101 Daily Affirmations for Moms to Put You in a Positive Mindset

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Whether you want to develop a more positive mindset, manifest desires in your life, or just improve your mood, affirmations are extremely effective.


With affirmations, you have short and positive phrases that help you to align with what you hope to feel or experience. 


There are affirmations for just about everything, from manifesting money and abundance, to finding true love. Even affirmations for moms.


When I was a new mom, one thing I struggled with mentally was feeling like I wasn’t good enough. 


That I wasn’t good enough for my daughter, for my husband…that I just wasn’t a good mom. 


You can read more about my struggle with postpartum depression in this letter I wrote to myself


I didn’t know that part of becoming a mom was overcoming self-doubt and empowering yourself with the mindset that you can do it. 


Because all good moms have self-doubt at some point. 


We wonder if we are doing enough for our children, loving them enough, feeding them the right things, teaching them good values and kindness. 


And it can be hard some days mentally to be a mom, but that’s where affirmations for moms come into play. 


Affirmations can help with your mindset, manifesting, and so much more. 


Let’s learn a little about affirmations first before we get to our list of affirmations for moms.



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What are Affirmations?


Affirmations are short, positive statements that help you to affirm something. There are many different ways to use them, depending on how you hope to benefit from the affirmation.


Affirmations can help reprogram your subconscious into thinking this is your reality, which can then help you to begin living out your dreams and attracting desires to you. 


This is because your subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between saying or thinking something that is actually happening vs what you hope will happen.


And that is the beauty of affirmations!


For example, you might use affirmations about money and abundance if that is what you are trying to manifest in your life. They help improve your money mindset, focus on wealth and abundance, and raise your vibration about this subject.


Other affirmations might be vaguer, simply used to boost your positivity and confidence, not necessarily bring about a specific dream or desire.


Affirmations are always short enough to memorize so that you can repeat them out loud or to yourself over and over again until you feel like they are buried deep into your subconscious mind.



As a mom, why use affirmations every day?


While you don’t have to use affirmations every single day to be effective, there are some benefits to doing so. 


Affirmations for moms not only help you get into a positive mindset at that moment, but the more you use them, the more your subconscious mind starts to believe what you are saying.


And, that is where the magic is.


Here are some reasons moms should use affirmations daily:



#1 – You Can Shift Your Mindset


No matter what you are going through in your life, you could probably benefit from shifting your mindset. 


When you are stressed or anxious, busy with a demanding work schedule, struggling with debt or money issues, dealing with the terrible twos (or threes or fours…), or you are just trying to attract more self-love and confidence, affirmations are a fantastic way to shift your mindset quickly and effectively.



#2 – You Can Manifest and Attract Faster and More Easily


If you are trying to attract your desires into your life, then affirmations should be on your list of methods. 


In fact, saying affirmations are probably the simplest method, not to mention the most straightforward. 


You don’t have to write them down 500 times a day or do any spells under a full moon. 


All you have to do is choose a few that represent the feeling you want to have when you achieve your desires, then say them out loud or in your mind as often as you can.



#3 – The More You Use Them, the More You Believe Them


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This is not just in your conscious mind, the part of your mind that is remembering and hearing the words as you say the affirmations, but also in your subconscious mind. 


Your subconscious is extremely powerful, but it doesn’t know the difference between what is real and what isn’t. 


When you even think about the affirmations in your head often enough, your subconscious picks up those feelings and words and helps you shift your mindset to truly believing them.



#4 – Affirmations are Simple and Powerful


When you use affirmations, you typically don’t choose more than 3-5 per day, if you even have more than one to focus on. 


Affirmations for moms are very short and easy to remember.


There aren’t rules about how often you should use the affirmations or even the best way to utilize them, so you have a lot of freedom.


In short, it’s easy for anyone to do, especially for busy moms, and you can see powerful results with affirmations if you stick with them.




When to Practice Your Affirmations


Not sure exactly how or when to use your affirmations? Here are some quick tips and easy ways to implement your affirmations into your daily routine.


Write Them Down in Your Daily Journal

A woman writing affirmations for moms in a daily journal.


If you are using a journal every day, go ahead and pick a few affirmations for that day, and write them down in your journal. 


Just write them down once, then read each of the ones you wrote down a few times.


Or, you can try using a daily affirmations journal.



Write Affirmations on Sticky Notes and Keep Them Somewhere Visible


Another great option is to write affirmations on sticky notes and put them somewhere visible in your house. 


The refrigerator, bathroom mirror, or desk at your home office are good places to start.


Then whenever you are in front of those places, you will read the affirmations and be reminded of them.



Say Your Affirmations Out Loud to Yourself


It can be very impactful to say the affirmation out loud, in your own voice.


And, this might be a faster way to communicate with your subconscious mind. 


