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Obviously with a blog name like KT Likes Coffee I’m a coffee lover. 


I’m also NOT a coffee snob. I love the original Dunkin’ blend and I adore my Keurig on days I don’t feel like making a full pot. 


But, nowadays there are so many different coffee companies out there it can be overwhelming to find a new blend to try. I also love small businesses (probably because I work for one myself), so I love supporting small businesses however I can.


So every month on my blog I’m going to highlight a coffee company, try some of their blends, and give you my thoughts.


I’m going to call it “blog research” (LOL), but really I just love coffee and any excuse to try some new flavors.


Be sure to check back here every month for a new coffee review. 


If you make coffee and want to be featured, get in touch with me either through Instagram or email (ktlikescoffee@gmail.com).


For this first month, I’m showcasing a company close to home that I love and frequent: Roadmap CoffeeWorks.



Formerly Lexington Coffee Roasters, Roadmap CoffeeWorks has been around for over 30 years.


They’ve received many awards for their blends, including a 2018 feature on Forbes’ 12 Best Coffee Roasters in the U.S.


Their recent name change was a bit of a surprise for me at first, but I get it now that I’ve had time to digest and take in their new name. They want to expand their brand and reach outside of the little town of Lexington, Virginia, and a name like Roadmap CoffeeWorks will let them do that more. 


Names aside, their coffee is amazing and always in our morning brew rotation. 


My personal favorite is the Blue Ridge blend. It’s more like your “classic” coffee as it’s a light and dark roast blend with cherry, chocolate, and nut flavors.


Roadmap describes it as a “brisk breakfast blend” and I’d have to agree. That’s the perfect way to describe it and probably why I enjoy it so much in the mornings.


They also make the Blue Ridge blend in a decaf version, which I like as I try to have decaf on hand for guests (just in case!).


Other blends I’ve tried from Roadmap include Italian Roast and Route 39. The Italian Roast is a nice blend and is their most popular dark roast. It is a bit more bitter in my opinion, but that’s probably because it is darker and I prefer a light or medium blend.


The Route 39 blend used to be known as the Maury River Blend. It was renamed for the route (Route 39) that begins down the road from the roastery in Lexington and goes up over and around the mountains through small towns and eventually into West Virginia. The drive offers some beautiful views and hiking spots. The Route 39 coffee blend offers a medium body flavor and a bit more spice as it has chocolate, walnut, and spice notes in its blend. 


Recently I also picked up a bag of the Kenya Karatu to try and YUM is all I can say about this one.


This light brew, washed single origin features currant, maple syrup, and baked apple and it just feels like a fancy dessert…but it’s actually coffee. It was so flavorful and had just a touch of sweetness, which I enjoyed.


All in all, Roadmap CoffeeWorks is one of my go-to coffee companies right now and that’s why I decided to highlight them for my first ever coffee review.


They make excellent coffee and I haven’t had a bad blend yet!


So, If you find yourself on Interstate 81 (North or South), I encourage you to stop in at Roadmap CoffeeWorks (and check out Crucible Coffee Roasters on your route too!).


Roadmap has an adorable shop where you can pick up a few blends as well as hot/cold coffee and espresso drinks and snacks. They also offer tasting flights and a drive-thru! Exit 195 off Interstate 81! 


Or if you aren’t nearby,  just head over to their website and place an order.


Roadmap CoffeeWorks

2345 Lee Hwy, Lexington, VA 24450


Monday-Saturday 8:00 am – 4:00 pm

Closed Sunday



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