9 Perfect Valentine’s Gifts for Coffee Lovers

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I’ve never been one to celebrate Valentine’s Day that much, but it’s another opportunity to either give or receive coffee gifts, so I’m here for that. 


And Valentine’s coffee gifts are the perfect way to tell someone you love them. 


A coffee mug full of candy hearts. A bag of seasonal coffee. Even a funny coffee-themed love card are all things I can get behind. 


And, if you are hunting for the perfect Valentine’s gifts for coffee lovers, I’ve got you covered.


Valentine's Gifts for Coffee Lovers



Valentine’s Gifts for Coffee Lovers


Ember Mug

Nothing says love like a hot cup of coffee. And you can give the gift of a long-lasting hot cup of coffee with the Ember Mug


The Ember Mug is a temperature control smart mug that is 10oz. And, whoever thought of this is a genius…seriously.


It’s especially perfect for a busy mom who probably ends up reheating her coffee in the microwave. 


There is even an Ember Temperature Control Travel Mug!


A word of caution, there are many variations to this type of mug, but Ember is the original and the best, so that’s why I’ve suggested it. 


You can try your luck with a cheaper/alternative version, but you (or your loved one) may pay the price in the sacrifice of quality. 


If you are still on the fence about it, check out this review from Taste of Home. It’s very detailed and clearly outlines what’s great about this mug because it would make an awesome Valentine’s coffee gift.


Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans

There are some things that Trader Joe’s makes that are just the best. Period. End of story. 


Chocolate-covered raisins, Sublime Ice Cream Sandwiches, and these Organic Elote Corn Chip Dippers are some of my favorites. 


If you live near Trader Joe’s, their Dark Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans are awesome and would make a great Valentine’s coffee gift for the coffee lover in your life. 



If you don’t live near a Trader Joe’s there are other brands like these from Happy Bites you can check out too.


Bottom line, chocolate-covered espresso beans are a unique twist on giving someone chocolate for Valentine’s Day and perfect for a coffee-lover too!


A Coffee-Themed Self-Love Book

Practicing gratitude or journaling of some kind is extremely helpful for your mental health. And I love that there are so many books with a focus on gratitude and self-love out there with a coffee theme too. 


Coffee Self-Talk and Coffee Talk A Self-Love, Self-Reflective Affirmation Journal are two of my favorites.

A coffee journal called Coffee Talk

Workbooks like these make a great gift for any loved one. It’s thoughtful and unique, plus it has a coffee theme to it too!


There is even a Coffee Self-Talk for Dudes version as well! 


If you are looking for other coffee-themed workbooks, notebooks, or journals check out this list of the best coffee journals.


All journals would make great Valentine’s gifts for coffee lovers too!



Bean Box Gift Box

Bean Box is a company that does coffee subscriptions, but they also offer gift sets on Amazon and that’s what I’m suggesting. 


On Amazon specifically, Bean Box has a Coffee + Chocolate Tasting Box that would make the perfect Valentine’s coffee gift!


The box comes with four coffees and four artisan chocolates with tasting notes/pairings for each!


It’s a fun gift box and another great spin on giving chocolate to a coffee lover for Valentine’s Day!



Coffee Shop Adventures Rating Book

“It’s pink. Oh, and it’s scented. I think it gives it a little something extra, don’t you think.”

Okay, it’s not actually scented, but it does come in pink. And, if you get that quote reference above we should probably be friends. 


The Coffee Shop Adventures Rating Book is awesome and would make a great Valentine’s gift for any coffee lover. 


A picture of a purple version of the Coffee Shop Adventures book which makes a great Valentine's coffee gift!

Also available in blue, purple, and dark green. Each variation is a little different regarding the actual page counts/types of pages, but the overall intention is the same: a review book of coffee shops and different beverages. 


You can write down the information on the coffee shop you visited, rate your order, and even snap a polaroid picture in the space provided. 


It’s a fun way to document all the coffee shops that you visit, especially if you are a travel buff.


Pair the book with a gift card to your loved one’s favorite coffee shop or some of those chocolate-covered espresso beans and you have a winning Valentine’s gift for any coffee lover.


A Gift Bundle from Explorer Cold Brew

With organic cold brew coffee concentrates and syrups, Explorer Cold Brew is the perfect gift for a coffee lover. 


Made from organic, fair-trade, and specialty coffee beans, Explore offers cold brew concentrates in four different caffeine levels: no caffeine, low caffeine, regular caffeine, and extra caffeine. 


A bonus is that it is delicious and convenient. 


I love the no-caffeine option especially because it’s great for cocktails or a late-night coffee drink that won’t keep you up past your bedtime.


I recommend either the travel 4-pack gift box or the starter pack at-home bundle for your Valentine’s coffee gift!


A single bottle of Explore Cold Brew held by a woman's hand.



A Mug or Glass from the Rachel Allene Shop 

One of my favorite places to shop small is the Rachel Allene Shop


Rachel is a mom of two (soon to be three!), and she creates beautiful products inspired by life, coffee, motherhood, and Jesus. 


She has some adorable Valentine’s gifts for coffee lovers available in her shop right now, including coffee mugs and can glasses perfect for your iced coffee. 


I recently bought her Coffee is My Love Language iced coffee glass. It’s gorgeous and will likely be featured frequently on my Instagram 🙂 


A Coffee History Book

There are a lot of great books out there about coffee, but this one is particularly special because it specifically focuses on the history of coffee.


Uncommon Grounds: The History of Coffee and How It Transformed Our World, written by Mark Pendergrast, covers the discovery of coffee up until the present day (give or take a few years as the latest edition was published a few years back in 2019). 


A lot of the top coffee books are about brewing, roasting, and tasting coffee, not necessarily coffee history. But this book by Pendergrast is exclusively about the history of the magical beverage! 


It would make a great gift Valentine’s gift idea for a coffee lover as it’s likely something they don’t have but would be interested in learning about. 


Coffee-Themed Makeup

Most of the gift ideas on this list thus far can work for men or women, but this next idea is for women: coffee-themed makeup!


Get a cute little makeup bag (coffee-themed of course!) and add some fun products that give off coffee vibes. 


Things like this coffee-cup sponge set or this caffeine holic eye shadow pallet from Etude are perfect for this makeup gift bag. Throw in a fun nail polish named “Espresso Your Inner Self” as well as a gift card to their favorite coffee shop and you’ve got the perfect coffee-themed gift set for your loved one on Valentine’s Day.


If you haven’t given the gift of coffee before, I hope this list has inspired you. 



Coffee makes the perfect gift for any occasion, and these Valentine’s gifts for coffee lovers are sure to delight your loved one this holiday. 


Also I’m wondering if coffee gifts for St. Patrick’s Day a thing? 🙂 Asking for a friend… 


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