KT Likes Coffee’s Favorite Different Coffee Roasts of 2022

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It’s the post you’ve been waiting for…


Well maybe not.


It’s certainly the post I’ve been waiting for and thinking a lot about lately. 


It’s almost (almost!) been a year since I started KT Likes Coffee (March 2023 will officially be one year of blogging!). 


And, with 10 coffee companies reviewed this year, I figured it was time to share my top five different coffee roasts for 2022 with you!


I counted them all up and in total, I’ve tried over 40 different coffees this year! 


40+ coffees! 


Can you believe that?!


I’m a bit surprised I’ve tasted that many different coffee roasts this year, but it’s pretty cool and I’ve had so much fun trying everything! 


Picking just five out of 40+ different coffee roasts wasn’t easy, but, without further ado, here are my favorite roasts for 2022!



Pinterest pin for five of the best coffees of 2022 aka a Coffee Recap.



Favorite Light Roast Coffee 


I don’t drink a lot of light roasts, I’m more of a medium roast type of person, but trying the Blondie Brazil from City Girl Coffee rejuvenated my need to try more light roasts. 


A delicate and smooth roast, the Blondie Brazil is the perfect meander into light roasts if you haven’t tried them before or don’t typically brew them.


It tasted light and airy and offered an overall great coffee flavor. I highly recommend this one if you are looking for a light roast to try out!


You can even shop City Girl Coffee Co on Amazon or check out your local grocery store (my local Kroger now stocks City Girl Coffee!).





Favorite Medium Roast


Medium roasts are my go-to for coffee, as is the case for most coffee drinkers.


And that’s because medium roasts are often bright, crisp, and fully developed in flavor. It’s kinda like the coffee roast that appeals to the masses.


And that’s exactly what the Blue Ridge Blend from Roadmap CoffeeWorks is: a coffee for anyone no matter how you like it. 


Whether you drink it black or with milk/cream or even sugar, this blend is for you. 


Rated a 92 by Coffee Review, it tastes like a classic breakfast blend and it’s been one of my go-to coffees for years (before I even started this blog). It’s seriously delicious. 



If you want to learn more about different coffee roasts, download my FREE coffee guide. 


Packed full of coffee information, recipes, recommendations, and even a printable tasting page with instructions!


Just sign up via the form below and I’ll send my Coffee Guide straight to your inbox!




Favorite Barrel Aged Coffee 


Barrel aged coffee is making an appearance more and more these days and I’ve been lucky to try a few this year including ones from Clout Coffee and Oak & Bond.


It’s a different coffee roast in that it’s not as mainstream. 


You don’t see mass amounts of barrel aged coffee in grocery stores or coffee shops and that’s because it’s still an up-and-coming roasting style and it’s also a time-consuming process.


It was hard to pick between the different barrel aged coffee roasts I tried this year, but my favorite barrel aged coffee in 2022 was the Rum Barrel Aged from Clout Coffee


With a smooth and sweet rum finish, it was the perfect blend of coffee and liquor in that it wasn’t too strong or harsh (especially first thing in the morning). 


If you haven’t tried any barrel aged coffee before, I highly suggest starting with this one from Clout Coffee!




Favorite Flavored Blend


Expedition Roasters is at the top of my list for fun flavored blends when it comes to coffee. 


The flavors they pack into each different coffee roast are bold and delicious. Reviewing Expedition Roasters was probably one of my overall favorite reviews this year because of the wide variety I was able to sample.


And, if you follow my blog or Instagram it’s probably no surprise to you that the Wonderland Coffee Crumb Cake is my favorite in this category. 


I’ve talked about it a lot and hyped it up because it offers a great balance of flavors with hints of crumb cake that don’t overpower the coffee at all.


Beans From Outer Space is a close second for me in this category and if you love peanut butter cups you definitely have to try that one too!



Don’t forget, discount code KTLIKESCOFFEE saves you 10% on your coffee order at Expedition Roasters!




