100 Things to Make You Happy!

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I know what you are thinking, are there really 100 things out there to make you happy? 


And, the answer is yes! Of course, there are. 


In life, some days are just tougher than others. 


Maybe something bad happened at work, you forgot to pay a bill, or you forgot to take the trash out and missed trash pick up (that’s always the worst…especially when it’s so full!). 


Wherever it is, bad days and bad things happen, and it’s okay. 


What you need to remember is that it’s all about perspective and trying to keep a positive mindset. 


It’s often easier said than done, but that’s where lists like this can help. 


Today on the blog I’m bringing you 100 things to make you happy. 


Bookmark this one, save it for later, and come back when you need a pick me up.


There’s something on the list for everyone along with some things you can do to turn your day around if you ever need to. 



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100 Things to Make You Happy: For Anyone


1. Read your favorite book


For me, this would be Harry Potter. Even just a chapter or two puts a smile on my face.


2. Journal


Writing is a great way to get your thoughts out and express yourself. Write a letter to yourself if you are looking for a therapeutic exercise.


Bouquet of fresh picked flowers

3. Watch your favorite TV show


Friends is my favorite, especially when I’m feeling down; it never fails to make me laugh and will always be my “comfort” show.


4. Pick some flowers from your garden


Or buy some flowers at the store if you don’t have a garden. Even just one of the small bouquets from Walmart that is $5 or $10 will put a smile on your face for a few days. 


5. Go for a walk


“Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t kill their husbands, they just don’t.” – Legally Blonde


Pink sunset

6. Watch the sunset


There’s nothing like watching the sky become the perfect shade of orange or pink. 


7. Go star gazing


Find a spot or park where you can lay out on a blanket and look at the stars. 



8. Watch the sunrise

Yes, you have to get up early for this one (sometimes really early), but when you watch a sunrise it’s always so quiet and seems like the world has stopped just for you to enjoy this moment. It’s truly beautiful.


9. Listen to music


There are many songs and artists that always cheer me up. Some include Old Dominion, Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, and The Summer Set. 


Find your favorite artist or favorite song and listen to it!


10. Take a nap


Who doesn’t love a nap? Sometimes it’s the pick-me-up you need. 


11. Do a random act of kindness for someone


Like buying the person behind you in line a cup of coffee. Or holding the door open for someone. Small things for other people do wonders for our own happiness.


12. Scroll through Pinterest


Search for “motivational quotes” or “inspiring quotes” and see what you get. 


13. Play a video game


There are games for everyone, from Minecraft to the Sims and Call of Duty. I’m sure there’s something that you like. Or, go old school and go to an arcade and play some pinball or Pac-Man. 


Hand lighting a candle14. Light a candle


I love candles that smell good. Something about them just brings a smile to my face.


Check out these from Sweet Water Decor that aesthetically match any style you might have in your home and they smell great too!


15. Take a bath


Better yet, light some candles and take a bath! 


16. Listen to a podcast


There are so many podcasts out there. Inspirational ones, ones that make you laugh, and some that just tell you a story or explore a topic.


Find something that you connect with and listen to some episodes. I suggest these mom podcasts if you are looking for something new!


17. Write down three things you are grateful for


Practicing gratitude is a great way to remind yourself of all you have to be thankful for. I love this gratitude journal; I use this exact one every day.


18. Give yourself a facial


It’s easy and fun, plus you probably have a few face masks lying around that you are always “meaning” to use. (I’m guilty of this!)


19. Puppies


Seriously, who isn’t happy when they see puppies?! Head to YouTube and find a cute or funny puppy video to watch. 


20. Kittens


If you don’t like puppies, maybe you like kittens? If not, then I don’t know what is wrong with you because baby animals are the cutest.


21. Change into your pajamas


Sometimes you just need the day to end early and that’s the perfect way to do it. Relax and wear your pajamas.


woman with mask over her eyes to help her sleep in


22. Sleep in


Isn’t sleep just the best?


23. Practice some self-affirmations in the mirror


I get it, staring at yourself in the mirror can be hard some days. But give it a shot. 


Stand in front of the mirror and say, “You are beautiful” or “You are strong” or another self-affirmation you can think of over and over again. 


24. Do a puzzle


Puzzles can be so much fun! Check out this puzzle if you are looking for a challenge!


25. Change your sheets


Weird, I know. But there is something about a freshly made bed with clean sheets that brings me happiness.


100 Things to Make You Happy: For Married



100 Things to Make You Happy - Look through wedding photos
#26 – Look through your wedding photos

26. Look through your wedding photos


I love looking through my wedding photos. They are just gorgeous, and I love reliving that special day.


27. Have an at-home date night!


So great and easy to do; check out this list of at-home date night ideas


28. Kiss for 5 seconds


It’s longer than you think!


