7 of the Best Podcasts for Moms in 2022

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There are so many podcasts for moms and women right now. But, I feel like it can be hard to figure out which ones you should actually invest your time in and listen to.


Before I started this blog I was searching for mom-related podcasts, but I felt so overwhelmed with my options. 


There were so many to choose from (I feel like there are hundreds!), but I didn’t know what was good.


So, to help weed through all the noise, I’ve compiled a list of some of the best podcasts for moms right now.


Some of these podcasts are newer and some have been around for a while. But, each is unique and offers a different take on the highs and lows of motherhood or womanhood. 


Each show has spoken to me in a different way that I think would be beneficial to any mom.


Check out my list below of the best podcasts for moms in 2022!



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Little Z’s Sleep Podcast


I’ve talked about Little Z’s before on the blog in a post I did highlighting sleep consultants


But Becca also has an awesome podcast that focuses on sleep: the Little Z’s Sleep Podcast!


There are so many episodes about all kinds of different topics related to kids and sleep. 


What it’s like to deal with nap transitions, how to get better sleep as an adult or new mom, potty training and sleep, safe sleep information. The list could go on!


Becca has episodes here and there that aren’t sleep-related too, but most revolve around sleep. And, that’s why I’m highlighting it on this list.


One thing I wish I had done more of in preparing for my daughter’s arrival was to learn about newborn sleep and sleep in general during the first 12 months. 


There is so much that changes during the first 12 months of a child’s life and this extends to their sleep needs and habits too. But, this podcast can help you with all that!


Becca packs so much FREE information into each episode/topic and that’s what makes it one of the best podcasts for moms.


I wish I had found this one sooner.


There haven’t been as many new episodes this year in 2022, but because of the topics Becca discusses everything is still relevant even if it is a few years old. 



We Are Supported By…


This is not necessarily a mom-specific podcast, but We Are Supported By… is a 10-episode limited series with Kristen Bell and Monica Padman. 


The podcast was done under the Armchair Expert Umbrella podcast hosted by Dax Shepard (Kristen Bell’s husband).


Although the podcast mini series is not about motherhood, it is about womanhood.


And, many of the women featured on the show are mothers, so kids and what it’s like being a mom comes up in various episodes at points.


A girl on a computer with headphones on listening to the best podcasts for moms in 2022.

We Are Supported By… is on this list as one of the best podcasts for moms though because of the groundbreaking women featured. 


Bell and Padman interview Kim Kardashian West, Abby Wambach, Diane von Furstenberg, and Oprah Winfrey to name a few. 


As a soccer fan (and a big supporter of the US Women’s National Soccer Team) I adore Abby Wambach and loved that episode in particular. 


I also enjoyed the one with Kim Kardashian West and learning about the side of her that you don’t often see in the media.


Overall, it’s just a great series that is uplifting for women and there are a lot of good, important conversations that happen in the series that are great for moms.



The Bellas Podcast


This is a bit random, but I’m a big fan of Nicole (Nikki) Bella. I saw her on Dancing with the Stars and she was pregnant around the same time I was, so I just started following her on Instagram and it all kinda spiraled from there. 


I’ve seen a few episodes of Total Bellas before, but what I’ve listened to more of is her podcast with her twin sister (Brie), The Bellas Podcast


I enjoy listening to the two of them talk about life, love, motherhood, and wine (they have their own brand).


Since the podcast has been around for many years now, they have a lot of episodes.


You don’t need to start at the beginning by any means, and actually, I wouldn’t go back too far on this podcast. So much of what they talk about is real life and older episodes just wouldn’t be relevant anymore.


That said, if you have a newborn or will have one soon you absolutely need to go back and listen to these two episodes in particular from 2020:


Both of these episodes are such great open conversations about motherhood. But, Never Supposed To Be This Lonely spoke to me. 


The episode focuses on postpartum in a different way than it’s often talked about which is the loneliness that comes with motherhood.


It’s a great topic to bring up and talk more about because a lot of first-time moms (myself included) don’t realize what that really means until you are in it. 


Nikki talks about the loneliness she felt and how hard it was to talk about things, especially with her fiancé. 


And, that’s another part of the episode I enjoyed, when Nikki’s fiancé Artem was brought on to talk about his perspective. 


And that’s something I think new moms and dads don’t get enough of…the postpartum experience of guys and what it’s like for them. 


Not just personally for the new dad, but also what it’s like for a guy to watch the mother of their child go through postpartum. 


It’s a really special episode that all new moms should listen to.



How Long ‘Til Bedtime? – One of the Best Podcasts for Moms!


Right now, How Long ‘Til Bedtime is probably my absolute favorite podcast on this list. I love the variety of episodes and topics Allison explores. 


She talks about parenting, self-growth, sleep…all kinds of different subjects. 


And, what I really enjoy is the variety of the lengths of her podcasts. 


As I’m sure you know, a lot of podcasts are around 45-60. Some even longer! 


I love a good long discussion, especially if I’m on a road trip or something like that. But, as a working mom, I just don’t always have that kinda time! 


Sometimes I want to listen to a podcast episode that is only 10 or 15 minutes and Allison has those! 


The other great thing about the How Long ‘Til Bedtime podcast is you can listen to shows in any order. You don’t have to start at the beginning or even listen to the most recent episode; you can pick and choose what you listen to. 


Right now, since May is mental health awareness month, she is doing an episode each week that highlights maternal mental health. 


