20 of the Best Coffee Journals for All Your Note Taking Needs

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Lately, I’ve become obsessed with coffee journals and coffee notebooks. 


I love finding new styles and I have an ever-growing list ready to order when I need a new coffee-themed notebook or even a gift idea for a friend. 


When it comes to a coffee journal or notebook there are all kinds. 


And it makes sense when roughly 75% of the US population over the age of 20 reports drinking coffee.


Coffee is everywhere.


And coffee notebooks and journals are everywhere too. 


From tasting journals and guided prompts, to grid and lined-style notebooks with a coffee flair there is something out there for everyone. 


There are four main styles when it comes to coffee journals: coffee tasting journals, gratitude/guided journaling with a coffee flair, daily planners, and blank notebooks. 


I tend to lean toward blank notebooks or guided journals. But, some of the tasting-style coffee journals on this list are geared toward visiting and exploring coffee shops!


No matter what you are looking for when it comes to your coffee journal, there is a little something for everyone on this list!


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Coffee Tasting Journals


Coffee tasting journals come in a number of different varieties, from ones that are meant for at-home brewing/tasting to ones that are geared toward a coffee shop.


If you live in a bigger city, a coffee shop journal would be so much fun!


But, if you are in a small town (like me!) you probably only have a handful of coffee shops so home-tasting coffee journals may be more your style. 


No matter what, these journals are a lot of fun and a great way to mix up your daily coffee routine or discover a new blend you love.


1. Pocket-sized coffee tasting book from Letterfolk – I really like this one because it is pocket-sized. It would fit perfectly in any type of bag/purse and maybe even a pants pocket if it was big enough!


2. 100 Cups of Coffee Tasting Journal – This is an excellent tasting journal because it has a lot of visual ways to easily rate coffee like a flavor wheel and overall star rating for different categories like aroma and taste.


A picture of a purple version of the Coffee Shop Adventures book which makes a great Valentine's gift for coffee lovers!


3. Coffee Shop Adventures Rating Book – A great take on a tasting journal, this one is geared towards visiting a coffee shop and reviewing what you have from the café. 

Each page has a place to write down the name and location of the café you visited as well as your review of what you had. But, what makes this one really unique is there is a spot for a polaroid photo! It’s such a fun twist on a coffee journal. 


4. 120 Cups of Coffee: Tasting Journal – This simplistic style is great for a tasting journal and I love that you can note the brew method. Because the way you brew coffee does have an impact on the flavor. 


5. 33 Cups of Coffee – Created by 33 Books Co this is another pocket-sized tasting journal. The company has a variety of “33” books for things from beer and cocktails to even oysters. I really like the size of this one because it’s tiny and easily fits anywhere. 


A coffee journal called 33 Cups of Coffee.



Coffee Journals for Guided Journaling


A lot of gratitude or guided journals out there are often centered around drinking a cup of coffee. 


And, that’s because many people feel relaxed when drinking coffee, which means it’s the perfect time to do some journaling.


Since focusing on gratitude more and incorporating it into my journaling habits, I’ve found myself being more mindful of the little things that make life great. 


Check out these coffee journals below that are perfect for guided journaling. 


6. The Coffee Self-Talk Starter Pages – A workbook to coincide with Coffee Self-Talk: 5 Minutes a Day to Start Living Your Magical Life. The book is something that has been on my reading list for a while now and I was happy to stumble upon this workbook as well. It offers simple fill-in-the-blanks to help you get started with affirmations and living your best life through a simple 5-minute routine every morning.  


7. Coffee Talk Affirmations Journal– Specifically for affirmations, this coffee journal offers both a daily affirmation and a space for you to write your own. It’s simple and coffee-themed, what’s not to love about that?


8. Gratitude But First, Coffee – I really love this gratitude journal because it offers such a variety. In addition to space for practicing daily gratitude, there are writing prompts, coloring pages, inspirational quotes, and even goal-planning pages. It offers such variety and is a great option for a little bit of everything, including gratitude. 


9. Grateful For Coffee – A 12-week gratitude journal, specifically themed for coffee lovers this journal offers the typical pages for practicing daily gratitude, but also mood tracker pages. Mood tracker pages offer a visual representation of each week and a chance to see if or how the practice of daily gratitude has impacted your mood.