29. Hug for 10 seconds


A big bear hug is just perfect sometimes!


30. Ask your partner for a back massage


Sometimes we just need to relax our muscles and a back massage is a great way to do that.


31. Dance in the kitchen


Put on some music and dance together. Yes, it’s cheesy, but it’s fun and you will smile.


Cooking with someone is one of 100 things to make you happy
#32 – Make your favorite meal together

32. Make your favorite meal together


Most of the time, my husband or I cook separately (while the other one entertains the toddler). So, when we get a chance to cook together it’s a lot more enjoyable. 


If you don’t have kids, maybe take a cooking class or find a special meal you can cook together at home.


Whatever it is, just have fun with it.


33. Take a picture together


Photo of breakfast in bed
#35 – Breakfast in bed

When was the last time you took a picture together just because? Do it today! Take a serious photo and then take some with silly faces. It’s fun, I promise.


34. Send your spouse a sweet text


Just a random, sweet text to your spouse will make them smile.


Plus, you never know what you might get back that can put a smile on your face too!


35. Have breakfast in bed


Make breakfast together even and then take it back to your room and eat it in bed.


Or, wake up early and surprise your spouse with breakfast in bed. It really is pure happiness.


100 Things to Make You Happy: For Families 


Baby playing with blocks
#36 – Look at your child’s baby pictures

36. Look through your child’s baby album or pictures on your phone


Looking at baby pictures of my daughter always makes me smile (I may or may not do this after she goes to sleep…). Babies are just the cutest.


37. Cuddle on the couch


With your kid, your spouse, your pet. Whoever it is, just take a few minutes to do nothing and cuddle.


38. Blow bubbles


If you have kids, you have bubbles laying around. Blow some bubbles, bubbles will make you smile.


39. Draw/Color


It’s just fun and a great way to get the kids involved in an activity with you. Try an adult coloring book too, something just for you.


40. Visit the zoo


If you don’t live near a zoo, check out some live zoo cameras like at the San Diego Zoo.


41. Go to the park


Swings are the best, join your kids on the swings today. Maybe go down the slide too!


42. Watch a Disney movie


There’s just something about Disney that always makes me smile. Try Hercules, Finding Nemo, or Aladdin if you are looking for a fun movie for everyone. 


child playing with play-doh
#43- Play with Play-Doh 

43. Play with Play-Doh


Kinda like bubbles, you probably have some play-doh laying around if you have kids. Break out the play-doh and see what you can create.


44. Play dress-up!


Pull out your old clothes or dresses. Or, that box of old Halloween outfits and have fun being silly with your kids. 


45. Have a picnic


This could be at home or in the park. Just go eat your snack or lunch outside on a blanket today (hopefully it’s not raining!).


Enjoy the fresh air and have fun eating a casual meal where your kids can be messy and you don’t have to sweep the floor afterward.


46. Read a book together


Books like Harry Potter or The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe are great ones to read together as a family.


Family outside in a tent enjoying the nice weather
#49 – Sleep outside in a tent 

47. Build a fort out of blankets and pillows


Forts are awesome. Build one with your kids that takes up the whole living room and then eat dinner there. Their happiness over this will be contagious.


48. Paint some rocks and make a tic-tac-toe set


I just love this craft idea from Ever Harc. It’s such a fun activity for the whole family to enjoy!


49. Sleep outside in a tent 


Even just sleeping in a tent in your backyard is fun. Make sure it’s a nice night and there’s no sign of rain!




100 Things to Make You Happy: For Food and Drink Lovers 


50. Get a milkshake or some ice cream


Coffee is one of 100 things to make you happy
#51 – Enjoying a cup of coffee

I love Cook Out’s milkshakes if you have one of those nearby, or maybe your day calls for a Dairy Queen Blizzard. Whatever your go-to ice cream fix is, treat yourself today. 


51. Have a cup of coffee


This list wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t include coffee somewhere! 🙂


Maybe have an iced coffee if it’s a hot day? Coffee just always makes me happy.


Bonus if you can drink it hot and in peace before the kiddos get up!


52. Order some take-out for dinner


If you’ve had a bad day, like a really bad day, the last thing you probably want to do is cook. Call up your favorite restaurant or pizza place and get your favorite thing on the menu. You deserve it. 


53. Eat your favorite candy bar


For me, this would be a Milky Way. Whatever your favorite candy bar is go to the closest gas station and get one. 


54. Have a glass of wine or beer


My go-to wine is always the Cabernet Sauvignon from Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi. It’s a great price point and a great wine. 


Cookies in a cookie jar
#55 – Cookies

55. Bake some cookies


Baking can be therapeutic for many people, and who doesn’t love cookies? I’d recommend this chocolate chip cookie recipe if you are looking for something to try!


