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Minnesota actually has a number of interesting coffee companies.


But, I’ve had City Girl Coffee Co. on my list of small roasters to check out for some time now. 


And I’m so excited to finally share them with you on the blog!


City Girl Coffee Co. was founded in November 2015 by Alyza Bohbot James, daughter of Nessim and Deborah Bohbot who founded Alakef Coffee Roasters in 1990. 


Roasted in Minneapolis, Minnesota, City Girl Coffee is women-owned and tries to source as much coffee as possible from women coffee farmers (be they owned or run by women). 


Alyza took over Alakef Coffee Roasters from her parents in January 2015 and soon after discovered many of the hardships women around the world face, particularly in the coffee farming industry. 


And in a nutshell, that’s how City Girl Coffee was born. From Alyza’s desire to support and give back to women all over the world in the coffee industry. 


You can read about the various women growers City Girl Coffee supports and who they source their beans from on their website. 



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I tried five (yes five!) different coffees from Minnesota coffee company, City Girl Coffee. 


Sample size coffee bags from Minnesota coffee company City Girl Coffee Co.

I was able to try so many because there is an amazing little Sampler Gift Set that I purchased.


I love sampler sets like this because it’s a great way to try a variety of beans and it would make a great gift for a coffee-loving friend too!


The following were in the sampler:

  • Brazil Blondie
  • Organic Guatemala
  • Organic City Girl Blend
  • Organic Sumatra

In addition to the Sampler Gift Set, I purchased a bag of Organic Peru (ground). 



I’ll go into detail more, but to sum up, the Organic City Girl Blend was my favorite and the Organic Guatemala my least favorite. 


I’ve discovered that I’m not a big fan of Guatemala blends for whatever reason. I’m not sure why, but it must be something with the beans that come out of that region. 


Anyway, I enjoyed the Organic City Girl Blend and I can see why it’s this Minnesota coffee company’s most popular. 


It just produced a good cup of coffee that was great no matter how you like it (black, with milk/cream, sugar, etc.). 


I also really enjoyed the Brazil Blondie. It’s a light roast, which I usually don’t get. But trying this blend got me thinking I need to reconsider light roasts and try more of them.


City Girl says they roast it “lighter to highlight the bean’s character.” And I could taste that. 


The coffee felt delicate and airy and just had a great light flavor that I enjoyed. 



The Organic Sumatra was also enjoyable. It was a dark roast and I typically drink those with milk or cream to mellow out the flavor a bit. 


Described as “deep, rich, earthy, smooth and spicy with hints of fruit” the Organic Sumatra was dark and flavorful. 


Because it is a dark roast, I also found that it made for a great iced coffee, which I love having in the late morning or early afternoon in the summer.


Iced coffee doesn’t have to be complicated. I usually just save whatever coffee I have leftover in my coffee pot from that morning and put it in the fridge. 


I’m sure coffee snobs will frown at the fact that I’m not brewing freshly over ice. But, to me, good coffee can withstand the microwave (#momlife) and tastes just as good cold.


It’s also a great way to ensure the whole pot gets used and nothing is wasted. 


And, the Organic Sumatra was just as good cold, so it gets a thumbs up from this mom. 



Next up in my rankings (we are at #4 if you are keeping track) is the Organic Peru coffee. 


And all I really have to say about this one is that it was fine.


The blend is described by City Girl as a “mild, well balanced and satisfying coffee with light acidity.” And, that’s honestly the perfect description. 


It wasn’t anything fancy and it didn’t pique my interest the same way the City Girl Blend and the Brazil Blondie did, but it was decent. 



Last, and sadly my least favorite, was the Organic Guatemala coffee.


Like I said earlier, I think it is something to do with the Guatemalan beans. 


I’ll have to experiment with that theory and do some research on why that might be the case, but this brew did not sit well on my palate and I’m glad I only had a sample bag of it.



Out of the five coffees I tried from this Minnesota coffee company, the City Girl Blend and the Brazil Blondie are the two I would go back and order again.

Minnesota coffee company, City Girl Coffee Co on the shelf of a Kroger grocery store



Both were great coffees and I highly recommend you check them out.


I also found City Girl Coffee in my local Kroger the other day! I was so excited to see this that I had to snap a picture!


It’s not often I find small roasters, let alone a Minnesota coffee company, like City Girl in a grocery store. 


So, be sure to keep an eye out at your local store or head to their website to fill out a grocery request form


As a company I love what City Girl is doing to support women in particular. 


Bag of City Girl Blend coffee grounds

I also like that they have a variety of flavors to pick from and a number of different ways to purchase, including sample sizes and even stumbling upon them at my local grocery store!


Sample sizes are my jam right now (mainly because of this blog), but also because they are a great way to test out different beans and flavor profiles you have never tried before. 


City Girl has some adorable items in their shop too, including this sweet little mama and baby gift set. It’s perfect for a new mom or a toddler mom!


There are actually a number of Minnesota coffee companies I’m looking forward to trying one day (StoneHouse Coffee and Spyhouse Coffee Roasters are two of them if you want to check them out now!). 


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Or, head to the coffee section of the blog to see check out past monthly reviews (like this one about Crucible Coffee Roasters!).


You can follow Minnesota coffee company City Girl Coffee Co on Instagram and Facebook.


And, if you sign up for their newsletter through their website you will get a discount code for 20% off your first order!


They also offer free shipping on orders over $49.99 with the code FREESHIP.



12 thoughts on “City Girl Coffee Co. – A Joyful Minnesota Coffee Company”

  1. I’m a tea drinker myself, but I do enjoy an occasional cup of coffee. My parents and father-in-law are big coffee drinkers, though, and they don’t want any more “stuff” presents, so I’m always on the lookout for consumable gifts. I love what this company is doing to support women!

  2. Thank you Katie for your positive feedback blog on City Girl Coffee. Very much appreciated!
    Henry Stein
    Vice President
    City Girl Coffee Co.

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