10 Creative Journaling Ideas for Daily Habits

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Journaling is one of the oldest practices in the world dating back to the 10th century. And creative journaling is an expressive and therapeutic practice that can combine the benefits of writing, drawing, and self-reflection. 


Whether you’re an experienced journaler or just starting, exploring different creative journaling ideas can help unlock your inner artist and provide a unique outlet for self-expression. 


There is no right or wrong way to journal. 


But finding the type of journaling that resonates with you is an important part of the process and that’s where this list of creative journaling ideas comes into play. 


Whether you are starting your journaling journey for the first time or you are looking for another way to express yourself, here are some questions you should ask yourself that will help you find your perfect creative journaling outlet:

  • How do I want to express myself when I journal?
  • How much time do I have to spend journaling?
  • Where do I want to do my journaling? 
  • Is there an activity I love that I can use as a form of journaling? 
  • What is my goal in creating this journal?


Answering these questions helps you choose the best method and time frame to begin your creative journaling.


Now all you need is to pick one of the methods below and begin!

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10 Creative Journaling Ideas



1. Gratitude Journaling


A blank workbook called "good days start with gratitude."

Gratitude journaling is a powerful practice that cultivates a positive mindset and promotes emotional well-being. 


Each day, dedicate a section of your journal to write down three things you are grateful for. You can even get a simple gratitude journal online


Reflect on the small joys, meaningful experiences, or kind gestures you encountered. 


Regularly engaging in this practice can help shift your focus towards appreciation and boost your overall happiness and resilience.



2. Mind Mapping


Mind mapping stimulates creativity, enhances memory, and facilitates problem-solving. It’s an excellent tool for self-reflection, goal setting, and planning.


In your journal, start with a central theme or topic and create a visual representation by drawing branches and sub-branches. 


Use colors, symbols, and keywords to connect related ideas and explore different aspects of the topic.


3. Prompt-Based Journaling


Considered more of a classic style of journaling, prompt-based journaling is where you use journal prompts to inspire your written journal entries.

A woman practicing creative journaling by writing in a prompt style journal she has on her lap.


I prefer to pick from a large list of journal prompts and type on my computer. But, many prefer to write in a physical journal


Prompt-based writing is an excellent creative journaling idea if you are completely new to journaling and just starting. 



4. Collage Journaling

A collage journal which is one of many creative journaling ideas.


One of the most visually captivating forms of creative journaling is collage journaling.


Use magazine clippings, stickers, and other materials to create a visual representation of your thoughts and feelings. Cut out interesting shapes, textures, and colors that resonate with your mood or current interests. 


Collage journaling allows you to combine various elements to tell a story or evoke certain emotions visually. 


It’s a wonderful way to unleash your imagination and discover surprising connections between seemingly unrelated images.



5. Art Journaling


Use your journal as a canvas to create sketches, paintings, or other forms of art. 


Art supplies scattered around a canvas that has been drawn on but not painted.

You can use different colors and pens or even experiment with both; the possibilities are endless with art journaling.


Some art journaling ideas are drawing what you did today or an image of your favorite flower/color/book, or anything.


Just let your pen flow freely on the page and draw what’s on your mind. 


Whatever it is don’t worry about the final result. Just embrace the creative process and see what you end up with.




6. Travel Journaling

A collection of things you need to carry on a flight including a cup of coffee and your passport.


One of my favorite creative journaling ideas on this list is travel journaling. 

Travel journaling is where you document your travels by writing about your experiences and including photos, ticket stubs, and other mementos.


You can think of it like a scrapbook (which is something I used to do back in the day). 


It’s an excellent way to preserve memories and reflect on your experiences. Capture the sights, sounds, and flavors of new destinations through vivid descriptions, sketches, and mementos. 


Paste tickets, postcards, or pressed flowers to create a visually rich travel journal


Travel journaling stimulates creativity, encourages cultural exploration, and provides a unique perspective on the world.



7. Poetry Journaling


If you have a passion for words and want to explore your poetic side, poetry journaling is an ideal creative journaling outlet. 