Overall Favorite Coffee for 2022


Let me start by saying this category was hard. Picking just one overall favorite coffee from the whole year!?


But, when I sat down and really thought about the different coffee roasts I’ve tried and what stood out to me, the Tanzania Peaberry from Crucible Coffee Roasters was above everything else.

Tanzania Peaberry Single Origin Coffee Bag


A single origin with notes of black tea, orange, and peach, it was simply divine. I loved the hint of black tea especially.


Ironically, although this was my favorite, you can’t purchase this coffee right now!


Or maybe that’s a sign that it’s a favorite of many coffee drinkers? I’m not sure but it really was delicious. 


I hope Crucible brings this one back soon because I can’t wait to drink it again! 


While we wait for that brew to drop again, Crucible Coffee Roasters also has some other great roasts too including Iron Horse.




A Bonus Favorite From Mr. KT Likes Coffee 


Hiding in the background of my blog and silently supporting me is my husband, aka Mr. KT Likes Coffee. 


Okay, that’s not really his name, but maybe I will start calling him that and see if it sticks?!


Mr. KT Likes Coffee loves coffee too and drinks most of the different coffee roasts I review as well.


Coffee and coffee accoutrements on a coffee cart.

Sometimes he even offers his thoughts and opinions.


He has dreams of one day building me a coffee bar in a house we own and I have dreams of making coffee at that coffee bar for him after it’s built 🙂 


One day hubby, one day!


But anyway, I thought not only did he deserve a shoutout for putting up with my late-night blogging endeavors and the everchanging rotation of coffee in our brewer, but also a chance to have his voice heard and advocate for one of his favorite coffees this year too! 


In some ways, his pick is harder because I only gave him one and I got to choose five different coffee roasts in five different categories. But, that’s marriage…am I right? 🙂 


Anyway, after much consideration, Mr. KT Likes Coffee decided one of his favorites was Ink and Paint from Expedition Roasters


A medium bold roast blend with a slight flavoring of yellow cake and buttercream Ink and Paint is a very popular different coffee roast at Expedition Roasters


This wasn’t one of my favorites, I enjoyed the Wonderland Coffee Crumb Cake and Beans From Outer Space much more, but Mr. KT Likes Coffee enjoyed this one. 


And, that just shows you that coffee really is subjective. We both drank the same coffee and walked away with two different opinions on our favorites. 


If you are interested in trying the three blends from Expedition Roasters mentioned on this list as well as some other popular blends they have, I highly recommend the Sampler Pack!



So there you have it! My favorite different coffee roasts of 2022 (plus a bonus pick!).


I can’t wait to see what 2023 has in store for the blog and my coffee reviews so be sure to sign up for KT’s Coffee Corner to keep up with the latest and greatest coffee happenings. 


You can also follow me on Instagram where I share more coffee and some of my daily life! 



16 thoughts on “KT Likes Coffee’s Favorite Different Coffee Roasts of 2022”

  1. So glad I decided to read through this morning!! I’ve never heard of “barrel aged coffee” I’ll have to try it!! Is it only liquor flavored, like rum?

    1. It was new to me this past year too! From what I’ve seen it’s mostly liquor flavored for barrel aged coffees. There are some wine barrel aged coffees as well. That is on my list to explore and try. Oak & Bond has some actually!

  2. Thank you for sharing your top coffee picks for the year! I just added the Blondie: Brazil to my Amazon cart. 🙂 Not sure if I’m brave enough to try the barrel-aged coffee yet, but when I do work up the courage, I’m going to try Clout Coffee.

  3. I am just finishing up a cup of coffee myself I like the blonde and the light roast breakfast blend coffees because they’re lighter and I’m not all over the place when I drink one. Right now I’m stuck on bones coffee and it’s the nightmare before Christmas rough weather blend which is an oatmeal cream pie flavor it is so good.

    1. Knowing what roast you like is so important to selecting the right cup of coffee. I like that you’ve included a tasting page in your guide.

      I’m lucky to spend much of my time in Costa Rica, there coffees are great.

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