A coffee journal called Coffee Talk

10. Coffee Talk – This coffee journal is broken into four sections and takes a workbook approach. Section one is themed around Intentions and Gratitude. The second focuses on Self-Love and Acceptance. Section three is Self-Love and Confidence. And, the final section is Self-Discovery and Understanding.


I love how this coffee journal is broken into sections. It takes you on a journey of discovering yourself through simple actions each day over a cup of coffee. 



Coffee Journals and Planners


When it comes to planners, people either love them or hate them. 


When I was in school, I lived and died by a daily planner from middle school all the way up through college. 


It was the only way I could keep track of assignments and my extracurriculars like soccer games/practices (two teams kept me busy!).


Since I’ve been out of school, daily planners haven’t really been my thing. But, now that I’m blogging and essentially creating my own writing assignments and setting deadlines for myself, a daily planner is more useful again.


Funny how things always seem to come back around.


11. Java + Journal – Both a journal and a planner, this one from Patty Rose is a great option. In addition to daily and weekly planning pages, there are pages for you to list cafes you want to visit or guided activities and prompts. And, there are awesome coffee quotes throughout the entire book.


12. But First Coffee – This is a 3-month daily planner that includes planning pages and even space for daily affirmations and how much coffee you’ve drunk (although I’m not sure I need to track that some days, lol). It is not dated, basic format means you can use it as needed, which is often perfect for some people (me included!).


13. Coffee Lovers Journal and Weekly Planner – I love this one because it includes a variety of planning pages/styles as well as fun coffee quotes on each page. There are also blank pages for notes and sections for thoughts and goals for the day. 


This one is a great option that offers a little bit of everything regarding planning.


14. Schoolgirl Style Industrial Café Teacher Planner – For whatever reason, a lot of coffee-themed planners are geared towards teachers.


This one, though, seems really cool if you are a teacher (and pretty much all the teachers I know drink coffee, lol…I think it comes with the territory!). In addition to traditional planner pages, there are also pages for goal planning and even substitute information.


If you are a teacher, this is a really great option!


15. Coffee Conversations Day Planner – As simple as it gets, this planner is the perfect day planner with room for your daily priorities or to-dos as well as a notes section. 



Coffee Notebooks with Blank Pages


As this category says, all the items in this section are simply blank pages either lined or gridded with a coffee theme – coffee notebooks essentially. 


The journal’s cover is coffee-related or there might be some coffee-related quotes inside too, but overall these are just traditional blank notebooks with a coffee flair. 


A blank coffee journal titled "Coffee Shop Adventures Journal."

16. Coffee Shop Adventures Journal – I’m currently using this one pictured here for my notes on my coffee tastings for reviews. I love the feel of the cover and the space to write inside. It’s perfect for how I take notes. 


17. Coffee Journal– Another one by the same creator as the Coffee Shop Adventures Journal above, I love the cover of this one! 


18. I Love Pumpkin Spice A Latte – I couldn’t resist the catchy fall-themed saying on the front of this plain notebook. I love pumpkin spice lattes!


19. Step 1: Coffee, Step 2: Conquer the World – This blank coffee notebook is great because it offers dot grid pages, which some people prefer over lined pages. 


20. But First Coffee – A cute coffee cover on a simple notebook, there’s not much more you could want! 


Finding a good journal or notebook is such a huge benefit to your mood, productivity, or even work/life balance. 


A bonus is that any of these coffee notebooks or journals would make a great gift idea too. 


Pair one of these coffee journals with a bag of your favorite coffee and you’ve got the perfect gift. Ideal for a coworker, friend, or that hard-to-shop-for family member this holiday season, because journaling gifts are always a great idea!


Be sure to check out my coffee reviews for places like Expedition Roasters and Onyx Coffee Lab for some unique and tasty recommendations!


And I want to know, what is your favorite type of journal or notebook? 


Do you like blank pages?


Do you like prompts and blank schedules/checklists?


Tell me about what notebooks or journals you use every day in the comments!


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  1. I’m a sucker for journals! I’m definitely eyeballing the gratitude but first coffee journal. My birthday is coming up so I might have to treat myself to one of these. Thanks for posting!

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