Mother’s Day Gift Ideas – Make The Day Extra Special!

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I like to think I’m pretty creative in the gift-giving department. And, with Mother’s Day being about 20 days away now, I thought it was time for a round-up of Mother’s Day gift ideas. 


This will be my second Mother’s Day and I know my husband has been stressing out about what to get me or how he can make it special. 


He always stresses over gifts and what to get me or anyone for that matter (receiving gifts is his love language, so at least I understand why he stresses about it!). 


To help him out, I always try to come up with a list of things I’d like for my birthday or Christmas (and now Mother’s Day). Just so he has a starting point (sometimes he uses the lists, sometimes he doesn’t!).


I also like to think I’m pretty creative in the gift-giving department. 


My love of small businesses, discovering unique products and trying fun coffee blends have only added to my gift-giving creativity lately. 


So I’ve curated a list of some of my favorite gift ideas for Mother’s Day 2022. 


I hope you find something for the mom(s) in your life to make their day just a little more special. 


And, a special shout out to my mom who I know will read this and may or may not get something off this list! 😉 



7 Marvelous Mother's Day Gift Ideas


1. Coffee


You seriously can’t go wrong with this one (unless you have a mom like mine that doesn’t drink coffee, in which case I guess you can go wrong…also clearly, Mom, you will not be getting coffee from us for Mother’s Day).


Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Coffee

I recently featured two coffee companies on the blog (Surviving Motherhood Coffee and Roadmap CoffeeWorks). 


Coffee from either of these companies would make a great gift (especially Surviving Motherhood Coffee…I mean “Motherhood” is in their name!). 


There are some great gift sets on Amazon (like this one from Coffee Beanery) if you are looking for something last minute too.


Pair the coffee with a cute mom fuel mug and you have a wonderful Mother’s Day gift mom can use that morning! 


2. A specialty curated gift box


A custom gift box is a great Mother's Day Gift Idea!

There are so many awesome companies out there that do the work for you, but in a way that makes it seem like you did it! Take advantage of that…seriously!


I love Winnie Lu and Gifty Gal who curate custom gift baskets for any person/occasion. 


You can reach out to them via email or Instagram to have them create a custom gift just to meet your needs.


This is such a great idea for Mother’s Day especially because you get a custom-made gift for the mom in your life without having to do the work! 


3. Ordinary on Purpose by Mikala Albertson 


I finished this book a few weeks ago (you can read my book review here for more info!). 


I loved Ordinary on Purpose so much and I think it would make the perfect Mother’s Day gift for someone in your life. 


It’s all about living and embracing an ordinary life and letting go of perfection. Which is something all moms need to hear from time to time because no matter how hard we try we can’t be perfect.


Albertson writes in such an approachable way too and it felt like I was reading something written by a mom friend that I’ve known for years.





4. Hatch Restore


I don’t have one of these, but I’ve done a lot of research about Hatch because they have a Hatch Baby that I plan to buy when my daughter is a bit older (I’ll save details on that for another post!). 


The Hatch Restore is the adult version and I’ve heard really good things.


It’s supposed to be a great way to encourage better sleep habits by helping you wind down and relax before bed (something all moms need!). 


Not only does it act as a traditional clock, but it also has various sleep sounds and content, a reading light, and a wake-up light all of which you can personalize in an app to fit your needs. 


It’s probably something that whatever mom you are shopping for doesn’t have, but will use every day once she does have it! 


5. Something off Etsy


I’m not even sure if my husband knows what Etsy is, so I would be SO impressed if he ordered something from here (maybe he will read this blog post! LOL). 


Mother's Day Gift Ideas - something handmade

But there are so many great shops and products on Etsy. 


Just search for something the mom in your life likes and you will probably find hundreds of unique, handmade products related to that search term. 


To make things easier for you, I’ve linked some of my favorite things below (some of which I own or have purchased as gifts before!): 


6.  A Greetable package


I love Greetable. I’ve sent so many gifts to family and friends for various occasions. Mother’s Day is another great time to use this company. 


With Greetable, you build a small little box and add pictures that the recipient can tear off and keep. You also write a message and pick a small gift to go inside (like candy or a tiny candle). 


After that, there’s an option to add a gift card to a favorite store (but you don’t have to). 


It’s the perfect little gift for any mother in your life. 


Greetable frequently does sales too around holidays (like Mother’s Day), so keep an eye out for a discount code from them as we get closer to Mother’s Day. 


The only negative I’ve found with Greetable is I have had a few shipments arrive late, but their customer service has always been great when that’s happened so it has never deterred me from purchasing from them. And, I highly recommend the company!


7. A day without the kids


Seriously, 24 full hours without the kids. Or, better yet a whole weekend! 


A day without the kids - Mother's Day Gift Ideas #7

I was at a small event for women a few weeks ago and one woman talked about how she used to get a hotel room for the weekend when her kids were little from time to time. 


Just for herself as a way to get away and have a break. 


She’d leave the kids home with dad and do whatever she wanted to for the entire weekend…including sleep in!


She told us younger moms it was important and not to feel bad.


But it got me thinking that this is a good idea for a gift. 


Maybe you can’t afford to book a hotel room for the mom in your life, but just take the kids for a day. A full day. 


Handle meals, change diapers, entertain the kids, put them to bed. Do it all for just one day. 


Moms love being moms, but being able to do anything I want whenever I want for 24 hours sounds like bliss to me right now!


7 Mother's Day Gift Ideas



Don’t make Mother’s Day stressful. A card made by our kid(s) is all we want (well, and maybe a chance to sleep in or relax a bit, lol…so I guess see #7 on this list, haha). 


But, if you are hunting for the perfect gift for mom I hope this helps give you some ideas. 


And a Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms all over the world. It’s a special club I wouldn’t change for the world. <3


13 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Gift Ideas – Make The Day Extra Special!”

  1. Love these ideas! A day without kids is an especially easy way to honor the moms in our lives. I know I wouldn’t say no to that! I’m also a big fan of specially curated gift baskets and coffee! I hadn’t heard of the Hatch Restore, but I’ll definitely be doing some research on it now. Thank you for sharing such unique ideas to celebrate mothers!

  2. Bridgett Wilson

    These are all great ideas!!! (And thank you for not sending me coffee, lol 😊) You sent me an amazing tea sampler a couple of years ago that I still order from!

  3. Oh yes please, what a great list. I love the idea of a mummy day alone, I would definitely consider this a real treat for me to recharge my batteries. The thing is I would only feel comfortable leaving the kids with either my hubby or my mum, both of which are even busier than I am. One thing my kids like to give as a gift is a foot rub, they are very sweet and turn the whole event into an “at-home” spa session, where they choose some sort of relaxation music on spotify and put some oils in the diffuser and they even go as far as making a “spa-menu” where the payment for said treatments are hugs or kisses. Lol! Well, how can I take time off from an event like this? It’s too cute!

    1. Oh my goodness that is just too cute!! That is such a great gift idea and a wonderful way to get the littles involved in something special for mom! I hope mine thinks of something that clever when she is a bit older.

  4. These are all such wonderful Mother’s Day gift ideas! I really like the etsy idea because of the unique, handmade gifts (and the perk of supporting a small business), and gift boxes are always a safe bet! I’ve never heard of Winnie Lu or Gifty Gal, so I’ll have to check them out! Thank you for sharing!

  5. I bet my husband doesn’t even know what Etsy is. Heck, he even gets me to buy something from Amazon sometimes because it’s too much effort for him to search for things. I love the idea of not having the kids for the weekend, but at the same time, I don’t know if I can do it. I would probably end up calling my husband every other hour to check on everyone!

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