Discovering the Onyx Collection: A Journey into Brewing Perfection

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As a dedicated coffee-loving mom, there’s nothing quite like starting the day with a perfect cup of freshly brewed coffee. 


Today, I am thrilled to share my latest discovery with you: Onyx Coffee Lab, a true haven for coffee enthusiasts.


Onyx Coffee Lab was founded in 2012 by the husband and wife team of Jon Allen and Andrea Allen. 


They have received numerous accolades and recognition within the specialty coffee industry. And, their coffees have won prestigious awards at national and international competitions, highlighting their commitment to quality and craftsmanship.


To be honest, Onyx Coffee Lab has always intimated me. 


From their website to their packaging and all the praise they have received over the years, Onyx Coffee Lab has built an incredible brand with a strong reputation for high-quality specialty coffee. 


It felt like a coffee company that was out of reach for me because it was too sophisticated. 


After all, I can take it or leave it when it comes to reheated coffee and that’s a big no-no in the specialty coffee world.


But I decided that I’d never really know if their coffee was too fancy for me or not until I tried it. So, here we are!



Onyx Coffee Lab Pinterest Pin



Background on Onyx Coffee Lab


Onyx Coffee Lab focuses on specialty coffee, which refers to high-quality beans that are grown in specific regions and have distinct flavors.


They have established relationships with farmers and producers worldwide to source the best coffee beans. And, their direct trade relationships with coffee producers aim to not just build sustainable partnerships and ensure fair compensation for farmers. 


But, one of my favorite parts of this coffee company is its transparency. 


Not just in their advanced roasting techniques and processing methods, but when it comes to the actual supply chain including pricing and what it costs Onyx. 


Whether it’s coffee, tea or even chocolate, you can see the breakdown of the cost to produce the product you buy. 


It’s a detail unlike anything I’ve ever seen from a coffee company before and I truly appreciate the honest breakdown. 





Exploring the Onyx Collection


Onyx Coffee Lab offers a robust collection of coffee and tea. It’s honestly a bit overwhelming because each of their coffees offers a unique combination of flavor profiles.


But, that’s where the Box Sets from Onyx come into play and probably why they are so popular. 


Instead of trying to decide what to order, you can get a sample set in the form of a Roaster Sample Box, Onyx Collection Box, Catalog Box, or Blend Box. 


I ordered the Roaster Sample Box, but honestly, I wish I had gotten the Onyx Collection Box because it was such good coffee that I wanted to try more.



A sampling of coffee bags from the Onyx collection Roasters Box set.


My Roaster Sample Box contained:

  • Rwanda Kanzu
  • Ethiopia Core Dako
  • Panama Creativa Typica Blend Washed
  • Colombia Aponte Village

If you go the box route (which I highly suggest!) just keep in mind that the samples you receive could be different. 


Onyx Tea Collection Box Set


I also ordered a Botanical Tea Set so I could try some of their herbal tea blends: 

  • Peppermint Yerba Mate
  • Lavender Chamomile Rooibos
  • Raspberry Hibiscus


The Onyx collection boxes are insanely cool.


Your coffee will arrive in a fold-out gift box and includes beautiful coffee artwork and brewing advice. 


It’s such a unique presentation of coffee and I loved studying the box and learning more about my favorite beverage.


An Onyx Collection box.


On the flip side, the packaging for the tea is equally impressive. 


They just feel luxurious and each box contains 15 sachets of each tea blend. 


I love that it’s individual tea bags over looseleaf; it’s just a personal preference of mine.



But, let’s dive into the actual flavors of everything.



The Rwanda Kanzu coffee was amazing. With notes of apple, dark honey, toasted almond, and vanilla it was rich and sweet.


Rwanda Kanzu coffee from Onyx Coffee Lab

In general, Rwanda coffee is highly regarded in the specialty coffee industry for its distinct flavors and unique characteristics, which were clearly evident in this brew.


Rwanda has a rich coffee-growing tradition, and the coffee beans are typically grown in high-altitude revision with volcanic soil, which contributes to the flavor profile. 


This particular coffee is grown at an elevation of 1900 meters.


I believe this was my first taste of a Rwandan coffee and it was truly special. 


A bonus for me is that it tasted great reheated (#momlife). Somehow the microwave brought out the sweetness even more for me and I thoroughly enjoyed this roast reheated too.



Ethiopia Core Dako coffee is a unique coffee variety sourced from the Gore Dako station in Agaro, one of the most important trading centers for coffee in Ethiopia. 


Ethiopia Gore Dako from the Onyx collection.

With tasting notes of yellow pear, manuka honey, concord grape, and raw sugar, this is a very modern flavor profile on the scale with Onyx Coffee Lab. 


And, that’s probably why I enjoyed it so much. 


It had this spice-like element/taste to me that I loved. I think it came from the Manuka honey, which is known for its smell and bitter flavor (it’s not sweet like regular honey).


It was truly unlike any coffee I’d had before and it stood out as a favorite for me because of that.





At the time of publishing this review, the Panama Creativa Typica Blend Washed is currently sold out, which is a shame because it highlights Typica coffee. 


Typica coffee is an Arabica coffee, but it’s a bit tricky to grow as it is not just a low-yield coffee variety, it’s highly susceptible to diseases. 