I particularly love this series she is doing right now having gone through postpartum depression myself. You can read more about my story here. 


If you are struggling as a new mom or even a veteran mom, I encourage you to listen to Allison’s podcast from May 2022 especially because I think it’s one of the best podcasts for moms this year.



To learn more about my journey with postpartum depression check out this open letter I penned to myself.


Coffee + Crumbs


Coffee + Crumbs started in 2014 as a blog about motherhood, but not in the standard mom-blog way. Their goal was to provide raw stories from real women and moms about what motherhood is like. 


And, they’ve done that. They’ve built this amazing place where moms can read and connect with other moms and just thrive in motherhood. 


One way they’ve done that is through the Coffee + Crumbs podcast which is in Season 7! 


The conversations on this podcast are just amazing and that’s what makes it a great podcast for moms.


They are raw, they are real, and they are honest and I so appreciate that as a first-time mom. 


The topics and stories are always relevant and I connect so deeply to this podcast and so many episodes.


I love the faith element that is brought into each episode too.  


For me faith and motherhood have come hand in hand and becoming a mother has brought on a new type of faith and understanding for me, so I relate to that aspect of this blog and podcast too.


Like a lot of the content from Coffee + Crumbs, every episode is still relevant which is one thing that makes this podcast valuable and one of the best podcasts for moms in 2022.



Life Unboxed Blog Podcast


I stumbled upon Life Unboxed because of the similarities we have in topics when it comes to blogging (i.e. working from home and motherhood).


And, when I discovered the podcast component of the blog, I started listening and am enjoying the episodes.

Microphone for recording.

Some of my favorites specifically are the Momtrepreneur Life Coffee Chats. They are just open conversations about various topics. 


More recently, there was one titled “Do You Need to Know Your Niche?”


I LOVED this episode because this is probably the number one piece of advice you will see/read/get from people in the blogging world when you first start. 


And, it is great advice, don’t get me wrong. But honestly, it can be hard to “niche down” as they say you should. 


One reason she talks about why “niching down” is hard is simply if you aren’t used to doing that in your career.


This spoke to me SO much because in my current job I do so much more than my “job description.” 


My title at my 9-5 is Proposals and Contracts Manager, but I do more aside from contract and proposal management/development because that’s how it often works at a small business.


I’m used to doing all these different things that aren’t part of my specific job description, and I don’t necessarily want to force myself into a box when it comes to blogging either.


I’ve niched down to a certain extent, but I like being able to talk about a variety of things and not always having to stay in my “lane” or topic. 


So, this specific episode just made me feel better as a new blogger who hasn’t fully niched down as they would say it. 


I’d encourage other new moms or female bloggers, in particular, to listen to the LifeUnboxed Blog Podcast, and this episode I referenced.


It is a great resource and a reminder that you don’t always have to do what the experts say you should do (both when it comes to motherhood and business!).



A New Podcast for Moms this year: Everyday She Moms


Last on my list is a newer podcast from Everyday She Moms by Mckayla.


At the time of writing this post, there are only got a few episodes out. But, I’ve listened to each one and enjoyed the rawness Mckayla brings to podcasting and motherhood.


So far the episodes have been very short, which my mom-brain loves! 


I enjoy Mckayla’s blog so I can’t wait for more episodes to come too and to see where this podcast goes this year since it’s in the beginning stages!



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There are so many podcasts for moms at any stage of motherhood, but these seven are the best podcasts for moms in 2022!


I hope you’ll take some time on your commute to work or during your next workout to listen to one of these podcasts.


If you do, let me know what you think in the comments below. And, if you’ve got a favorite mom podcast tell me about it!




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18 thoughts on “7 of the Best Podcasts for Moms in 2022”

  1. It took me a while to decide if I wanted to start a podcast for women, only because there are so many out there. I took the leap though and did it on my own platform so that way I could keep the competition down and focus on delivering content that women NEED to hear.

    As a listener of podcasts, you’re right, there are so many of them floating around. You definitely have to be mindful of the information you take in because it seems like everyone has something to say,lol.

    Anyway, your blog is super amazing. So much so that I took the time to review it on my facebook page so that other potential bloggers could learn from it. Keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words and for sharing my blog with others!! I commend you for starting a podcast for women I will have to check it out! Thanks so much again for your feedback and checking out my little corner of the internet!

  2. I love listening to podcasts when working out and I’m about to run out of options, so thank you for this wonderful list. I’d love to try Life Unboxed Blog first.

  3. Thanks for the recommendations! With a 40 minute commute, I listen to a lot of podcasts and am always looking for new suggestions! Especially mom related one’s😊

    1. I used to have a commute like that too! Sometimes I miss it because I listened to my favorite morning talk show during that time. I enjoy listening to podcasts on road trips now though!

  4. This a great list! I personally have listened to 2 on the list. On your comment about Life unboxed (niching down) – I completely agree that it’s so hard to do this with my blog because I have so many things to talk about from my experiences! Like yourself, I wear many hats at work even though I only have one title!

    Overall, great roundup! I will have to check out the rest when I have time 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for commenting! Funny enough…I haven’t checked out Abby’s podcast yet! It’s on my list. But, like my shortlist of TV shows to watch, I feel like I have too many podcasts on my shortlist of podcasts to listen to! LOL.

  5. Thanks for the recommendations. I like to listen to podcasts while I clean or work out. So, I appreciate learning about these! I’ll be sure to check them out.

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