Moms and Coffee: Exactly What Does Coffee Mean to Moms?

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Moms and coffee seem to go together like peanut butter and jelly or cheese and crackers. 


I can’t think of a mom I know that doesn’t drink coffee (well aside from my mom, lol…she’s a tea person, but she’s always loved the smell of coffee!). 


For me, coffee has always been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. 


My mom (yes the one that doesn’t drink coffee) used to let me smell coffee beans in the grocery store.


You know back when grocery stores had whole beans in the dispensers and you could fill your own coffee bag? 


Funny how those don’t exist anymore.


Anyway, she would pick up the extra loose beans around the outside of the dispenser for me and let me smell them in the grocery store. 


I once got one stuck up my nose and she was worried she was going to have to take me to the doctor and explain this whole weird situation and get them to remove the coffee bean from my nose. 


Luckily she got me to blow it out, LOL. 


Like I said…coffee and I have always been a thing. Long before I became a “coffee mom.”


Aside from the smell of coffee, what I’ve always loved about it is the warmth it gives me. It’s like a warm hug just for me. 


And sometimes, it’s exactly what I need to get me through the day or wake me up. 


That no-judgment warm hug of deliciousness. 


But, I wanted to know what was special about moms and coffee for other moms. And to see if there were any common threads as to why so many moms drink coffee.


So, I asked other moms like me what coffee means to them and I’m bringing you their answers on the blog.


Moms and Coffee Pinterest Pin.



Moms and Coffee: It’s How We Start the Day


Most moms I know (myself included) start the day with a cup of coffee. And we do that for a number of different reasons. 


Maybe it’s a habit, maybe it’s the caffeine. Or maybe it’s something else…


Sasha of Every Day She’s Sparkling says, “I couldn’t imagine starting my day without a steaming cup of coffee. The aroma of the beans brewing, the sound of the coffee pot, the warmth of the cup in my hand, it’s like my own private getaway each morning. It’s truly a lifesaver. Having that cup of coffee while I plan and organize my blog coaching business is the perfect way to start my day. It gives me the energy and focus to tackle any task that comes my way.”


Nicole of Behind the Classroom is both a mom and teacher and says,Coffee is my morning pick-me-up after a hard night and helps signal that it’s a new day!”


As a mom of two with an active toddler and a very playful infant, coffee is my savior,says Tamara of The Thrifty Apartment. “With late nights and early mornings, coffee gives me the energy and boost I need to get going. It also improves my mood (almost instantly), allowing me to feel like I can conquer my day. Overall I am enamored with the smell and taste of freshly brewed coffee and it is an essential part of my day.


Moms and coffee are how most days start in motherhood.


Aghogho of Hope Like a Mother says, “I have two kids under 2 years old (one is 6 weeks and the other is 19 months), so I’m not getting much sleep these days. Coffee is basically the only thing keeping me functioning. I don’t even need full caffeine. Sometimes I do half-caf or decaf. Just the taste of coffee gives me the placebo effect I need to feel alive.


Maria (aka @barefootmommy) is an ER nurse and a mom to two little ones. She says, “My coffee time isn’t usually my me time. It’s rushed, hurried, wake up, get the kids breakfast, get ready time. I usually don’t drink it until hours later. But every now and then, we get a slow start and a snuggle while mommy drinks her coffee. I put it down and embrace the snuggles. And I’ll always cherish those moments – even though both ways, I’m drinking cold coffee.”



For Moms, Coffee is Fuel for Life


Some people drink energy drinks or soda and that’s their pick-me-up.


But moms, moms drink coffee. It’s fuel for the day and inspires us. 


It gets us up in the morning and gives us energy, but not just because of the caffeine.


Madison of Sugar, Sunshine, Life says, “Coffee is my energy boost and sweetness in the morning!”


A woman holding a travel coffee mug. Moms and coffee have a special relationship.

“As a single mom, that first good cup of coffee inspires me to wake up and live my best life, next to my kids, of course!” Danielle calls that “Mommin’ fueled by Coffee, Lip Gloss, and Love,” and it’s the inspiration for her blog name!


“I loved coffee as a university student, maybe too much, so I needed to take a break,” says Sophia of The Organized Family. “Now as a working mom, I’ve started to drink coffee again…coffee lights up my afternoons and helps me to have more energy and get involved in various games after school with my daughter.”


Jessica of According to Jessica focuses on traveling with kids and Airbnb design on her blog and says, “Coffee is the only thing that tastes better on a bad day. I look forward to tomorrow’s morning cup of coffee the moment the day is done.”






Coffee for Moms Means Community


Hands and arms of two coffee moms sitting and drinking out of white coffee mugs.

