Finding Joy in the Ordinary – Book Review of “Ordinary on Purpose”

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It’s been a minute since I’ve read a book from start to finish (and maybe that’s the first piece of finding joy in the ordinary…).


But, sadly, reading is just something that has taken a back seat in my life right now.


I can’t do everything and although I have a stack of books I am dying to read, there are other things that I want to do more than read them right now. 


All that said, I was SO excited for this book, Ordinary on Purpose, to come out. 


So much so that I preordered it! 


I love following Mikala Albertson and @ordinaryonpurpose on Instagram.


There is just something about how she writes and what she writes about that I instantly connect with. 


I knew I needed to read her book right away to see what she had to say about finding joy in the ordinary.


And I’m so glad I did!



Pinterest Image of a book called Ordinary on Purpose which is all about finding joy in the ordinary



Ordinary on Purpose is about Mikala’s life and journey to embracing an ordinary life.


She intertwines her life story of raising young children, working full time, and dealing with a broken marriage due, in part, to her husband’s use of drugs and alcohol.


Eventually, she reaches a breaking point and surrenders both to herself and to God. Having had a breakthrough she realizes she has been trying to chase something that doesn’t exist: a perfect life. In embracing the imperfect, beautiful life she does have, she found perfection and love both with her family and God. 


She found joy in the ordinary.


I haven’t had nearly the hardships Mikala had in life, some of the things that she shares in her book are just heartbreakingly sad. 


But I’ve still had hard days, overcome hard things, struggled at times. Everyone has. 


And, that’s what I loved about this book and what Mikala writes about.


That life doesn’t have to be perfect and when we let go of that idea of perfection we find beauty and clarity in what is ordinary…and that in itself is perfection. 

“The unraveling is a time when you are challenged by the universe to let go of who you think you are supposed to be and to embrace who you are.”

Ordinary on Purpose by Mikala Albertson

Because at the end of the day, my life is wonderful.


It is messy, chaotic, and complicated. But it is also happy, fun, and calm too.


It’s full of dirty dishes in the sink, toilets that are lucky to get scrubbed once a week, piles of dirty laundry.


It’s an office with a guest room in it. A living room that’s a playroom. A small patio outside. 


It’s a mom that is SO unbelievably lucky to work from home, full time, every single day, at a job I love in that office with a guest room in it. 


It’s a family that has a tiny living room that’s also a playroom that gets to share every single beautiful, boring moment of the day together. 


It’s a townhouse without any grass and a small patio in the back that has become a canvas for chalk drawings by my toddler and nanny. 


It may seem boring some days, but it’s not…it’s ordinary and full of joy and that is beautiful. 


An image of a life is beautiful neon sign which is part of finding joy in the ordinary.


“I am strong. And my story is beautiful. This life is beautiful.”

– Mikala Albertson, Ordinary on Purpose


I try to hide things…society tries to hide things.


We try to make it seem like we all live this perfect life, and that’s not really possible because nothing is perfect.


And, that’s what Ordinary on Purpose is all about. 


Life is supposed to be messy and complicated and boring and beautiful. We are supposed to ask for help.


Help from God, from family, from friends, from complete strangers even. 


We weren’t meant to walk this life alone or do everything ourselves or chase this idea of a perfect life because we are all just ordinary and that is beautiful. And we aren’t alone.


“Every single day right in the middle of an ordinary life, God stands right here beside us with His hand outstretched.”

Ordinary on Purpose

So if you are needing some inspirational words or guidance, I highly recommend you read this book. 


It has helped me change my mindset about life and myself.


That I don’t have to be perfect, my life doesn’t have to be perfect. That bad, messy things happen to everyone, but we all get through it and we don’t have to do it alone.


It has truly helped me to realize that finding joy in the ordinary is special.


And, to Mikala (if you ever happen to read this), all I can say is thank you.


Thank you for sharing your beautiful story and these revelations and this guidance into this new way of thinking. I’m taking it in fully and trying to practice it every single day. 





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