Coffee for Moms: 5 Perfect Blends To Buy This Mother’s Day

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Coffee really is for everyone, don’t get me wrong, but coffee for moms is special. 


Coffee is the fuel we live on. It’s a little bit of joy every day to look forward to. It’s something we don’t have to share with anyone. 


It’s just for us.


At least for me, that’s how it’s always felt. 


And in building this blog and connecting with other moms I’m learning I’m not alone.


Coffee for moms isn’t anything new by any means. 


And giving mom coffee for Mother’s Day is nothing new either…I know that.


There are tons of brands out there that target mom coffee lovers with catchy names (Surviving Motherhood Coffee for example) and fun “Tired AF” blends. 


But, I think most moms are looking for coffee that tastes good. It doesn’t have a witty name on it (although those are fun too!). 


And above everything else, I think moms are looking for coffee that is versatile and withstands the busy days of motherhood.


So today I’m bringing you a round-up of some awesome coffee for moms. Tested by me, a busy working mom.



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I can’t tell you the number of times I end up drinking my coffee cold…or reheating it in the microwave. 


And I don’t care what anyone says, good coffee tastes good no matter how you brew it or drink it. 


To me, that’s actually the mark of good coffee: how versatile it is. 


Because companies like Folgers and Maxwell House are not versatile. 


Don’t get me wrong…I’ll drink those if I have to, but there are much better coffees out there that don’t break the bank and are just as easy to brew.


Every coffee on this list I have tried hot, cold, reheated in the microwave (a few times…), iced, the next day…you name it I’ve tested these coffees every which way I can think of.


And, I’m here to tell you that the coffees on this list are some of the ultimate “mom coffees” I’ve found.


These coffees taste good no matter how you drink them (or how many times you forget where you leave your mug) and that’s what makes them each the perfect coffee for moms on Mother’s Day. 



1. Campfire Coffee Co. 


Campfire Coffee Co has some of the best coffee I’ve tried since starting this blog in 2022. 


Their roasting method, done over an actual campfire, is just plain cool and their coffee is very adaptable for my life as a busy working mom.


A close up of the Starry Night coffee bag from Campfire Coffee.

It’s also owned and run by a husband and wife team, Whitni and Quincy Henry. 


The Henrys are parents and I swear that’s part of the reason their coffee tastes so good. They know what a cup of coffee for moms and dads means for them every morning because they are parents too.


The Starry Night and Mountain Top Espresso Blend specifically were both really good an hour or so after I poured my first cup 🙂 


And, I love a company that preaches you do you when it comes to coffee and that’s exactly what Campfire says.


So put some cream in it if you like, drink it hot, drink it iced, or even have it a few hours later…Campfire Coffee can withstand all of those situations.


Be sure to use code KT20 to get 20% off your order with Campfire Coffee Co too!



2. Black Ink Coffee Company 


The Maineiac Blend from Black Ink Coffee Company has superpowers. 


Okay, not really, but owner Parker Russell’s wife says it’s the ultimate coffee for moms because it tastes good no matter how many times you reheat it. 


And, I have to agree.


Maineiac Blend - Whole Bean - 12 Ounces

A delicious blend that is also their most popular coffee, the Maineiac Blend is a medium roast with a sweet, nutty profile and a hint of chocolate. 


I found it’s a great one to use for iced coffee especially, so be sure to save any coffee you brew in a pitcher and place it in the fridge! 


The Maineiac Blend is also what Black Ink Coffee Company sends to deployed US Troops, and a portion of every sale of this blend helps make those free coffee shipments happen. 


So not only can you give mom the gift of coffee this Mother’s Day, but also do a little something for our deployed men and women too.



3. City Girl Coffee


I love a good women-owned company, especially a women-owned coffee company, and City Girl Coffee Co is perfect for any coffee mom. 


The Organic Sumatra is the one I recommend from this roaster for a busy mom. 


It’s a dark roast (which I like to drink with milk or cream) and for me, it was great both cold and reheated (as well as hot!) so it makes this list. 


City Girl Coffee also has amazing and fun recipes on its website, which I know any mom would enjoy too!


And, you can also grab City Girl Coffee online through Amazon or check your local grocery store (they are at my local Kroger!).


Very convenient if you are shopping for a last-minute coffee for mom this Mother’s Day. 



4. Explorer Cold Brew


Cold brew concentrate is new to me and I’m loving it. 


There are a variety of companies that are becoming more and more popular (Javy and Jot are two that come to mind for me). 


And, I’ve had both of those, but I like Explorer Cold Brew better.


What I love about Explorer specifically is the variety they offer. 


Single Bottle of Liquid Coffee Concentrate from Explorer Cold Brew. This is an example of a perfect coffee for moms.

From different caffeine levels (no caf, low caf, regular caf, and extra caf) to elixirs and chai options too there is something for every mom (for any time of day!). 


No one else in the cold brew market is doing the things Explorer Cold Brew is doing.


And, although it’s cold brew you can use hot water or hot milk and drink your cold brew warm so it’s the perfect coffee for moms because of its versatility! 


Plus Explorer Cold Brew is another site that has great, easy recipes they share using their products! My favorites are:




5. Expedition Roasters


The Wonderland Coffee Crumb Cake Sample Coffee Bag from Expedition Roasters is another coffee for moms.

Every mom coffee lover I know has a soft spot for flavored coffee. 

Because flavored coffee roasts are just plain fun. And tasty. 


While there are some flavor combinations that don’t make sense to me (I’m looking at you Skipper’s Brew…), Expedition Roasters has some of the best, flavored coffees I’ve ever had. 


They are SO good.


For moms this Mother’s Day, I recommend the Bewitching Butterscotch Beer, Beans From Outer Space, or the Wonderland Coffee Crumb Cake (my personal favorite from Expedition Roasters!).


All three of these are just plain delicious and any mom will love feeling like she is indulging in a dessert-style coffee.


They also hold up great to my reheat in the microwave test and iced coffee test. (It’s very scientific I assure you…)


And don’t forget, code KTLIKESCOFFEE saves you 10% on your order!



As a mom and coffee lover, I’m here to tell you that coffee is one of the best gifts you can give for Mother’s Day. 


And these coffees take it a step further because you can give mom a coffee that can keep up with her busy life! 


All the coffees on this list are perfect for mom this Mother’s Day. 


Pair the coffee with a gorgeous mom-inspired mug or glass from somewhere like Sweet Water Decor or Sweet Magnolia & Company and you will have a wonderful, simple, and heartfelt Mother’s Day gift.


Happy Mother’s Day! 


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9 thoughts on “Coffee for Moms: 5 Perfect Blends To Buy This Mother’s Day”

  1. Thank you for introducing me to some new coffee brands! I am totally new to the world of coffee having been a strict tea drinker for years (an English thing). Thanks for sharing xxx

    1. Thanks for checking this post out Ashley! I love English tea! Some of my favorite coffees as of late have black tea in them as well as coffee. Enjoy whatever you might try in the coffee world, but never let go of that English tea…it’s divine too! 🙂

  2. I love coffee, but I need a strong espresso as I deal with writing articles and doing coding for websites all day. My stepmom drinks Campfire. I drink Cafe Bustelo espresso. The smell of it brewing just makes me look like I’m in some 80s/90s Folgers commerical. LOL!

    Great suggestions!

    1. Thank you for checking this out. If you like dark I’d check out the Inkwell Blend from Black Ink Coffee. It’s not on this list, but it was one of the darkest coffees I’ve had since I started doing these reviews. It packs a punch for sure!

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