Tanzania Peaberry Coffee: A Unique and Flavorful Brew

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Tanzania peaberry coffee is a unique and highly sought-after coffee variety grown in the northern regions of Tanzania. 


Peaberry coffee is not a coffee variety or even a type of coffee, it is a grade of coffee formed when the two halves of a coffee cherry fuse together, creating a single, round bean instead of the usual two halves. 


This occurs in about 5% of coffee cherries, and the resulting peaberry coffee beans are separated from the rest of the crop during the sorting process.


Peaberry beans possess a distinct flavor that sets them apart from other coffee beans, and they are highly valued for their rich and smooth taste. It is considered by some to be one of the best coffees in the world. 


Peaberry coffee can grow anywhere but is most commonly associated with countries like Tanzania and Kenya. 



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What is Tanzania Peaberry Coffee?


Tanzania peaberry coffee is a unique coffee from the East African country of Tanzania. 


The country is known for producing some of the best peaberry coffee beans in the world. The country’s high altitude, volcanic soil, and ideal climate provide the perfect growing conditions for the coffee plant. 


Tanzania peaberry coffee is often found growing on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro, Mount Meru, and other high-altitude regions of the country.


The flavor profile of Tanzania peaberry coffee is unique and highly sought after by coffee enthusiasts. It is known for its bright acidity, medium body, and complex flavor notes, including citrus, berry, and floral undertones. 


Tanzania peaberry coffee is typically roasted to a medium or medium-dark roast to bring out its full flavor potential.


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Why is Tanzania Peaberry Coffee Unique?


Tanzania peaberry coffee is unique for several reasons. Here are some of the most notable ones:


1. Peaberry Beans

The first thing that sets Tanzania peaberry coffee apart is the beans themselves. Unlike other coffee beans, which grow two to a cherry, peaberry beans grow singly. This means that they receive more nutrients and develop a unique flavor profile. 


2. Growing Conditions

Tanzania peaberry coffee is grown in the high-altitude regions of Tanzania often near the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro. The volcanic soil and cool climate provide ideal growing conditions for the coffee plants. The beans are hand-picked and sun-dried, which adds to the coffee’s unique flavor.


3. Flavor Profile

The flavor of Tanzania peaberry coffee is often described as bright and fruity, with notes of black currant, apricot, and citrus. It has a medium body and a clean finish. Peaberry beans produce a more concentrated flavor than regular coffee beans, which is why they are highly sought after by coffee connoisseurs.


4. Limited Availability

Tanzania peaberry coffee is a rare and limited commodity. Only about 5% of the coffee beans harvested in Tanzania are peaberry beans, which makes it a highly prized coffee. It is also more expensive than other coffees due to its limited availability and unique flavor profile.



Where Can I Find Why Tanzania Peaberry Coffee?


A bag of Tanzania peaberry coffee from Ellis Coffee Company.

My first dance with Tanzania peaberry coffee was back in 2022 when I tried the Tanzania Peaberry Coffee from Crucible Coffee. It was absolutely delicious and I later ranked it as my overall favorite coffee for 2022


I still think about this coffee honestly, that’s how good it was. It also slowly started my obsession with learning and trying more African coffees and finding other peaberry varieties. 


I’ve since discovered that coffee from Tanzania and Ethiopia are some of my favorites and I frequently seek out single-origins from these regions. 


Recently I tried Ellis Coffee Company’s Tanzania Zanzibar, a delicious Tanzania peaberry-grade coffee with a captivating aroma with hints of floral and citrus.


It is a medium roast with a wonderfully balanced body, neither too light nor too heavy. As the flavors unfold, the fruity notes of cranberry chutney and tangerine sorbet dance on the palate, leaving a lingering sweetness in the finish. This coffee truly offers a delightful journey of flavors that is sure to please! 


If you are looking to try Tanzania peaberry coffee specifically I recommend these roasters who have some available now: 


I also suggest finding a coffee roaster that regularly produces coffee from Tanzania and keep a lookout for a peaberry version. Onyx Coffee Lab and Chromatic Coffee have had varieties of peaberry coffee in the past although they don’t have anything currently.


Now I want to know…have you tried Tanzania peaberry coffee before? If so, what do you think? Tell me about it in the comments (and also let me know the roaster too!). 





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