Exploring the World of Fable Grounds Coffee: Where Stories Come to Life in Each Sip

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Picture yourself in the comfort of your own home, savoring a cup of coffee that carries the essence of a beloved story or fable.


Welcome to Fable Grounds Coffee, a roaster that brings the magic of literature to your morning brew.


Fable Grounds Coffee logo

With each carefully crafted roast, Fable Grounds Coffee invites you on a gastronomical journey through the world of storytelling.


From classic tales to modern novels, Fable Grounds Coffee offers a sensory experience that transports you into the heart of each narrative with every sip.


To say I was excited to have uncovered this book-themed coffee roaster is an understatement. Because I was ecstatic if I’m honest with you.


My love of coffee and books have collided and I’m bringing you everything I tried from Fable Grounds Coffee today on the blog (and I tried a LOT)


Now that you have a glimpse of the magic that Fable Grounds Coffee offers, let’s dive into my delightful journey of sampling their enchanting blends.


Sample packs of coffee from the coffee roaster Fable Grounds Coffee.

I ordered the following from Fable Grounds Coffee:

  • Enchanted Library (Vanille Nut Cream)
  • Second Breakfast (Breakfast Blend)
  • Mythical Creatures Sample Pack
    • Vampire Fangs (Chocolate Cherry)
    • Werewolf Bite (Maple Walnut)
    • Mermaid Melody (Coconut Hazelnut)
    • Woodland Elf (Cinnamon Hazelnut)
    • Fairy Magic (Vanilla Buttercream)
  • Build Your Own Sample Pack
    • Lord Broch Tuarach (Sweet Whiskey)
    • Sassenach (Caramel Nut)
    • Every Flavour Beans (Raspberry Jelly)
    • Chocolate Covered Frogs (Double Chocolate Chip)


Since I sampled so many from Fable Grounds Coffee, I decided to make a quick reference rankings guide to what I enjoyed vs what I didn’t.


I will say that my “dislikes” are purely personal preferences as all but one of these are flavored coffees. So just because I didn’t like it doesn’t mean you won’t. 


Fable Grounds Coffee ranking graphic



Among the enchanting selection of blends, one stood out as my absolute favorite: Woodland Elf (Cinnamon Hazelnut).


It was as if I had stepped into a fairytale forest, where the subtle spice of cinnamon danced with the comforting embrace of roasted hazelnuts.


I think cinnamon is an excellent add-in to coffee in general and this blend was my favorite because of this combination and the velvety smoothness this blend offered.


The Fairy Magic (Vanilla Buttercream) blend whisked me away to a realm of delicate flavors. With each sip, a gentle sweetness kissed my taste buds, reminiscent of a creamy vanilla buttercream frosting.


This blend, unlike others I’ve tried, maintained a perfect balance, never overpowering the coffee but adding a touch of elegance to each sip. It was yummy!


I was pleasantly surprised by the next two, particularly the Every Flavour Beans (Raspberry Jelly) blend.


I’ve never had raspberry coffee, but I’ve heard good things about it. And, I get it now!


This one smelled like raspberry right from when I opened the bag and while it was brewing. I was honestly the most skeptical of this one but it was a tasty combination and reminded me of a chocolate raspberry flavor.


I highly recommend this not just because it tastes good, but because it is so unique.


And the last of my favorites was the Mermaid Melody (Coconut Hazelnut).


You’d think I’d know by now that I actually enjoy coconut in coffee because I had the same reaction to a coconut blend I tried from Expedition Roasters as I did in this case.


But, I somehow wasn’t sure I was going to like this one. But it was a great coffee. Delicious coconut flavor, that wasn’t too strong or overpowering and complimented the hazelnut flavor nicely.





While those were my favorite blends, Fable Grounds Coffee has a treasure trove of other flavors that deserve their moment in the spotlight. Let’s continue our exploration together.


Second Breakfast blend coffee.

These coffees included:

  • Second Breakfast (Breakfast Blend)
  • Enchanted Library (Vanilla Nut Cream)
  • Sassenach (Caramel Nut)
  • Lord Broch Tuarach (Sweet Whiskey)


I loved the names of each of these blends. So clever! And, the flavor for each was a perfect match to the story/theme.


I enjoyed all four of these coffees listed, but they didn’t surprise me or wow me. They tasted how you would expect them to taste and reminded me of similar blends I’ve tried before. Good, drinkable coffee.


The Breakfast Blend is a light/medium roast that is smooth and mild. It has notes of dark chocolate and caramel. It exuded a familiar, comforting aura, reminiscent of lazy Sunday mornings spent with a captivating book.


The Enchanted Library coffee is a vanilla nut cream that has a light, subtle flavor. It was good, I think the vanilla could have just been a bit more prominent.


As we delve deeper into the world of Fable Grounds Coffee, let’s discover a trio of blends that offer a different experience, pushing the boundaries of flavor.


I hate saying that I dislike flavored coffee, especially when they deliver on the promised flavor, so I’m simply calling these “not for me.”

  • Vampire Fangs (Chocolate Cherry)
  • Werewolf Bite (Maple Walnut)
  • Chocolate Covered Frogs (Double Chocolate Chip)

First, the Vampire Fangs (Chocolate Cherry) delivered the chocolate cherry flavor as promised. It smelled like it, it tasted like it, I just don’t like cherry-flavored things so this was purely a personal preference for me.


The Werewolf Bite (Maple Walnut) was extremely nutty for me, too much so. I liked the touch of sweetness from the maple, but I just didn’t like the walnut flavor. Walnuts and coffee apparently aren’t my thing.


Lastly, the Chocolate Covered Frogs stayed true to its name and enticed me with a wave of rich chocolate, though I found it to be a bit too indulgent for my palate.


Each of these three coffees delivered exactly what the title suggested, they just didn’t quite align with my taste preferences. And there’s nothing wrong with that.


Coffee is personal, just like your individual taste in books. What is good to someone can be a miss to another.


That said, don’t be afraid to try new coffee flavors from time to time because you could be surprised (seriously, Raspberry Jelly coffee…who knew!?).


Fable Grounds Coffee is such a gem of a coffee roaster and I adore the book-themed coffee tie-ins specifically.


The company provides a truly magical and imaginative way to enjoy coffee. And, it’s so much fun to think about your favorite books as coffee flavors and “taste” the story too.


Other things I love about Fable Grounds Coffee are:

  • The Build Your Own Sample Pack – a fantastic way to sample coffees from a new roaster and something I know I will purchase again to try other offerings.
  • Whole bean and ground options (for everything but samples, these are ground only)
  • Officially licensed stoneware mugs – these are gorgeous and also microwave, dishwasher, and oven-safe!
  • Exclusive coffees and merchandise for events like Apollycon and books like Legends and Lattes. So fun!
  • Beautiful art/label designs by @arrtslave inspired by your favorite stories and characters

I cannot recommend Fable Grounds Coffee enough, especially if you are a fantasy book lover like I am.

You can follow Fable Grounds Coffee on Instagram @fablegroundscoffee



Fable Grounds Coffee review Pinterest Pin.



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  1. Well I think the Woodland Elf is calling my name! I’m definitely going to buy some. I always love your coffee reviews and each time I try a coffee you recommend it’s always delicious! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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