25 Lovely Ideas for Spring Self-Care

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Spring is all about new beginnings and it’s a perfect time of the year to start on a self-care journey for the year. 


From decluttering to getting organized and getting outside more there are tons of ways you can practice self-care in the spring. 


If you haven’t set goals for this year yet, consider doing an end-of-year reflection because spring is a great time for starting anew. 



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25 Self-Care Ideas for Spring



1. Go for a walk

This might seem like a given, but if you are anything like me, you’ve probably been dormant for the winter. Getting exercise and fresh air is the perfect way to kick off your spring self-care.


A clean and organized closet, which can be a simple way to practice spring self-care.


2. Practice some spring cleaning

Something about the spring just calls for opening the windows and doors, airing out the house, and decluttering. In fact, decluttering is important for your mood and overall well-being.  


3. Color

This one may or may not be influenced by my toddler, but I find coloring relaxing. If you need some coloring pages, check out my Mommy and Me Coffee Coloring Book


4. Spruce up your home’s exterior

Freshening up your home’s exterior is a great way to practice some self-care. Coming home to a new welcome mat or spring wreath is always fun. Or maybe you need some new patio furniture to spend more time on your deck/patio. Spring is the perfect time to refresh your outdoor spaces so you can fully enjoy them throughout the year.


5. Watch a spring movie

I have no idea why, but Easter Parade and Singin’ in the Rain came to mind while writing this post. They are both such fun, happy, spring-like movies that would be a perfect way to practice a little spring self-care on a rainy April day.


Two women enjoying coffee together, which is a great spring self-care idea.

6. Have coffee with a friend

Something about a coffee shop on a crisp spring day is just special. Meet a friend or take a trip with your kid(s) to your favorite local coffee shop one weekend for a spring-themed latte and a muffin. 


7. Take a spring break

If you have kids in school, this is somewhat already planned for you. But, even if you don’t have kids consider taking a spring break. Take a few days off work to relax and refresh. Don’t work or feel like there is even any pressure to go anywhere. Just enjoy some time and try to recharge.



A woman arranging spring flowers in a vase. The perfect spring self-care idea.


8. Buy some fresh flowers

Tulips and daisies remind me of spring the most. Fresh flowers are the perfect way to do something for yourself and to bring a little of that spring feeling inside too.


9. Get your hair cut and styled

I’m always in desperate need of a haircut and refresh come spring. It’s the perfect time to try something new too! Maybe a new cut or color is the perfect way to kick off your spring.






A woman painting her nails with pink nailpolish, the perfect self-care for spring!

10. Splurge for a manicure/pedicure

If this isn’t something you normally do it can be the perfect spring self-care idea. Pick a spring-like pastel color like blue, pink, or yellow, and enjoy a little pampering!


11. Go to a farmer’s market

A lot of farmer’s markets start back up in the spring. Find one in your town and head there for a spring outing. You never know what finds and foods you will discover!


12. Consider saying “no”

It might seem fun to plan all the things for the coming year during the spring, but when summer or fall rolls around you might regret your eagerness to schedule certain trips and outings. 


Saying “no” is important for your self-care and sanity sometimes. Don’t feel pressured to do all the things or make a ton of travel plans. Sometimes less is more and keep that in mind during the spring season. Your future self just may thank you for it.


13. Journal

A go-to self-care idea for me, if you haven’t started journaling yet this year spring can be a great time to pick up the activity. If you need some prompts to get you started check out these journal prompts for moms





A bunny bag with Easter eggs.

14. Have a picnic

Eating outside is a great way to get extra Vitamin D and mix up your routine. A bonus is you don’t have to worry about crumbs your kids leave either!


15. Have an Easter egg hunt

A perfect one to get the kids and your partner involved with too. Hide goldfish and candy, maybe a few dollars even, and enjoy searching outside or inside for Easter eggs.


16. Start a 5-minute morning routine

Having a morning routine is important for several reasons. And, starting your morning with a cup of coffee and this morning coffee journal is the perfect spring self-care idea!


A beautiful Beauty and the Beast design on a frosted glass cup.





