5 Easy Time-Saving Tips for Working Moms

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These time-saving tips for working moms could apply to either a stay-at-home mom or a mom that works outside the house full-time. 


Because, let’s be real, all moms work.


No matter if you are home all day with the kids or at an office, you are working.


I’m in this weird in-between world where I work full time, but I work from home (something more and more people are doing now since covid.) 


Although I’m home, I still have to work (like sitting at a computer, talking on the phone, sometimes 8 hours a day of work). 


I can’t be a full-time employee and a full-time stay-at-home mom at the same time.


It’s just not possible with my job or my sanity. Neither my daughter nor my work would be getting my full attention.


And, I do love my job and my work. It’s something I’m not ready to give it up.


I’ve had to find the balance between these two worlds that have collided in my household. And although it’s taken some time, I think I’ve finally figured it out (for now at least, lol).


So, I wanted to share some of my knowledge and time-saving tips for working moms in the hopes of making your life as a working mom a little bit easier. 


I practice everything on this list every day and it makes a huge difference not just for my job, but for my mental health too. 


And, whether you are a stay-at-home mom, a working mom, or a hybrid of the two, all of these time-saving tips are useful for motherhood! 





Time-Saving Tip for Working Moms



#1 – Find Quality Childcare


Seriously. Good daycares, babysitters, and nannies are worth their weight in gold. Invest in someone you would trust your life with. It will give you peace of mind. 


Even if you don’t need childcare full-time, finding a babysitter that is dependable and whom you trust is vital.


You never know when you will need someone and it’s better to have a go-to list of sitters than to be scrambling at the last minute.


Although I work from home, we have a nanny that comes for about 4 hours every day.


She arrives in the morning and stays until she puts my daughter down for her nap after lunch. My daughter naps for about 2 hours right now, so I’m able to dedicate about six hours to my work each day. 


After that my husband is usually home from his job and I can do things as needed in the afternoon.


Or, if I’m really busy, I just hop online after my daughter goes to bed at night to finish up a few things. 


But regardless of how the afternoon goes, six dedicated hours to work is priceless to me because I’m able to get so much done.


Quality childcare is one of the best time-saving tips for working moms because it just brings about stability and peace of mind, which in turn, helps you get more done at your job.


A bonus is that I love our nanny too and the one-on-one interaction my daughter gets. 


#2 – Get Rid of Guilt


Mom guilt is real friends.


And, honestly, momming is hard enough without the pressure we put on ourselves let alone the pressure from friends or family.


Don’t feel guilty that you work and the neighbor is a stay-at-home mom. Or, that your mom or grandma did it differently from you.


Everyone is different. Every mom is different.


Your child loves you just the same.


You aren’t taking anything away from your child by working and your child isn’t missing out on anything. 


A Harvard Business Review study found that daughters of employed mothers are more likely to be employed as adults AND they are more likely to hold jobs at a supervisor level. On the flip side, sons of working mothers are more likely to help with family and child care as adults. 


Your kids see you, working mom, and they admire you for it. 


For me, having a job is something that I take pride in and something that I do for myself. Yes, It’s also how my family makes money, but work is more than money to me.


Don’t feel bad if you’re the same way. Or, if you’re not, just don’t feel guilty about any work that you do…period


Ditch the mom guilt.


Time-Saving Tip #3 – Prepare the Night Before


This is something I preach and practice every day.


I’m a morning person, but that still doesn’t mean I want to think a lot early in the morning! 


Getting things ready the night before is such a game-changer.


Pick out your clothes, pick out your child’s clothes, set up the coffee pot to auto-brew if that helps, and pack your lunches. Whatever you can do to make the morning easier on yourself makes the entire day even easier. 


Preparing the night before really is a great time-saving tip for working moms.


I love my weekly meal plans and cleaning schedule. They keep to-do lists out of my head and make the day easier.


I know what to take out of the freezer the night before for dinner and I know what I need to clean for the day.


And, this brings me to my next tip…


#4 – Make a Schedule and To-Do List


Before I became a mom, I mainly used lists for work.


Now, that I’m a mom, I have lists for everything.


Grocery lists, lists of things my husband tells me to remind him of, lists for work, lists for this blog, lists for the nanny…lists are life! 


But really, schedules and lists are SO helpful and a great time-saving tip for working moms.


Make a cleaning schedule, meal plan, and create a weekend to-do list.


Do whatever you can to keep your family organized and on track.


It will be one less thing you have to think about at work. 


One thing I try to do regularly is a meal plan. I’ve been using this meal planner kit to plan both my family dinners and my daughter’s meals and snacks.


I typically meal plan over the weekend and have this up on the fridge for the week so the whole family (and nanny!) know what we are eating for the week.


The other things on our fridge right now are a yearly calendar with all the months and dates (randomly super helpful), our weekly cleaning schedule, and my daughter’s daily routine (when she eats, naps, etc.). 


And, if you are looking for even more ways to manage your schedule and tasks, check out this general planner!


Planners are a great time-saving tip for working moms and digital ones are even better because you can pick and choose your favorite pages and print exactly what you need.







The Last Time-Saving Tip for Working Moms is to Practice Self Care


Lastly, and probably most importantly, take care of yourself!


Caring for YOU is just as important as caring for your family. 


Moms often don’t prioritize themselves, but that needs to stop! 


Take a bath, read a book, go get a manicure, or drink a cup of coffee or tea on the back porch. Do something for yourself from time to time.


You are important too. 


For me, I find that after I put my daughter to bed, I like having 15-20 minutes to myself.


I might go take my makeup off, wash my face, do the daily Wordle, or just sit in my bed and scroll through Instagram.


Whatever it is that night, I try to do something just for me for a few minutes. It makes a big difference and is something I look forward to at the end of a long day. 


And, check out these self-care ideas for moms if you need help in the self-care department!



Five Tips for Working Moms


Okay, I’ve given you my top five time-saving tips for working moms, but I know there are lots more out there.


What do you do to make work and home life a little easier?


Tell me about it in the comments below!


And for more tips to make your work life easier, check out this list of 10 Must-Haves For Remote Work That Will Make Your Life Better! 



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  1. You are right; being a mon isn’t easy. Nothing like some helpful tips to help ease some stress and get your life a little more organized.

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