11 Amazing Coffee-Scented Candles: The Perfect Addition to Your Home Ambiance

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The smell of coffee is one of my favorite things about brewing a fresh pot every morning. 


There’s just something magical about it. 


And the same can be said for candles. 


When you light the perfect candle scent it can fill your home with joy. So, why not make that scented candle a coffee-scented candle?!


Coffee-scented candles are becoming increasingly popular among coffee enthusiasts, providing a warm and inviting atmosphere in any room.


Whether you’re a die-hard coffee drinker or simply appreciate the scent, coffee candles are a must-try for any home.


Tea lights on top of coffee beans by a cup of coffee.


History of Coffee-Scented Candles

I know what you are thinking…there’s a history of coffee-scented candles. 

But YES there is (someone had to do it first…right?!). 


The first known coffee-scented candle was created in the 18th century by a French perfumer named Pierre-Francois Lubin


He created a candle that combined the scent of freshly brewed coffee with other fragrances such as vanilla and cinnamon. 


This candle quickly became popular among the upper class in France and eventually spread to other parts of Europe.


In the 20th century, coffee-scented candles became more widely available as the popularity of coffee grew. 


Coffee shops and cafes began selling candles that mimicked the aroma of their freshly brewed coffee. 


Today, coffee candles come in a variety of scents and styles, from simple candles that smell like coffee to complex blends that combine coffee with other fragrances.


Coffee-Scented Candles Pinterest Pin



11 Amazing Coffee-Scented Candles 


From classic coffee to lovely latte-style scents these are some of the best coffee candles available now.


3 Wick Pottery Dough Bowl Candle in a Fresh Coffee Scent


Rustic and elegant, these 3 wick dough bowl-style candles are the perfect addition to your house. 


Made by Cedar Mountain Candles, these candles are toxin-free, chemical-free, and eco-friendly plus they use 100% soy wax infused with essential oils. 


The scent is amazing and the candle looks so beautiful you won’t want to burn it (but you still should because it smells great!).


Fresh Coffee from Sweet Water Decor


Sweet Water Decor Fresh Coffee Candle


I don’t think there can be a coffee-scented candles list without this classic from Sweet Water Decor on it. 


I adore this scent and you can get it in several different candle styles with different sizes and candle colors also available.


Scent-wise, this candle is made with fresh-brewed Hawaiian Kona coffee and has notes of caramel creme, mocha latte, and rum. It smells delicious and will remind you of a coffee shop. 



“The Barista” Coffee Blend Artisanal Soy Candle

Photo courtesy of Jessica, owner of No Ennui.


No Ennui offers an amazing collection of hand-crafted soy candles “dressed” or decorated with the actual item used to create the candle scent. 


So, in the case of “The Barista” coffee blend candle, this means the candle itself uses actual whole and ground coffee beans on the top!


It makes for a visually stunning candle and also adds a little something extra to the scent.



Cafemoon Coffee Pillar Candles


Typically when you are looking at coffee-scented candles they are always in a jar or tin, so I love that these aren’t and that’s mainly why they make the list. 


The coffee smell is present, but what’s more appealing to me is the look and the fact that you can decorate with these using existing candle holders you may have.


These coffee-scented pillar candles are perfect if you are looking for a jar-less option that still delivers your favorite scent!


Crystal Coffee House Candle


Photo courtesy of Chrissy, owner of Chrissys Candle Creations.


Chrissys Candle Creations (or ChrissysSopasandmore on Etsy) makes soy candles that combine essential oils, herbs, and beautiful gemstones. 


The Crystal Coffee House Candle of course uses the scent of coffee beans/freshly brewed coffee, but it also includes hints of rum, brandy, brown sugar, and cocoa beans. 


The candle itself is decorated with the gemstones of Tigers Eye and Clear Quartz. Tigers Eye helps to release fear and anxiety as well as aid in harmony and balance. And, Clear Quartz, is a crystal that helps find one’s inner peace.


Iced Coffee Candle


Photo courtesy of Carmen of Brooklyn Hearts Candle.


If you are an iced coffee lover, then you need this Iced Coffee Candle from Brooklyn Hearts Candle


Available in a variety of different scents, including Caramel Macchiato, Pumpkin Caramel Latte, and Mint Cappuccino this is the perfect candle for exploring different scents outside the traditional “brewed coffee.”


There’s even a Matcha Tea option that is a beautiful green candle!



Luxury Coffee Soy Candle


From 96North, this beautiful 3-wick style candle would make a great gift because of the look and packaging. 


In addition to notes of coffee, you will find vanilla and coconut milk/cream making for a dreamy fragrance just like your morning cup of coffee! 



Ardent Flame Caramel Coffee Bean Candle

This 100% natural soy wax candle combines the lovely scents of caramel and coffee into this 8oz candle. 


The soy used for Ardent Flame’s candles comes from American soybean farmers and the candles themselves are made in the USA, so it’s an entirely US-based production which I love.


Another popular scent from this company is the Vanilla Chai Bliss



Coffee Break by Milkhouse Candle


The unique look of this candle is honestly what sets it apart. Milkhouse Candle Co. has a variety of different designs but the ones made to look like milk jugs and butter jars are some of their most popular styles. 


In addition to smelling great, the candles are perfect if you are a lover of the popular farmhouse decor style. Designed to look like different types of milk jugs, they are the perfect farmhouse decor style for your home. 


The Coffee Break scent of course smells like brewed coffee, but is mixed with sweet cream which gives it a very soft, pleasant scent. Of the coffee-scented candles on this list, it’s not the strongest in the coffee front, but if you aren’t looking for an overpowering coffee smell this is a great choice!



Viva Workshop Morning Coffee Candle


Morning Coffee Candle
Image courtesy Valerie, owner of Viva Workshop.


Based out of Seattle, WA this Morning Coffee candle from Viva Workshop is available in 4 oz and 8 ox amber jars. Scent notes include coffee, caramel, sugar, vanilla, and milk, so it’s a bit on the sweeter side and perfect for latte lovers.


Made of 100% natural soy wax, this candle makes the perfect gift, even for guys! 



Coffee ‘Til Cocktails, Espresso Yo’ Self Candle


This cheeky candle from Malicious Women Candle Co. is hand-poured in Snohomish, WA, and infused with roasted espresso and whipped cream. 


This candle makes a great gift for moms in particular and you can reuse the apothecary style 9oz jar the candle comes in!



Ccoffee candles are a great way to add a warm and inviting ambiance to any room. 


Whether you prefer the bold aroma of espresso or the sweet scent of a latte, there is a coffee-scented candle out there for everyone.


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    2. The scent of coffee is truly heavenly! The Coffee ‘Til Cocktails candle would be the perfect gift for all the women in my life. Thank you for sharing!

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