Exploring the Rich Aromas of Thai Coffee: Lanna Coffee Co.

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Thailand and Thai coffee is not the first region that comes to mind when you think of coffee. 


Places like Brazil, Ethiopia, Honduras, and a handful of others dominate the coffee marketplace. In fact, Thailand is not even in the top ten coffee-producing countries


But, there are hidden regions when it comes to coffee-producing countries and Thailand is one of those. 


Lanna Coffee Co. Logo

With a mission to roast premium coffee from a nontraditional region, Lanna Coffee Co. is a company dedicated to being at the forefront of Thai coffee. 


Nestled amidst the lush green hills of northern Thailand, Thai coffee plantations are renowned for their high-quality beans and distinctive flavors. 


But Thai coffee isn’t just a beverage; it’s a cultural heritage passed down through generations. 


And, Lanna Coffee Co. pays homage to this heritage by ensuring that every cup of coffee tells a story – one of the land, the people, and the craftsmanship that goes into making each batch of their exquisite coffee.



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Background on Lanna Coffee Co. 


I had never tried Thai coffee before I came across Lanna Coffee Co. I honestly didn’t even realize coffee production was happening in Thailand.


Not all of the coffee Lanna Coffee Co. sells is from Thailand, but a majority of it is.


And the fact that they are the largest buyer of Thai coffee in the United States makes them very unique.


Through a partnership with the Integrated Tribal Development Foundation (ITDF), Lanna Coffee Co. supports its goal of reaching poor areas in northern Thailand by improving communities. 


ITDF was the first fair trade-certified coffee co-op in Thailand. Through the program established in 1990, ITDF has helped farmers with training, improved coffee varieties, and proper processing equipment coffee so that northern Thailand can make its mark in the coffee world.


Every purchase from Lanna Coffee Co. supports ITDF and its mission. And it embodies what I frequently say about coffee: Coffee is more than just a drink. 


It’s a whole community and there is always something to learn





Lanna Coffee Co. Coffee Review


With that, I should tell you what I purchased from Lanna Coffee Co. Honestly, I went overboard because I purchased five different coffees. They included:


  • Black Honey
  • Summer Solstice Blend 
  • Artisan Blend
  • House Blend
  • French Blend 

I really wanted to get a full picture of what Thai coffee was like and try different roast levels. Plus I’m all about free shipping over a certain dollar amount (with Lanna Coffee Co. if you spend $50 you get free shipping).


Of the coffee I tried, my favorite was actually the Summer Solstice Blend, which unfortunately you can only get in the summertime.


A bag of seasonal coffee from Lanna Coffee Co.

It was a delicious light roast blend with fully washed and honey-processed coffees from both Peru and Thailand and contained notes of orange blossom honey, brown sugar, and madeleine cookie


I really couldn’t get enough of this blend and highly recommend you check it out when it comes back around next summer. 


Their current seasonal blend is the Autumn Equinox and it sounds delicious too!


The Black Honey and Artisan Blend are also light roast Thai coffees.


The Black Honey is a single origin from Doi Inthanon, Thailand, and has flavor notes of vanilla bean, puff pastry, and raspberry compote. It’s a really fresh, light, and lively coffee. 


And, the Artisan Blend is from Huay Hom, Thailand, and has an excellent balance with notes of brown sugar, lime, and butterscotch. 


I highly recommend either one, but if you are forcing me to pick between the two I would select the Artisan Blend. It’s a really well-rounded light roast and I enjoyed this blend so much.



A bag of Black Honey Thai coffee beans.
A bag of Thai coffee called the Artisan Blend.

From the medium roast level offerings, I picked the House Blend. 


The coffee for the House Blend is sourced from different farms in Thailand and Nicaragua and has notes of sweet bread, dried fruit, and cocoa. 


A bag of House Blend coffee from Lanna Coffee Co.


It’s a very versatile blend and honestly perfect for any coffee drinker. 


No matter if you like it black, with milk, or cream (even a flavored cream), this coffee can hold up to it. And, actually, it tastes really good with a vanilla coffee creamer in my opinion. 


It’s everything you want in a medium-roast coffee. 


And then there’s the French Blend a dark roast coffee blend with beans from Thailand and Nicaragua. 


A bag of the French Bland Coffee from Thai coffee roasters, Lanna Coffee Co.

It’s a dark, full-bodied coffee with a distinct, bold flavor. But, despite its darkness, the coffee is not very bitter or acidic. So, it’s a really great, diverse coffee. 


Perfect for someone who likes a bold, black cup of coffee as well as someone who wants milk and sugar. 


I particularly enjoyed using the French Blend for iced coffees as it acted like an espresso shot and provided the perfect balance for milk and syrups.




Overall, I can’t say enough positive things about my experience with Lanna Coffee Co.


Its unique flavors and cultural significance make it a treasure worth exploring. And as you indulge in Lanna Coffee’s offerings, you not only taste the richness of the beans but also the passion of the people behind them. 


So, the next time you crave a truly distinctive coffee experience, let the aroma of Thai coffee lead you to Lanna Coffee Co., where every cup is a journey to the heart of Thailand’s coffee heritage.


Make sure you use discount code KTLIKESCOFFEE for 10% off your first order too!



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