17. Treat yourself to a new coffee mug or can glass

Having a new mug or a fun iced coffee glass is just the pick-me-up you need some days. I’ve got tons of favorites in this department and suggest you check out these small shops for a new mug or drinking glass this spring:


18. Make the perfect drink

Now that you have a new glass, you need to make the perfect drink! For me, that’s always a coffee-style drink


But even something as simple as putting seltzer water over ice in a beautiful cup makes it feel like a special drink. Add some fresh fruit to the rim and sip it outside while enjoying a beautiful spring day. 


19. Take spring pictures

A lot of people take pictures around the holidays and I get it, but there is just something about spring photos that look magical to me. And I think spring is the perfect time to take pictures and practice a little spring self-care. 


So find your favorite photographer and dust off your spring outfit (or splurge for a new one!). You can also just take your own pictures in the backyard or at a park! It’s fun, free, and easier than ever to edit photos yourself using Lightroom presets.


20. Update your phone background

Spring calls for a new wallpaper/lock screen background for your phone. Check out these fun and free coffee-themed options!


21. Unplug

It can be hard to get off your phone, computer, or tablet. From work to news to recipes even, we seem to need a screen for anything nowadays. But even unplugging for 30 minutes after work can help reset your mood and keep you in the present.



A woman reading a new book, which is a great spring self-care idea.


22. Start a new book

Reading is a great form of self-care. To mix it up for the spring, consider choosing a book in a different genre from what you normally read. You can also read outside if it’s a nice day!


Outdoor yoga like this woman on a yoga mat is doing is the perfect activity for spring self-care.


23. Practice affirmations

Affirmations are a powerful tool for anyone. And if you’ve never tried affirmations before, bringing a little self-care into your spring through this technique is a great idea. You can even use affirmation cards to make this practice even easier!


24. Give yourself a facial

Get some cucumbers and a face mask and take an hour to pamper yourself at home. Listen to some calming music and just relax.


25. Try an outdoor workout or outdoor yoga

Exercising outside doesn’t have to mean walking, running, biking, etc. It can be any type of outdoor workout. Maybe you like to lift free weights at home or do yoga. Mix it up and do your workout outdoors during the springtime. It’s a great time of year to beat the heat and enjoy the outdoors.


Spring self-care is the perfect time to put yourself first, do something special, and get outside. 


What are you doing this spring to put yourself first?



22 thoughts on “25 Lovely Ideas for Spring Self-Care”

  1. So many wonderful ideas. It’s so important and so easily forgotten (for me as a mum anyway! self care is always bottom of my list!) some great reminders

  2. These ideas are excellent! I haven’t come across those two movies before, so I’ll definitely make a note to check them out. Also, thanks for the reminder about scheduling a haircut. I’ve been procrastinating on that. Your suggestions are much appreciated!

  3. Great ideas! Love the idea to take a break, take some time to enjoy and reflect while being motivated to do fun things. Going for a pedi tomorrow and picking out some new books to read. Happy spring.

  4. Great ideas. I especially loved the ones about taking walks, watching movies, and writing books as those are hobbies of mine.

  5. Excellent ideas to celebrate Spring and self-care! I’ve been wanting to start affirmations again. I really need to work on unplugging- that’s the hardest but so important!

    1. I agree it is so hard to unplug; everything is digital or revolves around technology now. But it’s good for the soul! I try to unplug for at least 30 minutes after work and spend time with my daughter or preparing dinner and I find it really helps my mood!

  6. These are some great ideas. I have never heard of those two movies, so I will have to check them out. And thanks for reminding me that I need to get a haircut scheduled! I’ve been putting that off. Thank you for the ideas!

  7. So many wonderful ideas for spring self-care! Spring is the perfect time to start fresh and really focus on putting yourself first with much-deserved self-care. Saying “no” is something I need to implement more. A fresh haircut also sounds dreamy!

  8. These are wonderful self care tips! Going for a walk does great things for your mental and physical health. Saying no is a big thing of mine, I’m very good at it!

  9. I so needed this! Spring sports are really picking up for my kids today! I am starting to feel bombarded with dates and to do list. Thank you for giving me reminders to stay balanced.

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