56. Make a cup of tea


As the English would say, “There’s nothing a cup of tea can’t fix.”




57. Eat some cheese and crackers


Pretty mixed drink on a table. Mixed drinks are #58 of 100 things to make you happy
#58 – Try a fun mixed drink recipe!

Cheese makes me happy. Is that just me or is that a feature of cheese?


58. Find a fun mixed drink recipe and try it!


I’ve been eyeing up this Coffee Julep from City Girl Coffee Co. But there are some really fun non-alcoholic ones in this Disney Parks Drink Recipe Book I have too! 


59. Eat some chocolate


Even just a handful of some chocolate chips if that’s all you have in the pantry. Chocolate is yummy and hopefully brings you a little bit of happiness today!



100 Things to Make You Happy: While at Work



60. Hang up a motivational quote


What’s the quote that you always turn to?


Mine is, “A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.” by Franklin D. Roosevelt.


Look for something that speaks to you and put it up in your office. 


61. Display pictures of loved ones


Find some of your favorite pictures and frame them for your walls or desk. Having your favorite people or places to look at will make you happy. 


62. Hang up your diploma


You earned it! Display it proudly, it will remind you of all the hard work you’ve done to get where you are today.


Potted plants on a shelf.
#63 – Plants!

63. Have some plants (and don’t forget to water them!)


Plants are a great way to add greenery to your space. A spider plant is a great, low-maintenance office plant.



64. Change the background on your desktop or phone


When was the last time you even did that? Find a picture of your favorite place, thing, or a great quote, and make that your new background to look at every day. 



65. Clean up your voicemail box


Okay, I’m not sure if it will make you happy or not, but if I don’t stay on top of my voicemails the light on my phone blinks red and drives me crazy. When that light finally stops blinking, I’m so much happier! So, listen to and clear out your old voicemails.


66. Drink some coffee or tea


Here we go again! 🙂 Coffee is just so great.

9 donuts on a table top
#67 – Bring your office some pastries


If you have a breakroom, maybe drink your cup of coffee or tea in there. Take a break for a few minutes and let your body and mind reset.


You will be amazed at what it can do for you, especially at work.


67. Bring in some pastries


You will be the hit of the office that day if you bring in a box of pastries or donuts. Even just your average store-bought ones will bring a simile to people and in turn boost your mood too!


68. Clean your desk


Seriously, when was the last time you did this? Clean up all that paperwork, wipe down your desk, and just get rid of any junk in your drawers (broken pens, used notebooks, etc.).


I bet you will feel happier after you clean up your workspace a bit!


69. Colorful sticky notes


What better way to brighten your space and bring some happiness to your to-do lists? I love post-it notes (the brighter the better!). Did you know they even make clear ones!? Although they aren’t colorful, they are a total game-changer!



100 Things to Make You Happy: Outdoor Edition for Spring and Summer


70. Go for a hike


Commune with nature and get some fresh air. Something so simple that I’m sure will put a smile on your face.


71. Go bird watching


You never know what you will find if you just stop and look for a little while. 


Picking tomatoes in a garden
#72 – Garden

72. Garden


You don’t have to have a big garden. Even just a few pots of herbs or some tomato plants counts as gardening!


73. Open the windows


Having fresh air flow through your house and hearing the sounds of nature is such a good way to experience the best of spring (and summer depending on where you live and how hot it gets!).


74. Make some lemonade


Homemade lemonade just hits the spot! Check out this delicious recipe with blueberries added in for a yummy twist!


75. Go swimming


Even a lake or river nearby could be a great swimming spot if you don’t have a local pool (or a friend or family member with a pool!). 


76. Eat a popsicle


Remember these popsicles as a kid? Relive those fun childhood memories with a delicious treat.


77. Head to your favorite frozen yogurt shop


There is just something special about frozen yogurt in the summer. You can put whatever you want on top too (gummy bears anyone!?). 


Fresh berries in a bowl - #78 in the list of 100 things to make you happy
#78 – Pick berries

It’s just a fun, special summer treat!


78. Go berry picking


Did you know there are all kinds of berry farms around?


Near where I live we have blueberry farms and strawberry farms. 


Do a quick Google search and see if you have any berry farms nearby that you can go pick fresh berries at. It’s so much fun!


79. Drink some water


This might seem silly, but you would be surprised how much people forget to drink water throughout the day. 


And, water affects everything. 


It affects your energy, mood, alertness, etc. So go get a glass of water because you need to stay hydrated in the warmer months especially!


Maybe mix it up and put some lemons or cucumber slices in it.


80. Run through a sprinkler


I don’t care how old you are, sprinklers are fun.


You don’t even need a real sprinkler if I’m honest…just set your garden hose to mist on the nozzle if you have that option and boom instant sprinkler! 


