Great Leather Gifts for Him or Her – Celebrating Your Third Wedding Anniversary

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At some point in time, someone came up with the brilliant idea that we should label anniversary gifts by year.


I’m assuming whoever it was that came up with this idea was married to someone for a long time and they got tired of trying to figure out what to get each other. 


Because let’s face it. 


After a while, what do you get someone that you spend all day, every day with? 


And, I feel like that’s where the tradition of “themed” anniversary gifts came from. 


You can find all kinds of lists nowadays that feature either a traditional or modern idea/theme.


I’m pretty traditional, so that’s the route I like to take when it comes to wedding anniversary gifts. 


But, if you want to check out modern-themed anniversary gifts, you can visit this list that shows both traditional and modern. 


Most people know some of the main traditional ones I have listed below: 


  • 1st Anniversary = Paper
  • 2nd Anniversary = Cotton
  • 3rd Anniversary = Leather
  • 5th Anniversary = Wood
  • 10th Anniversary = Aluminum
  • 15th Anniversary = Crystal
  • 25th Anniversary = Silver
  • 50th Anniversary = Gold

There are traditional gifts for almost every year (well up to the 20th anniversary and then they go to numbers divisible by 5). Check out this post from for a nice graphic of gift themes by year.


Anyway, by this point, you might be wondering why I’m even talking about wedding anniversary gifts in the first place. 


Well…that’s because my husband and I recently celebrated our third wedding anniversary!




It’s not the flashiest of numbers, but it’s still another year in the books and it’s fun to celebrate. 


According to Leather Facts, the history behind the idea of leather being the gift traditionally used to celebrate a 3rd wedding anniversary is pretty cool.

“The 3rd wedding anniversary became the leather anniversary, to symbolize the durability, flexibility, and strength of your marriage, and to show that over those first years of hardship, you have internalized these characteristics until they have become a part of who the two of you are together.” – 3rd Wedding Anniversary

You’re at the point in your marriage where you’ve likely had some trials and tribulations happen and you celebrate that through leather.


Leather is strong and durable, just like your relationship.


And, I can say from experience now, that’s 100 percent true. 


My husband and I have definitely had more trials this past year than in our first few years of marriage (likely because we have a toddler and now a kitten!). 

But, also because the economy has changed a lot over the past 6+ months. We’ve had to talk about money and our future and if we should buy a house now or wait (newsflash…we are waiting a bit on that one, lol).


Life is just more real now it seems. We have a whole little person (and a cat!) to care for now, which we didn’t have at the beginning of our marriage. 


So, I was excited to celebrate this one in particular because I feel like it’s an underrated anniversary milestone.


I also quite like the traditional themes when it comes to anniversary gifts because it takes a lot of the “work” out of gift giving. 


It narrows down the question, “What do I get my husband for our anniversary this year?” into a more specific question, “What leather gift do I get him for our third anniversary?”


And that is much more specific, which makes shopping easier.


When it comes to leather anniversary gifts, there are options for every price point. 


Leather doesn’t have to be expensive and there are some great faux-leather options out there too, so keep that in mind.


Pinterest Pin about the best leather gifts for him to celebrate your 3rd wedding anniversary.


Starting on the lower end of great leather gifts for him or her, you can start with something simple like a leather journal.

I specifically like gifting gratitude journals because it’s a bit more personalized and thoughtful. Plus I love having prompts and specific things to write about (I find I write more with prompts or questions than just blank pages).


There are tons of leather gratitude journals out there, but the three linked below would be perfect for anyone (husband or wife).




Moving up a bit in price would be a bible (if you are the religious/Christian type). 


There are some beautiful bibles out there that are leather bound. 


And, although a bible is often inexpensive, getting a high-quality leather or study bible can be a bit more costly, so it makes a good gift for a special occasion like an anniversary. 

This One Step Closer Bible (pictured) is one I’ve been eyeing for some time. It is Candace Cameron Bure’s special edition in the New Living Translation and it is beautifully leather bound. 


It’s a study bible, so it has prompts and callouts that make it a bit more unique than a standard bible. 

Similarly, this bible comes in a rose gold leather cover and is a study bible too that offers space for journaling and reading plans.


Changing gears to leather bibles for men, there are some unique options out there as well. Like this ESV Men’s Study Bible or this ESV Journaling Bible


Either bible would make great leather gifts for your husband.