Since having a child, I’ve learned firsthand how important it is to connect with other moms. To talk and share stories with someone who just “gets it.” 


And a common way for moms to do that is with coffee.


Moms and coffee are a community and we love coming together to find new spots, drink some coffee, and talk about all things motherhood. 


Cate of Sweet & Simple Life says, “Coffee is like a warm hug in a mug! As a busy mom and business owner, caffeine helps fuel my day and gives me a little boost of morning energy, of course. But, it also creates experiences that I enjoy sharing with family and friends, especially when traveling and finding new coffee spots to explore. I love trying new flavors, brew styles, and coffee brands from all over the world. And, if nothing else, on an average day of work and life, a cup of coffee just brightens things up and helps me through!”


And I have to agree with Cate. I love the community of moms and coffee. The way coffee brings us together.


I’ve made some great virtual connections with other moms through this blog and a common love of coffee. And, I’ve found some wonderful coffee companies centered around motherhood too, like Surviving Motherhood Coffee.


Because moms and coffee is truly a special club.



Coffee is Something Just for Us

For moms it’s more than just a cup of coffee, it’s a ritual, and an important one at that.


Lynnae of Creativelea Speaking says “Sitting down with a cup of coffee is a form of self-care for me. Taking the time to savor the taste, unwind and relax the mind, and truly enjoy the moment is a wonderful break in my day amongst all the chaos.”


Alyssa of Villain Esteem says, “Coffee is the seconds of peace I get between moments of chaos.”


“My morning coffee, alone and in peace, is a much-loved daily ritual,” says Sol of The Curious Dig. “During the first year of being a mum and at home with my baby, I really missed not being able to enjoy my coffee slowly and quietly. Since I’ve been back at work (and my little one in childcare) I now have this pocket of ‘me’ time back and it’s pure bliss to savor my coffee all alone in my kitchen, without interruption.”



A pregnant mother drinking coffee in her home.



“I get up at least an hour before I have to so I can enjoy a cup of french press brewed coffee and browse social media,” says Carolyn of Tucan Dream. “It’s my me time before dealing with the hustle and bustle of the day. Grabbing a cup and pouring it into a travel mug is just not the same.”


Reheanna of A Little and A Latte says, “I don’t really drink coffee for the caffeine anymore, I drink it because I love it. It’s a little treat in the middle of a crazy day full of chasing my toddler around. Something that I can have, and enjoy, without having to share.”



Moms and coffee are special.


And, Ashley of The Ordinary Hippie sums up everything about moms and coffee perfectly I think: “My morning cup of coffee is one of the best parts of my daily ritual. It is nothing fancy, but that steaming cup of coffee in hand as I rush out the door with my daughter and too many bags – that cup of coffee grounds me.”


“It is a brief meditation in the chaos of mornings of motherhood, a drink customized just the way I like it, not shared with anyone. It is a deep breath, it is a moment of joy, and it sets my day off on the right foot. Coffee seems like something so small, but as a mother, it is something sacred – and not because of the caffeine.


Because Ashley is right, although coffee seems so small, it is a sacred ritual that all moms cherish every day. 


It’s part of the reason I started this blog because I knew how special that relationship was and that I wasn’t alone. 


Coffee for moms is something just for us. We don’t have to share it, it’s fuel for the day, and it’s something we look forward to every day. 


It’s also comfort and encouragement. Something that lets moms know they aren’t alone.


And that’s part of my goal for KT Likes Coffee – to let you know you’re not alone in motherhood. 


To give you some laughs, resources, and tips to make your life and motherhood easier. To let you know that there is great coffee out there for you momma (and you can brew it easily in your home drip coffee maker as I do!). 


Because when it’s hard and sad some days, you aren’t alone. When it’s easy and happy other days, you aren’t alone. And, when you drink your coffee cold, you aren’t alone. 


We are all in this motherhood thing together.


So thanks for letting me be part of your life and coming to me for all things mom and coffee.


And finally a special thanks to all the coffee moms that contributed to this post! 


No matter what stage of motherhood you are in, coffee is something that connects all moms in a unique and special way and I’m happy to share a small piece of that with you!





15 thoughts on “Moms and Coffee: Exactly What Does Coffee Mean to Moms?”

  1. This was such a great post! I love the community of being a mother and coffee lover/addict. We all get how we can all hang by a thread and how coffee seems to keep us together. I relate to the coffee is the small moments of peace between chaos sentiment. It’s so true! Thanks for posting this and making me feel surrounded by people who get it.

  2. Ooh as I sip my coffee reading this! Coffee is life,something about the smell in the morning 💖. It’s soothes my soul,I’ll just say that.

  3. Coffee is life in the morning! There is nothing better than that first hot sip of coffee even though as a mom I know it might be my last hot sip!

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