Father’s Day Gifts For The Dad That Likes…

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Father’s Day is coming up soon and I wanted to do a unique roundup of gifts for the dad that likes _______ (insert any dad like/hobby/topic/etc. here!). 


This will be my husband’s second Father’s Day and he’s informed me that he doesn’t want much. 


Kind of like me, he just wants some time to himself to do whatever he wants…which is basically what I asked for on Mother’s Day! 


This parenting thing is no joke and sometimes you just want a well-deserved break.


But, getting a gift for Father’s Day is still something I plan to do for him. And, I’ve come here on the blog today to share some of my gift ideas for Father’s Day if you are struggling. 


I think shopping for guys can be challenging, but one thing I’ve learned that makes it easier is thinking about what the person likes. 


So, for example, maybe they like gardening or are a food buff. Try to find a gift that is unique to that interest or hobby. It will be unexpected, but still familiar because it’s related to something they already know and like. 


If your dad likes to garden, maybe you get him a yearly subscription to a gardening magazine. 


Or, maybe your dad is big into beer or wine. Join a local wine club near his house on his behalf. Have a beer subscription sent his way (if you’re in Virginia, Devils Backbone has a great monthly subscription called Bounce Box!). 


If your dad likes a sports team or a specific athlete find a book related to that team or written by that athlete. 


You get the idea. 


When you pick a specific topic or hobby that person likes, it makes searching for a gift easier.


You aren’t just searching for anything (which is overwhelming)…you’re searching for something related to a specific hobby or interest of the person you are shopping for. 


So, taking that concept into practice, each of these gift ideas listed below is geared toward a different dad depending on what he likes!


There’s a little something for everyone on this list (including my dad and husband…both of whom will probably figure out what I got them off this list because they read this blog and are smart like that!).


A Pinterest pin on the gifts for the dad that likes....


A gift for the dad that likes reading at bedtime with the kids!


When you have younger kids, I find that getting a gift that includes them and Dad is a great idea.


This book off Amazon is perfect for that: Night, Night Nittany Lions: Penn State Bedtime Story


I have the Penn State version linked here because my husband is a Penn State fan and that’s how I found this book! But, there are versions for tons of different universities, like Virginia Tech, West Virginia University, Iowa, and Auburn.   


It’s such a cute book and a great gift for your little one and their dad on Father’s Day. 


Gifts for the dad that likes coffee!


Like mom, dad needs coffee too! And the Dad Fuel coffee blend from Surviving Motherhood Coffee is a great option. 

Oak & Bond Coffee for the dad that likes coffee


Back in April, I reviewed Surviving Motherhood Coffee. And one thing I love about this company is the “Just for Dad’s section, which includes the Dad Fuel coffee blend! 


There are a lot of other products specifically for dads that are coffee-related too, so go check it out!


The other coffee company I recommend right now is Oak & Bond Coffee Co. If the dad in your life is a bourbon or whiskey lover and they like coffee, then this is perfect! 


I suggest getting the Custom Barrel-Aged Coffee Box because you can pick two of their unique barrel-aged flavors. The coffee beans also come packaged in a beautiful little gift box that’s easy to wrap (or put in a gift bag!).



A gift for the dad that likes to be organized (or the wife that’s trying to keep him organized!).


The Battery Daddy keeps all your batteries organized in one place. No more hunting in junk drawers or bins for batteries! 


What better gift is there than something with the word “Daddy” in the title! It’s also a gift of organization for the dad that loves to keep things tidy (or for the woman who’s trying to keep her husband organized!)


Just grab your Battery Daddy, get what you need, and put the storage caddy back. It’s a win-win for everyone. 


Gifts for the dad that likes food!


Beef jerky. Gifts for the dad that likes food!
A JerkeyGent subscription is a great gift idea for Father’s Day!

I talked about JerkyGent on my birthday ideas list for guys last month, but I’m highlighting it again because my husband is a big fan of this. 


JerkyGent offers a monthly subscription box with a unique assortment of tasty and gourmet jerky from across the country. 


My dad gifted the subscription my husband has right now to him for Christmas. Each month a little package with two unique jerky packs arrives in our mailbox.


My husband loves jerky (and honestly so do I, lol), so this is a great gift idea if you’ve got a dad or husband that loves jerky too. And, it comes highly recommended by my husband!


If you sign up for their emails you will get $10 off your first box too! 


Father’s Day gifts for the dad that likes reading!


If the dad in your life is past the bedtime book reading stage, then purchasing a book just for them is a great idea. 


There are tons of options when it comes to books, but for something different and unique, I highly suggest a rare book from Kayoule Rare Books on Instagram. 


Kayoule Rare Books is owned by Kyle and is based out of Pittsburgh, PA. Kayoule sells and ships rare and uncommon books worldwide (not just here in the US!).


Each day different rare books with images are posted to Instagram along with a brief description and the price. You then can comment or send a message to purchase. 


Kyle has so many books, including some beautiful leather-bound ones. All in all, it’s just a great, unique gift idea and a step up from just a standard reading book. 


Maybe look for a classic from the year your dad was born or a copy of his favorite book if you know what that is. 


A gift for the dad that’s now a grandfather


I discovered this sweet keepsake a little over a year ago (shortly after my daughter was born) and purchased one for my dad. 


My dad loves recording and researching family history. He has an Ancestery.com account and has worked on scanning and preserving many old family photos/documents/etc. 


Among other unique history items on my dad’s side of the family is a family tree that goes back to our relatives that came over on the Mayflower! 


I know I’m very lucky to have such detailed history of my dad’s side of the family. I also know that preserving that information is important to my dad, and me too. 


So this Grandfather’s Journal: Memories and Keepsakes for My Grandchild was the perfect gift for my dad.


And, I think it’s a great idea for any grandfather (or soon-to-be grandfather!) this coming Father’s Day too!


There are lots of varieties of these journals available, including ones for dads too!


A gift for the dad that likes history!

Check out Historic Mail if you are looking for gifts for the dad that likes history!
Historic Mail is a perfect gift for the dad that likes history!


I stumbled upon Historic Mail a while ago and have had them saved waiting to feature here on the blog! 


Historic Mail is just like it sounds…historic mail is delivered weekly in the form of letters from historical figures like George Washington or Benjamin Franklin. 


The letters are mailed weekly in 10, 25, or 52-week increments and are authentic letters/messages written by a person of historical significance. 


Although the letters are reproductions, they are reproductions of actual letters that were written by the historical figure they came from. Along with the letter, Historic Mail also includes contextual information on the letter/historical figure. 


This is an awesome gift for any dad that is a history buff! If you have questions about Historic Mail, check out the Frequently Asked Questions on their site. 


A collection of gift ideas to celebrate Father's Day 2022


I hope you found this list helpful in your hunt for that special Father’s Day gift. 


And remember, if you are ever struggling with gift ideas, try to pick a specific interest or hobby of the person you are shopping for.


Just think “gifts for the dad that likes…” and that will help you narrow down your search!


If you are looking for even more gift ideas for guys, check out this blog post from April. It has some other unique gift ideas that would be perfect for Father’s Day! 


And a Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there, especially my dad and my husband! 🙂 

16 thoughts on “Father’s Day Gifts For The Dad That Likes…”

  1. Jordan Nelson

    Such a helpful post! Father’s Day can be difficult for finding gifts. Will definitely be using this !

  2. Awesome ideas here. My dad can be impossible to shop for because he doesn’t ever tell me what he wants lol! But this gave me some great ideas.

    1. Thank you so much! As my parents get older I find them harder to shop for each year because they have everything they want! LOL. So glad I could give you some different ideas!

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