishly plug my own site. Although my focus isn’t 100% on coffee, at the core of my blog is coffee and I’m a coffee blogger


Much like Coffee Stylish, my goal is to help the average person enjoy a delicious cup of coffee, specifically moms. 


Moms and coffee are special and there’s a great coffee out there for every mom that isn’t time-consuming to make and that’s where I come in!


If you haven’t already signed up for KT’s Coffee Corner, fill out the form below to get your free coffee guide, and join my email list about all things coffee. From blog post updates to tips, information, and even discount codes for some of my favorite roasters!





The coffee blogs I have listed here are my personal favorites, many of which are also well-known and respected in the coffee community. 


But, no matter what type of coffee you drink or how you brew it, there will be different coffee bloggers that resonate with you. 


The bottom line, in my eyes at least, is that coffee should be fun. And, that’s what I love about coffee and these blogs devoted to the special beverage.


Check out these coffee blogs and tell me which one is your favorite in the comments below (or plug one that I don’t have listed!).



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  1. Very good post for coffee lovers! Oh, I love coffee, especially the so-called Turkish one, but my stomach does not share my love with me anymore…

  2. Love this blog, I will definitely check out out some of the other blogs about coffee. It’s great to know I’m not alone.

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