Roasting in the Great Outdoors: Campfire Coffee Co Review

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I was beyond excited when I came across Campfire Coffee.


Campfire Coffee Co. is a small coffee roaster based in Tacoma, WA that roasts coffee over a campfire. 


Yes, seriously…a campfire…outdoors!


How freaking cool is that!?


It’s also hard because you aren’t working in a controlled roasting environment as you would with a typical industrial roaster. 

But as
Campfire Coffee points out, in the grand scope of coffee, an industrial roaster that we are used to nowadays is a fairly modern invention in the timeline of coffee. 


And, it’s true. I never really thought about that before because I haven’t known anything else. 


One hundred years ago, though, coffee roasting was a lot different and Campfire Coffee goes back to those traditional roasting roots with their method and products. 


Although how they roast their coffee is really unique, what sealed the deal for me with this company was this excerpt from their About Page.


“We don’t claim to be coffee experts, we are not coffee snobs. We appreciate a good roast, we love a rich single-origin and a fun blend, but if cream and sugar is how you roll it’s how we roll. We respect the nuances of coffee but even more, we respect that everyone has their thing.” – Campfire Coffee


Because so much about coffee is how YOU like it. 


Yes, there are good and bad coffees and coffee roasters, but at the end of the day if you like cream and sugar in your coffee you do you. Who cares what all the fancy brewing experts say about how coffee should taste. Make coffee how you want to make coffee.


And, that’s something I really love in a coffee company, so I was immediately drawn to Campfire Coffee because they have that approach. 


But boy does their coffee deliver too.



Campfire Coffee Co Review Pinterest Pin



For this review, I went with Campfire Coffee’s classic lineup and purchased the sampler pack which includes. 


  • Summer Camp
  • Starry Night
  • Mountain Top

I also snagged a bag of their Snowcap White Coffee, which I was so excited to see in their shop. 


White coffee is not something you see at a lot of smaller coffee roasters because it takes a special touch to roast. 


White coffee is coffee that is roasted at a lower temperature and pulled from the roasting process just before the first crack of a bean.


It has a slightly higher caffeine level and is a very pale coffee when brewed. If you typically put something in your coffee like milk or cream, you may find that you don’t need that with this beverage.


Best brewed in an espresso machine or pour-over application to extract the optimal flavor, I brewed it in my drip coffee maker and my Keurig because I’m a rebel. 


Snowcap white coffee from Campfire Coffee.

Just kidding, I brewed it there because that’s all I have at home! 🙂


And, although I wish I had an espresso machine, brewing the Snowcap white coffee in both of these ways still yielded delicious results. So, I can’t even imagine how this would taste in an espresso or pour-over application. 


Campfire describes their white coffee as having a rich peanut butter and toffee finish. And, that nutty taste is a trademark of white coffees and is apparent in Campfire’s.


Campfire Coffee’s white coffee was so good and I cannot recommend it enough for something unique and different. 




As far as traditional coffee goes from Campfire, that doesn’t disappoint either!


I love that the sampler has coffees from different regions and really allows you to taste different coffees. 


Summer Camp coffee from Campfire Coffee


The Summer Camp is a Mexican Chiapas and just perfect for the mornings. 


It reminded me of a classic cup of coffee and it’s no wonder this is their best-selling coffee. 


Well balanced and one you will want to drink again and again. It has a smooth feel and a classic coffee aroma. 


Next up, I enjoyed Starry Night which was my personal favorite. 


Starry Night coffee from Campfire Coffee Co.

African coffees really are amazing and I’m loving them more and more as I find new ones to try. This Ethiopian from Campfire Coffee has a complex flavor and it looks rich when you grind it up and brew it, but it’s surprisingly light. 


It was so delicious. 


Campfire Coffee says, “it can morph on you from having an earthy flavor to a floral flavor.” 


I found it to be more earthy than floral every time I brewed it, and I enjoyed that complex bold flavor you often get with earthy coffees. 


Last up from the sampler pack is the Mountain Top Espresso Blend. 