Whenever you are alone, such as driving to work or getting ready in the morning, just say your affirmations out loud to yourself.



Say Them in Your Head


The last option is the one people tend to prefer. 


Pick just 2-3 affirmations to start with, making sure they are short and easy to remember. Then as you think about that topic, such as money, success, love, or motherhood, repeat that affirmation a few times in your head. 


Get into the habit of using your affirmation every time you think something negatively (like when you think you aren’t a good parent because you swore in front of your kid today…).






101 Daily Affirmations for Moms


1. I can have all of my desires.

2. I am guided by my dreams, not my thoughts.

3. My life is limitless.

4. I have the power to change anything in my life.

5. I am the God of my reality.

6. I can manifest anything and everything.

7. Nothing is off-limits for me.

8. All of my desires exist in the realm of possibility.

9. It is easy to see my life through rose-colored glasses.

10. I am deeply loved and adored.

Affirmations for moms quote that reads, "I am living a life of purpose and meaning."

11. I am in a happy and healthy relationship.

12. I feel satisfied in every area of my life.

13. My partner loves me unconditionally.

14. My significant other would do anything for me.

15. I am living a life of purpose and meaning.

16. Motherhood is magnificent.

17. I am beautiful.

18. The circumstances in life don’t matter.

19. I can and I will.

20. I am a magnet for love and abundance.

21. I am a phenomenal mother.

22. I have more than enough.

23. Anything I want is mine.

24. Everything always works out for me.

25. I am one with motherhood.

26. I choose to live my life with joy.

27. My mind does not linger in the darkness.

28. I always get what I want.

29. I give myself permission to take my time.

30. I soak in every joyful moment.

31. I am always chosen.

32. I am the best version of myself.

33. I am deeply and unconditionally loved.

34. My life is healthy and balanced.

35. I have all I need within me.

A list of affirmations for moms.36. I am cherished.

37. I am wanted.

38. I am desired.

39. I am needed.

40. I am pursued.

41. I am unstoppable.

42. I am at peace within myself.

43. I am not defined by other people’s opinions.

44. I am free from pain.

45. I am free from debt.

46. I am free from fear.

47. I am free from anxiety.

48. I am a gift to everyone in my life.

49. Everyone wants to be my friend.

50. I am a good mom.

51. I am a good wife.

52. I am a good partner.

53. I am calling in my perfect partner.

54. I will make the most of today. 

55. Today, I choose joy.

56. I resist all fears in my mind.

57. My future is lit up with possibilities.

58. I am a gentle, kind-hearted person.

59. I reached my big milestone of ____________. (example: breastfeeding for six months)

60. My life is wonderful.

61. My business is thriving.

62. I am comfortable in my body.

63. I have the power to make changes.

64. I am the creator of my own reality.

65. I have always been smart and powerful.

66. I am naturally beautiful.

67. Today I will focus on the good and let go of the bad.

68. I am free to create the life I want.

69. It is normal for me to be desired.

70. I release what doesn’t serve me.

71. I am allowed to have what I want.

72. I trust my heart.

73. I trust my head.

74. I trust my intuition as a mother.

75. I glow from the inside and out.

76. I always have amazing mental clarity.

77. I am free to go at my own pace.

78. I was meant for motherhood. 



79. I can do hard things.

80. I am happy.

81. Abundance is my birthright.

82. I am unstoppable.

83. I am a powerful, unstoppable force of nature.

84. People admire how easily I manifest.

85. Manifesting is the easiest thing for me to do.

86. I am abundant in love.

87. I am abundant in friendships.

88. I am abundant in motherhood.

89. I am abundant in happiness.

90. I trust it’s going to happen.

91. My success is inevitable.

92. I am loved for who I am.

93. I am wealthy and abundant in all areas of my life.

94. I am grateful for my continued blessings.

95. My heart is open and ready to receive.

96. I am a magnet for abundance.

97. I am a magnet for true love.

98. I am a magnet for strong friendships.

99. I love the home I’ve built.

100. I am a leader for this family. 

101. Life is incredible.





15 thoughts on “101 Daily Affirmations for Moms to Put You in a Positive Mindset”

  1. These are amazing! I love your ideas on how to stay consistent with affirmations. This is something I struggle with remembering to do daily. Thank you!

  2. I am still learning just how powerful this kind of thinking can be in my own life. Thank you for sharing these great affirmations – a list is super helpful.

  3. Some great affirmations, not only for mums! I have them on sticky papers, on notes everywhere around the house. They have been helpful during my recovery and I am sure many people will benefit from them.

    1. Yes, I love leaving them on sticky notes too. I do it for my husband sometimes as well and my dad used to leave notes for me in my lunchbox when I was a kid. I think any little positive reminder or encouragement can make a world of difference for anyone no matter where they are in life.

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