Brewing Imagination: The Best Coffee Books for Kids

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In a world where curiosity knows no bounds and the love for learning (or coffee!) begins at a young age, introducing children to diverse and intriguing subjects is essential. 


While coffee might seem like a topic reserved for adults, there’s a delightful and educational way to bring the world of coffee to the younger generation – through captivating books! 


Surprisingly there is a wide variety of coffee books for kids of all ages, from babies to toddlers and school-aged children. And I’m so excited to bring them all to you on the blog today. 


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But first, why even have coffee books for kids? What’s the benefit?


Well, I’m glad you asked! Because there are four main benefits to coffee-themed books for kids:


1. Education

First and foremost, they can teach children about different cultures and traditions associated with coffee globally. From the origins of coffee cultivation to its cultural significance in various societies, coffee books for kids provide valuable insights into the larger world.


Coffee is universal, but it is also unique to specific regions of the world that grow coffee. Moreover, from growing methods to brewing styles, there is much to learn about culture from coffee.


2. Language Development

Reading coffee-themed books can enhance children’s vocabulary by introducing them to new words and concepts related to coffee, such as “roasting,” “brewing,” “espresso,” and “barista.”


Through exposure to these terms in the context of stories or informational texts about coffee, children can deepen their understanding of their meanings and usage, form associations between words and related concepts, and expand their language skills. 


Engaging with coffee-themed literature stimulates cognitive processes, encourages active learning, and ultimately enriches children’s ability to communicate verbally and in writing while fostering a love for reading and learning.





3. Cognitive Development

Engaging with coffee-themed stories can stimulate children’s cognitive development by encouraging critical thinking and problem-solving skills as they explore the processes involved in making coffee and its journey from bean to cup.


A cup of coffee is simple, but much goes into making that cup of coffee. Introducing children to that process encourages them to think deeper than just the surface of something.


4. Family Bonding

Coffee-themed books can serve as a platform for parents and children to bond over shared reading experiences. Books like this can spark conversations about family traditions, rituals, and the importance of spending quality time together.


Overall, coffee-themed books for kids offer a unique and engaging way to educate children about the world around them while fostering a love for reading and learning.


So what books should you look at when it comes to coffee books for kids?


Check out the list below!


Table of Contents


15+ Coffee Books for Kids


These carefully chosen coffee-themed books are a feast for the eyes and a brew of knowledge waiting to be sipped and savored by young readers. 



The Best Coffee Books for 0-3-Year-Olds


Baby Barista: A Coffee Primer for the Youngest Fans by Amber and Joel Palmer – this board book is simply adorable and would make a great baby shower gift for a parent who loves coffee.


My First Book of Coffee (My Cool Family) by Robyn Wall (Author) and Lydia Nichols (Illustrator) – a board book perfect for little ones and their coffee-loving moms and dads.


Love You a Latte by Tori Bloodworth – a sweet baby book about how much your baby is loved with coffee inspiration. The pictures are great in this one too!


***My personal favorite in this bunch is Baby Barista: A Coffee Primer for the Youngest Fans it’s a great book for both parents and littles and the illustrations are fantastic!




The Best Coffee Books for 3-6-Year-Olds


The Littlest Barista by Melissa Cummings (Author) and Ana Graca (Illustrator) – a book set in France that follows a young boy at his family coffee shop.


Cows and Coffee: A Fun Letter C Book by Kristie Mott and Owen Mott – a fun book written by a six-year-old and his mother about cows focused on different “C” letter words.


Everything You Should Know About Coffee by Anne Richards – a book full of facts and information about coffee laid out in a chapter-style format.


Lily’s Coffee Shop Adventure: A Story and Activity Book by Caprice Day-Borgeson EdD – a fun book about a little girl named Lily who goes to a neighborhood coffee shop. This book also has fun activities at the end for parents and kids!


What Every Child Needs To Know About Coffee by R. Bradley Snyder and Marc Engelsgjerd – a board book that explains to kids why coffee is important to you (the parent) and what they should know about the delicious beverage.


***My favorite from this age group is Lily’s Coffee Shop Adventure: A Story and Activity Book. It’s a sweet story and I love the activity book aspect too.



A child reading one of the best coffee books for kids.




The Best Coffee Books for 6-10-Year-Olds


Cafe Kitten by Aubry Bartholomew – a cute story about a cafe kitten that goes missing! 


The Tale of the Coffee Bean Bandit by Daniel Davis and Alma Golden – a fun twist on the classic Jack and the Beanstalk story. This book is enjoyable for both kids and parents.


The Coffee Bean for Kids: A Simple Lesson to Create Positive Change by Jon Gordon (Author), Damon West (Author), and Korey Scott (Illustrator) – this is a really charming book about a boy who starts school in a new town. It’s a kid’s version of their popular book The Coffee Bean: A Simple Lesson to Create Positive Change.


Slothee Wants Coffee by Nikki Pezzopane (Author), Cameron Fica (Author), and Yury Borgen (Illustrator) – a book about a sloth that journeys to different countries in search of the perfect cup of coffee.


Slothee Still Wants Coffee by Nikki Pezzopane (Author), Cameron Fica (Author), and Yury Borgen (Illustrator) – book two in the Slothee Wants Coffee series, Slothee is still searching for the perfect cup of joe! Will he find it?


The Coffee Monster by T.R. Merrill (Author), Morgan Baldwin (Illustrator) – set in a classroom, the students face an “unwelcomed creature.” Will the school day be an adventure or a disaster? 



***My favorites in this age range are Slothee Wants Coffee and Slothee Still Wants Coffee. They are such great reads (even for parents) and there is also a Slothee Wants Coffee Coloring and Activity Book!



The Best Coffee Books for 10+-Year-Olds


Cobee and the Coffee Beans by Lawanda Patterson – a story about a young boy, Cobee, on a coffee farm.


Superhero Coffee Beans! by Emma Dredge – a 9-year-old boy follows his father around a cafe learning about coffee.


Coffee Self-Talk for Teen Girls by Kristen Helmstetter – Like the other Coffee Talk books, this one is about how to boost your self-esteem and embrace happiness in just five minutes a day alongside your cup of coffee.


***My favorite in this age range is Coffee Self-Talk for Teen Girls, like the others in the Coffee Talk series it’s a great way to embrace self-care over a cup of coffee.



Whether it’s a whimsical adventure, an informative journey into the origins of coffee, or a delightful tale of friendship and collaboration, these coffee books are sure to leave a lasting impression on the minds of little ones and yourself too!



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7 thoughts on “Brewing Imagination: The Best Coffee Books for Kids”

  1. Amanda Newbery

    Interesting. Not something I would think of reading about with children but I suppose they see coffee daily in our lives!

  2. Oh my goodness! You had me at coffee books for kids! And then I saw your list and I just gushed! I am a coffee fanatic and with some of the titles, I just know there are some adorable books for my littles. Thanks, I really enjoyed reading this post:)

    1. Thank you so much Cassie! This post was so much fun to write and I love some of the books on this list…they are such a great way to present something you love to your child in a new way.

  3. Anthuwin Cupido

    Coffee books can be a wonderful addition to a child’s literary journey, igniting their imagination and fueling their thirst for knowledge. Thanks for sharing this list of books!

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