Mountain Top Espresso Blend from Campfire Coffee Co.

This one combines Central American and East African coffees for a balanced coffee that is very forgiving in my opinion. 


Drink it black, with milk, cream, sugar…you can’t go wrong. It’s a very adaptable blend and I think many will enjoy this particular espresso. 


I also love that Campfire Coffee tells you to brew it how you want to with this one. Many espressos or espresso blends I find don’t brew well in a drip coffee application specifically. 


And although I get that espresso coffee is better in an espresso machine, it’s just not what most people have at home. 


The Mountain Top Espresso Blend from Campfire, though, is great and a delicious way to get that espresso style/taste right at home in your drip coffee maker.


Campfire Coffee makes great coffee, but it’s also run by great people: Whitni and Quincy Henry. 


The Henrys are parents to three kids and opened this coffee company right at the start of the pandemic.


In my research on Campfire Coffee, this interview with Wild Human stood out to me. 


Campfire Coffee is so many things and has done so many things both for their local coffee community and through their Campfire Explorers Club non-profit organization which aims to not just get more people outdoors, but to assist those who have been shut out from the outdoors due to financial or other obstacles.


Being outdoors and roasting coffee is not just in their business model, it’s part of their personal life and something they want everyone to be able to enjoy. 


Quincy and Whitni have put their heart and soul into this company and it shows. And, I just love when I can support a small coffee roaster that is doing amazing things both in life and coffee. 


If you are local to Tacoma, WA, or in the area, you can find Campfire Coffee Co. at the below address:

1554 Market St. #101

Tacoma, WA 98402


You can also find Campfire Coffee featured as one of the Artisans by Noirepack a company dedicated to highlighting black-owned coffee roasters.




30 thoughts on “Roasting in the Great Outdoors: Campfire Coffee Co Review”

  1. After reading your review, I’m definitely curious to try some Campfire Coffee Co beans for myself. Your blog has become my go-to for coffee recommendations!

    Looking forward to more of your coffee adventures and reviews.

    1. Thank you so much! That means the world to me and my goal is connect people with interesting and fun coffee companies. I so appreicate your support and so happy that I can introduce you to new coffee roasters!

  2. All this info makes me want to try roasting my own beans over a campfire haha! But also, I second the comment above about the packaging! Love seeing the product I’m buying 👍

      1. I was already intrigued when I saw this on your Instagram the other day. Now I’m REALLY intrigued. I’m going to have to give this a try soon! I especially love lighter roasts with nutty tones.

  3. Okay! You had me sold at coffee roasted over a campfire! Also, I roll with sugar and cream. These sounds like my type of coffee! ☺️

    1. Coffee is what you make it! I think the Mountain Top Espresso Blend would be perfect for you! And, you might be surprised by the white coffee because a lot of people don’t need (or even want) to add cream or sugar because it’s very different.

  4. I am super intrigued by coffee roasted over a campfire. It sure sounds like a winning combination! All 4 of the coffees you sampled sound delicious, but I’m ready to go all in on the Snowcap White Coffee! I’ve never had white coffee before, and it sounds absolutely delicious. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on Campfire Coffee Co., and thank you for the discount code, too!

    1. Yes it was so fun to try all these coffees and I was really impressed by the white coffee (even though I just brewed it in my drip coffee maker and Keurig). You will have to tell me what you think about it when you try it!

    1. You should reach out to the company and see if they can ship any special to you, sometimes companies will do one-offs for customers. You never know! It would make a unique gift idea for sure!

    1. It’s really unique and not many roasters (especially small roasters like this) make it because it’s truly like an artform to roast white coffee. Let me know what you think when you try it!

  5. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of this coffee brand either. Where do you find all of these?? I’ll look into this one soon too! Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. Hey, Whitney thanks for checking out this post. I think I first found Campfire Coffee on Instagram. I’m a chronic coffee social media scroller and I have a crazy long list of companies I want to try. I love connecting people with small coffee roasters like this that they haven’t heard of before! I hope you enjoy this one and come back each month for new reviews!

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