It’s also the variety of coffee widely planted in Jamaica among other countries and what is referred to as Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee. 


So, it’s no wonder this blended lot has sold out with Onyx Coffee Lab because it’s a rare coffee variety made rarer by the fact that it was grown in Panama.


Panama Creativa Typica Blend Washed coffee from Onyx Coffee Lab


Here’s the Onyx description for the coffee and what makes it special:

“This is a blended lot we created with our friends at Creativa Coffee District. With their help, we found a large Typica lot and blended it with a washed Gesha. The idea for this lot is to feature another side of Panama, highlighting old growth Typica and Gesha as a washed offering. Boquete is not only one of the most beautiful regions in the world but it has much to offer the coffee community outside of its famed gesha.”

– Panama Creativa Typica Blend Washed

If you happen to see this one offered up again from Onyx, or any variety of Panama Typica for that matter, I suggest you grab it because it will be gone too soon.



It’s clear to see why the Colombia Aponte Village coffee from the Onyx collection is a fan favorite as it offers a well-rounded and balanced cup of coffee.


Colombia Aponte Village coffee from Onyx Coffee Lab.

Farmed by the Inga, an indigenous community, it has a lovely sweet profile and is an offering Onyx Coffee Lab has been able to source successfully for the past five years in Colombia.

This coffee, although it may just taste like a good cup of coffee really shows you the care that goes into building relationships and sourcing coffee. 


This coffee from Onyx is so much more than just a good cup of coffee. 





I highly recommend all the coffees I tried with Onyx, but if I have to just pick one (or at least suggest one to you), I would pick the Ethiopia Gore Dako. Its unique and more modern flavor profile is something all coffee lovers need to try. 



Pinterest Pin for Onyx Coffee Lab Tea


If I haven’t talked your ear (or eyes?) off enough yet about Onyx Coffee Lab, then don’t worry there is more! I also tried three different herbal tea varieties from Onyx. 


I’m not a huge tea drinker (actually my parents are!), but I love a good cup of herbal tea now and again, especially at night. 


And with parents who love tea, I couldn’t resist trying out some of the tea blends from the Onyx collection. 


Just like their coffee, Onyx Coffee Lab is extremely transparent with its tea blends. Providing details on the origin, process, and pricing you can find all the details you never knew you wanted about the tea you are drinking. 


Of the three I tried the Peppermint Yerba Mate is my favorite.


A white, pink and blue tea box from the Onyx collection.

It’s quite possibly the best version of peppermint tea I’ve ever had…it’s that good. You can clearly taste the mint and I love the menthol feel on the backend. Simply divine.


The Lavender Chamomile Rooibos was good as well. The balance between the lavender and chamomile is just right, providing that comforting familiar taste you love from chamomile with just a slight twist.


Last of the teas, the Raspberry Hibiscus was my least favorite actually. I didn’t get enough raspberry flavor, although it did produce a lovely pink hue. 


Upon further investigation on Onyx Lab’s website, I discovered that they suggest trying the tea iced with sweetener for a fun “pink drink” and this has now gone on my list to brew this week. 


I can easily see how this tea would be excellent iced, but I will report back once I officially try it!



I enjoyed Onyx Coffee Lab so much and I can’t wait to try more coffee and tea from them.


I’m specifically interested in the Geometry, Tropical Weather, and Power Nap if you are looking for suggestions. 


On the tea side of things, I plan to try the Black Tea Box Set at some point as it has many of the caffeinated tea styles I enjoy.



In addition to its roastery, Onyx Coffee Lab operates several cafés where customers can enjoy their meticulously crafted coffees. 


A silver letter sign on a light wood background for Onyx Coffee Lab at one of their physical locations.
Photo by Derick McKinney on Unsplash.

The cafés offer a welcoming and knowledgeable environment, allowing coffee enthusiasts to explore different flavors and learn about the coffee-making process.


You can find Onyx at the following locations in Northwest Arkansas: 


Rogers HQ

101 E Walnut St.

Rogers, AR 72756



100 NEW 2nd St.

Bentonville, AR 72712


The Momentary

507 SE East St. 

Bentonville, AR 72712



2418 N. Gregg Ave. 

Fayetteville, AR 72701



Onyx Coffee Lab has truly set the bar high for coffee enthusiasts worldwide (moms, casual coffee drinkers, and coffee snobs alike). 


With their extraordinary coffee lab, carefully curated Onyx collection boxes, and unwavering commitment to freshness and sustainability, they offer a coffee experience unlike any other. And I promise it’s not too fancy for you mama! It’s fricking good coffee.


So, grab your favorite mug, savor the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, and let Onyx Coffee Lab transport you to a world of exquisite flavors, one sip at a time.



4 thoughts on “Discovering the Onyx Collection: A Journey into Brewing Perfection”

  1. I’m a huge tea drinker! (Coffee only from time to time.) Peppermint with yerba mate sounds interesting. While I’m usually a black tea girl, I’ve been branching out into herbal teas recently, so I’ll keep this on my radar.

  2. I love this article and so glad to have tea options included. As a tea drinker in a coffee dominated world, we are often forgotten. Thanks for sharing! P.s. I’ll have to try this brand of Peppermint Tea

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