Tapestry Coffee: Unveiling the Flavor

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Tapestry Coffee, established in 2021 and based in Lakeville, Minnesota, is making a name for itself in the specialty coffee scene.


Tapestry Coffee logo

This small roaster emphasizes quality and community, offering a variety of meticulously sourced and roasted beans.


But what first drew me into their coffee brand was honestly their name and the look of their coffee bags. It felt special, somehow pulling me in.


Perhaps it is the simplicity of the logo (see left) and their bag designs, but I just loved the look and knew I needed to try Tapestry Coffee for myself.


So, I did what any good coffee blogger would do and ordered way too much coffee! 🙂 From Tapestry Coffee I ordered: 


Tapestry Coffee Pinterest Pin


The Blends Sampler includes four samples each in a 4oz sample size: 

  1. Abstract Blend
  2. Loom Blend
  3. Fringe Blend
  4. Seasonal Blend (I received the Perennial Blend)

I LOVED this blend bundle for several different reasons. 


First, coffee samples are my favorite and I love companies that offer 4oz sample sizes. It’s enough coffee, in my experience, that you can brew at least twice in a drip coffee maker and that’s important to me. I feel like you can’t experience a coffee completely in just one brew, so I always look for sample sizes in at least 4oz.


Second, I love that Tapestry Coffee includes its seasonal blend in the sampler. It’s unique and I often find companies don’t want to offer a sample of the seasonal blend because it’s seasonal and thus a limited run (and supply).


Of the blends, my favorite was the Abstract Blend.


First and foremost it smelled amazing. So, as soon as I opened the bag I was hooked. It was fruity and sweet, probably due to the notes of honey and berry. I loved this coffee and it’s extremely versatile as I used it for both hot coffee and iced. (I also reheated it and it was still delicious, but shhh don’t tell anyone!)


And fun fact, Abstract is the coffee Tapestry pulls on espresso at the coffee shop. 


The Fringe Blend was also enjoyable. I liked the chocolate notes and the “darkness” of the blend. It was rich and had a lovely mouthfeel. A classic dark roast coffee that pairs especially well with milk.


The Loom Blend is a bestseller and I can see why. It’s a medium-roast coffee that you want to enjoy again and again.


Sample bags from Tapestry Coffee

For me, the Loom had a smooth mouthfeel and delicious nutty, chocolate notes. At the coffee shop, Loom is one of the primary drip coffee offerings. 


The seasonal blend I tried, the Perennial Blend, was my least favorite of the Tapestry Coffees. 


As much as I love the name and the marketing (seriously, the pictures of the coffee bag surrounded by flowers are amazing!), this coffee just wasn’t for me. It was too strong of a floral taste and left an aftertaste in my mouth that I didn’t enjoy. 


Looking at the tasting notes, I think it was the Apricot specifically that didn’t work for me as the other tasting notes and even the origin of this blend are similar to the Ethiopia Natural Guji I discuss below (and enjoyed!).


But this sample size of the Perennial Blend was a great reminder, for me, of why sample sizes are important…especially for seasonal blends. And I know I will try more seasonal coffee from Tapestry in the future because I can get a sample size!



bags of coffee


In addition to the blends, I also tried two single-origin coffees from Tapestry Coffee.


First, I’m a sucker for coffee from Ethiopia, and the Natural Ethiopia Guji was no exception. It’s a light roast with bright, fruity notes including Jasmine and orange zest. 


When you look at the tasting notes, they are very similar to those in the Perennial Blend, but minus the Apricot. So, I’d suggest this one over the Perennial if you are looking to try an Ethiopian coffee. 


It is a good, solid Ethiopian coffee that showcases the unique, bright, and fruity aspects of the African coffee region.


The Costa Rica Honey is from Costa Rica (of course!) and uses the honey process. 


Costa Rica Honey coffee from Tapestry Coffee

You can read more about the process here, but it’s essentially a method of processing coffee cherries that falls between the fully washed (wet) and natural (dry) methods. 


It’s a well-known process that originated in Costa Rica, but not one I’ve encountered frequently (at least nothing comes to mind while writing this). The Costa Rica Honey is also the only coffee from Tapestry Coffee that uses this process. So, I was particularly excited about this coffee.


The taste of the Costa Rica Honey was not a noticeable difference, but I could tell something was “different” if that makes sense. It felt like this coffee was sweeter somehow, but with a touch of spice…like someone added spiced honey to the coffee (if spiced honey is a thing?). 


Regardless, it was delicious, unique, and my overall favorite from Tapestry Coffee with the Abstract Blend coming in a very close second!


Tapestry Coffee, though relatively new, has quickly established itself as a quality-focused and community-oriented roaster. 


Their commitment to ethical sourcing, careful roasting, and excellent customer service make them a standout in the crowded coffee market. 


But best of all, you can enjoy a 15% discount on your first order with Tapestry Coffee! Use code KTLIKESCOFFEE to save today!





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