Caffeine for Your Phone: 25+ iPhone Coffee Wallpapers to Energize Your Device

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I read something once that said you don’t need to make your child your wallpaper on your phone and that stuck with me. 


It’s probably stuck with me because I feel like there is a weird unspoken pressure as a parent to have your kids or pets or holiday family photo as your lock screen. 


But, really I think your lock screen or wallpaper can be anything you want it to be. 


And, maybe it shouldn’t be your kids because you see your kids all. the. dang. time. 


Sometimes you just need a break. 


Or even a little inspiration when you look over at your phone. 


A reminder that you are a good mom. 


A motivational quote. 


Or, maybe a pretty image of your favorite beverage. 


And, that’s where this post comes in, coffee phone wallpapers.


I love having a coffee background on my phone not just because it’s one of my favorite things, but because I can change it seasonally. 


From hot coffee to iced coffee to Pumpkin Spice Lattes and Christmas mugs, you can rotate your phone background to fit any time of the year, which I always think is fun.


I like to have a lighter background on my phone and then my folders/icons are dark so they pop more. 


But, others like it the opposite and prefer a darker background with lighter icons. 


It’s a personal preference and there’s a healthy mix of both styles in these iPhone coffee wallpapers below, including ones with text and without. 


So ditch that mom guilt and find something to jazz up your lock screen or home screen.



Coffee phone wallpapers Pinterest Pin



Instructions to Download and Use Your Coffee Phone Wallpaper


First things first, the best way to use these images as your phone wallpaper or lock screen is to download them on your phone directly.


So, if you aren’t already on your phone reading this, you will want to grab your phone and pull up this post. Then you can follow the steps below to save and use the coffee phone wallpaper of your choosing.


  • Find the coffee image you want to use as your wallpaper.
  • Hold your finger on the image you’ve selected until a box pops up prompting you to copy, download/save, share, etc. (the wording may differ if you are on an iPhone or Android device).
  • Download or save the image to your phone.
  • Then head to your gallery or camera roll and find the image you saved (it might be in your general gallery or it could be in your download section).
  • Once you find the saved image, go to the image options and select “use as a wallpaper” or “set as wallpaper” (again, the terminology will depend on if you are on an iPhone or Android device).
  • Format/adjust your coffee phone wallpaper as needed and enjoy your new background!


Remember all these images below are free to use from sites like Unsplash or Pexels. I’ve also linked to the photographer whenever possible so you can check them out and follow them on Instagram if you’d like.


Dazzling iPhone Coffee Wallpapers 


Coffee image
Photo by Nathan Dumlao

Winter coffee flat lay that makes the perfect coffee iPhone wallpaper
Photo by Monika Grabkowska



Nothing says coffee like a classic coffee cup. These designs appeal to anyone who loves a classic cup of coffee.


A cup of coffee on a coaster on top of a white desk with a book in the background.
Photo by Kevin Canlas

Boss Lady coffee mug
Photo by Laura Chouette

Coffee mug that says "enjoy the little things"
Photo by Anita Austvika

A coffee cup filled with coffee on top of a wood cutting board.
Photo by Milada Vigerova

A coffee mug on top of a cutting board on a white bed, which makes for a beautiful coffee phone wallpaper.
Photo by Sincerely Media

A stunning iPhone coffee wallpaper.
Photo by Karolina Grabowska of Kaboom Pics

A cup of coffee behind some tulips makes for a great coffee phone wallpaper.
Photo by Marta Dzedyshko

A cup of coffee on a towel with coffee beans spilled to one side.
Photo by Michaela S.

Coffee beans make for a great choice for your phone wallpaper if you want to show your appreciation for the natural beauty of coffee or where it comes from. 


Coffee beans in the shape of a heart.
Photo by Clay Banks

Coffee beans make a great iPhone coffee wallpaper.
Photo by Fatih Mehmet

Coffee beans for a coffee phone wallpaper.
Photo by Polina Tankilevitch

Coffee beans come from a coffee cherry.
Photo by Michael Burrows

An exceptional iced coffee image captures the artistry of the drink, showcasing the harmonious blend of textures, colors, and condensation. These iced coffee images are perfect for iced coffee lovers in need of a coffee phone wallpaper.


A glass cup of iced coffee sitting on top of a coaster.
Photo by Markus Winkler

A couple of iced coffee glasses with straws.
Photo by Cup of Couple

Oak & Bond iced coffee glass
Photo from Oak & Bond on Unsplash

Oak & Bond iced coffee glass
Photo from Oak & Bond on Unsplash

A moody iPhone coffee wallpaper for iced coffee lovers
Photo by Mae Mu

Cup of iced coffee
Photo by Laura Kennedy

If you love the ambiance of a coffee shop, why not showcase it on your phone wallpaper? It’s the perfect way to bring the coffee shop experience to your phone.


Coffee shop menu
Photo by Jon Tyson

Coffee in a Chemex pour over.
Photo by Tyler Nix

Starbucks cup laying on a bunch of flowers.
Photo by Olena Bohovyk



Latte art is a beautiful expression of coffee culture and this type of wallpaper is perfect for those who appreciate the artistry that goes into making a great cup of coffee.


Latte art makes a wonderful coffee iPhone wallpaper.
Photo by Kanwardeep Kaur

A cup of coffee with latte art
Photo by Nathan Dumlao

Cups of coffee make a great coffee phone wallpaper.
Photo by Studio Naae

Photo of a cup of coffee next to a book.
Photo by Sincerely Media

Latte art on a woodgrain top.
Photo by Marko Stamenkovic

A cup of coffee with a heart on it.
Photo by Anna Tukhfatullina

Latte art coffee cup
Photo by Caramel

A beautiful coffee phone wallpaper.
Photo by Sincerely Media

When it comes to coffee quotes there are plenty of wallpapers to choose from. But these images below are a fun way to show your love of coffee while also expressing your personality.


"A coffee a day keeps the grumpies away" quote that would make a perfect coffee phone wallpaper.
Photo by Lisa Fotios.

A collection of letters hanging on the wall in a vertical application that spell the word coffee.
Photo by designecologist

A sign of the word "coffee" at a coffee shop, which makes for a perfect iPhone coffee wallpaper!
Photo by Sude Akpinar

Enjoy the little things coffee picture.
Photo by Brigitte Tohm

Feel free to get creative and make your own iPhone coffee wallpaper too! Check out sites like Unsplash or Pexels for free images.


Coffee phone wallpapers are a great way to show your love for coffee and bring a little bit of that coffee culture to your daily life.


And I have to know…do you have your kids as your lock screen or wallpaper? Or have I inspired you to change to your favorite beverage today? 


Tell me in the comments (and I promise no hard feelings if you want to keep those cute kiddos as your phone background too!) 😉




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