81. Do something different outside


Read a book or take your laptop outside and get some work done. Changing up your scenery from time to time is a great way to bring about happiness. 


And, what better time to do that than on that perfect spring or summer day?


82. Have some s’mores


I mean is there anything better than making s’mores by the fire?


Child catching lightning bugs
#83 – Catch lightning bugs

83. Catch lightning bugs


A classic evening summer activity. Grab a jar and catch some lightning bugs. Just be sure to let them go before you head back inside!


84. Sit in the sun


Soak up a few rays and take in some Vitamin D. Sunshine does wonderful things for your mood. Just make sure you don’t sit outside too long without sunscreen!



100 Things to Make You Happy: Outdoor Edition for Fall and Winter



Apples on a tree. Picking apples is one of 100 things to make you happy
#85 – Go apple picking

85. Go apple picking


Then bring the apples home and make some apple crisp! Here’s an awesome apple crisp recipe and a fun apple crisp cheesecake bars recipe too!


86. Drive around and look at the changing leaves


In Virginia, we have Skyline Drive and it is so much fun to drive up through the mountains and see all the pretty colors of fall.


87. Pick pumpkins


Pumpkin patches are so much fun! Head out to one and see what you can find. A lot of times they are selling awesome, home-grown veggies too!


When you get home carve the pumpkin and roast some pumpkin seeds.


Halloween decorations around a desk
Woman hanging a Christmas Wreath

88. Decorate for the season


I love decorating for fall, Thanksgiving, and Christmas!


It is sometimes a lot of work, but looking around and seeing my house filled with holiday décor puts a smile on my face.


#89 on the list of 100 things to make you happy - Crafting paper snowflakes
#89 – Craft some paper snowflakes

89. Paper snowflakes


Remember these crafts as kids? They were so much fun!


Grab some paper and do this activity. It really is so easy, fun, and a great way to add some holiday happiness to your home.


90. Play in the snow


Catch snowflakes on your tongue, have a snowball fight, build an igloo. Whatever it is just have some fun at that first snowfall.


91. Build a snowman


Assuming there’s snow…although, you could try to build one out of rocks too? 




92. Go sledding 


Or, sled riding as my husband calls it. Does anyone else call it that or do you call it sledding?


Beautiful hot chocolate display will surely make you happy!
#93 – Hot Chocolate

93. Drink some hot chocolate


Make sure you add some marshmallows too! That’s the best part!


94. Soak in a hot tub


This might be easier said than done if you don’t have a hot tub or know anyone with a hot tub.


But there’s just something about a hot tub outside in the winter that makes it even better.


95. Drive around and look at Christmas lights


No matter what you choose to celebrate, looking at fun lights on people’s houses is always fun. Drive around the neighborhood or see what’s lit up downtown in your hometown.


Christmas lights are fun!


96. Watch a feel-good movie on Hallmark


Who doesn’t love a Christmas movie off Hallmark? They are always happy and will put a smile on your face (probably because they are cheesy and have the same plot over and over again, but hey it’s fun!).


97. Pop a Christmas cracker


A tradition in my family, Christmas crackers are just plain fun. I love wearing the crown and telling the cheesy joke inside! 


98. Buy holiday pajamas and spend the day in them


This is just so much fun. Old Navy usually has some great ones that come out every season, so keep an eye out for them!


New Year's Celebration
#100 – Make a New Year’s resolution


99. Listen to Christmas music


I’m a firm believer in Christmas music between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. But, if it makes you happy listen to it in October or February if you want. Because I get it, Christmas music is magical.


100. Make a New Year’s resolution


Find something you can stick to and will enjoy. My New Year’s resolution for 2022 was to practice gratitude more. So, I bought a simple gratitude journal and started with that. 


It’s been a wonderful way to reflect on my life and build a little bit of happiness each day, which was the goal of this post! 


To give you 100 different things that could make you happy today!




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Now I want to challenge you to write a list of 100 things to make you happy!


Okay, maybe not 100 things…because that is a lot.


But, think of 10-20 things that make you happy.


Things specific to you…not just in a general sense like this list.


Then, the next time you are having a bad day or just need a pick me up, visit that list and find a way to get happy again!


Feel free to share anything that makes you happy in the comments below, too!




7 thoughts on “100 Things to Make You Happy!”

  1. Aw, I loved reading this! There are so many brilliant ideas on here. I love birdwatching and being in nature when I’m feeling down, and of course, cuddling with my cats 🙂

  2. Such great reminders about how the little things like going on a walk or changing your sheets can make such a difference in my overall happiness day to day! These are so important to remember that sometimes we don’t need the big vacation ( although that would be nice!!) to make every day more enjoyable.

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