A unique leather gift idea for your spouse is a pouf!


A good quality pouf is actually a bit pricey, but it’s worth it to have something durable that will last a long time (kinda like your marriage!). 


I recently got this Moroccan Leather Pouf for my birthday (thanks mom!) and I love it! (My husband loves it too!)


Just make sure you get stuffing of some kind to go inside of this one because it comes unstuffed (like I said good quality poufs are expensive!). 


And for reference, we needed about 10lbs of the fluff I linked to stuff the pouf to my liking.

This round pouf/footstool is another great leather option you could consider too (that you don’t have to stuff!).


Continuing with leather anniversary household gift ideas…consider a leather dump tray.


A dump tray is any type of dish where you “dump” the things that you use frequently. 


It could be keys, a wallet, jewelry, a cell phone. 


We have dump trays in our bedroom and right when you walk in the front door. 


And, there are nice leather dump trays that would make a great gift!


There are even trays that are engraved for your 3rd anniversary if you are looking for a more sentimental gift idea.


I love a good practical gift that you can use daily, and a dump tray fits those parameters!


And with that thought in mind, other leather household items can make great gifts too. 


Consider something like high-quality leather coasters, which would make a great leather gift for your spouse. 


Or a leather travel jewelry box for her. 


Even a leather-scented candle could be fun (although I’ll admit I’m not sure if I would actually like the smell or not!).


But regardless of the actual smell, it’d make a cute and appropriate leather anniversary gift! 


Last, and most expensive on this list, is a leather wallet or purse.


For great leather gifts for him, a durable leather wallet is a perfect idea! 


Although the one I linked from Bosca is a bit pricey, Bosca is a very well-known and reputable leather brand. Plus, this is an anniversary gift, after all, it’s okay to splurge a little!


But, if you are looking for something a bit lower price-wise and still like the idea of a leather wallet for him, check out this Carhartt Billfold Wallet


Carhartt is a great brand known for products that withstand the test of time, so this wallet would be sure to hold up too. 


On the flip side for your wife, you have purses!


Kate Spade purses in particular are my guilty pleasure. 


A leather purse or wallet makes a great gift idea for your third wedding anniversary.

I have many wallets and purses from Kate Spade and every single one has always held up great; I honestly switch to a new style before the wallet or purse has even reached its potential lifespan.


I love how easy leather purses are to keep clean on the outside especially.


With just a little water on a rag or paper towel, you can clean the outside of the purse easily. 


Although you can find some Kate Spade purses on Amazon, it isn’t always through the Kate Spade store…so just make sure to check who you are buying from. 


Personally, I prefer to shop directly through the Kate Spade store (either online or in person…even better if it’s an outlet!).


I love these cardholders, but a zipper wallet is always a good option too!


Other brands that offer quality leather wallets and purses are Coach and Michael Kors.


Couple celebrating their 3rd wedding anniversary, the leather anniversary.



When it comes to leather anniversary gifts to celebrate your third wedding anniversary, there are so many possibilities. You just have to think outside the box a little bit. 

There are many household items or personal effects that you can purchase in leather to meet the traditional gift-giving parameters of the third wedding anniversary.


So be creative and thoughtful when it comes to leather gifts for him or her. You might be surprised by what you find!


If leather isn’t your thing or if it’s not your third anniversary, check out these other gift idea lists I have on the blog!


7 thoughts on “Great Leather Gifts for Him or Her – Celebrating Your Third Wedding Anniversary”

  1. Happy 3rd Anniversary to you and your hubby! Every year is a milestone for sure. My hubby and I be celebrating our 40th this October. Crazy to think we’ve been together this long. Love your gift ideas, especially the Moroccan pouf! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you Karen! Congrats to you and your husband on 40 years! That’s awesome! The pouf gets so much use by all members of the family, I can’t recommend it enough to people! It’s a bonus that it’s leather and fits the bill for this gift idea list! 🙂

  2. I just love the idea behind the themed milestone anniversary gifts, and this is a great list of ideas! My husband and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary this year as well! I gifted him with a customized leather dump tray, and he loves it. It’s attractive and functional. He uses it every day when he empties his pockets 😉 I’m already on the hunt for traditional gift ideas for our 4 year anniversary – fruit/flowers/linen.

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