A collection of journals on a marble background.

Use your journal to experiment with different poetic forms like free verse or haiku. Play with rhythm, metaphors, and vivid imagery to create evocative poems. 


Poetry journaling allows you to explore your thoughts and feelings lyrically, fostering self-awareness and emotional expression. 


It’s a beautiful form of creative journaling that can surprise you with its ability to capture the essence of your experiences.





8. Bullet Journaling

A collection of pens on a marble background makes for perfect tools for creative journaling.


A flexible and customizable journaling system, bullet journaling combines organization, planning, and self-expression. 


It uses bullet points, symbols, and collections to track tasks, events, goals, and personal reflections. With its adaptable nature, you can personalize your journal with colors, decorations, and additional creative techniques. 


Bullet journaling promotes mindfulness, productivity, and self-awareness by providing a comprehensive way to organize your life and express your thoughts and ideas.


It’s a versatile tool that can help you stay organized, set and achieve goals, and foster personal growth.



9. Photography Journaling


If you are looking for a creative journaling idea that doesn’t require any physical writing or drawing, photography journaling might be perfect for you. 


A picture of someone taking a picture of flowers on their phone.

With a camera or a smartphone, you can document your daily experiences, special moments, or specific themes that resonate with you through photographs. 


You can also use photography journaling as a way to track your specific progress or growth with something. Maybe you are trying to lose weight or you are pregnant. 


Seeing physical changes week by week can be powerful. 

Here are some other ways you can use photography as a way to journal: 

  • Take a photo every day for a year
  • Do a weekly video journal 
  • Take before and after pictures for any type of projects you tackle
  • Take photos of a specific thing or subject (for example flowers, birds, interesting doors)



10. Bible Art Journaling

A creative journaling bible.


Bible art journaling is a creative journaling practice that combines art and spirituality by incorporating artistic elements into the pages of a Bible or devotional journal. 


It involves using various artistic mediums like drawing, painting, hand-lettering, and collage to visually express interpretations of scripture, reflect on personal faith, and engage with the word of God. 


It’s become more popular because Bible art journaling allows individuals to deepen their connection with the Bible through a visual and hands-on approach, promoting self-reflection, creativity, and a deeper understanding of biblical teachings.


There are even entire Bibles dedicated to Bible art journaling with space to draw, color, and write directly alongside the scripture.


It provides a unique way to express one’s spirituality and create a personal and meaningful connection with scripture.


Benefits of Creative Journaling 


Beyond the creative aspects, remember that journaling offers numerous benefits for mental, emotional, and even physical well-being. 


Research has shown that journaling reduces stress, improves mood, and enhances self-awareness. It can help clarify thoughts, solve problems, and boost creativity.


Journaling also serves as a form of self-care, allowing you to track personal growth, identify patterns, and gain insights into your behaviors and emotions. 


Moreover, it serves as a safe space for self-expression, providing a sense of release and relief. Regular journaling promotes mindfulness, cultivates gratitude, and fosters a deeper connection with oneself.


Creative journaling opens up a world of possibilities for self-expression, self-discovery, and personal growth. 


From enhancing creativity and problem-solving skills to promoting emotional well-being and mindfulness, creative journaling provides a holistic outlet for exploring your thoughts, emotions, and dreams.  


Embrace these ten inspiring creative journaling ideas, and let your journal become a canvas for your imagination, reflection, and transformation. 





18 thoughts on “10 Creative Journaling Ideas for Daily Habits”

  1. Fantastic! Journaling is very cathartic for me! I especially love gratitude journaling because it helps me focus on the blessings in my life, rather than the negative. Great blog post!

  2. I have been wanting to begin journaling for a while now. However, I never truly knew how to start or go about it. That is until I came across your article. Now, I want to try just about all of these and see which one(s) keep me the most consistent. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thanks Tyler! I do think that’s a big part of journaling…staying consistent. But, with that you have to journal in a way that works for you! There are so many options for journaling other than just a traditional pen and paper. Hopefully you find what works best for you and rediscover journaling!

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