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Mushroom coffee has taken off over the past couple of years and it’s because of the “coffee with benefits” aspect that it touts. 


But, any health benefits aside, does mushroom coffee even taste good? 


Well, I’m here to answer some questions you might have about mushroom coffee. I’ve tried several brands over the years (Four Sigmatic and Laird Coffee come to mind) and most recently stumbled upon Peak State Coffee. 


I honestly hated Laird’s Mushroom Coffee when I tried it (I think I ended up throwing about half a bag out because I just couldn’t finish it). And, Four Sigmatic’s coffee is good, but aside from that, I haven’t found another “good” mushroom coffee.


Peak State Coffee Logo

So I figured I would give Peak State Coffee a try.


And I will say that of all the mushroom coffees I’ve tried thus far, this tasted the least “mushroom” and that’s a good thing for me because I don’t like mushrooms


I’ve tried many times and still cook with mushrooms from time to time, but I just don’t enjoy eating mushrooms.


It’s a shame because mushrooms do offer great health benefits, but I know I’m not alone in my dislike of mushrooms, and that’s where mushroom coffee comes in.


Mushroom coffee is touted for additional health benefits and although the jury is still out on the truth behind the health claims that mushroom coffee typically touts, there are some things you can’t argue with. 


Mushroom coffee typically has less caffeine than traditional coffee and is less acidic. And, those are good things for most people, especially those with heartburn/digestive issues.


While I won’t label Peak State Coffee as a miraculous cure-all for stress, immune support, or brain function, as a mom, I appreciate any small advantage I can find. And, I can report that I savored most of the mushroom coffee variants I sampled from Peak State Coffee, so let’s delve into the details.



Peak State Coffee Review Pinterest Pin



Peak State Coffee Review



Peak State Coffee offers a selection of coffee with benefits using the addition of mushrooms – specifically mushrooms roasted with coffee beans.


Typically, mushroom coffee is made with dehydrated mushrooms that are ground into a powder and then combined with ground coffee.


But, what makes Peak State Coffee unique is its patentable process that botanically infuses the coffee beans during their roasting process (not after they are ground) and in conditions that allow the coffee beans to absorb the mushroom botanicals. 


It’s mushroom coffee made at the next level and knew I wanted to try everything from Peak State, so I ordered just that: 


Peak State mushroom coffee offerings


I’ll start with the Dark Roast Colombia which I enjoyed as it immediately captivated me with a bold, rich flavor. 

The Dark Roast Coffee with Benefits from Peak State

As the coffee warms your senses, you’ll notice subtle hints of cocoa from the deep dark chocolate notes and a satisfying earthiness thanks to the mushrooms 


I tried this one in both a whole bean and a single-serve coffee bag. Both delivered great flavor and offered that classic dark roast taste without that acidic aftertaste. 


And, what sets this roast apart is its stress-relieving properties. 


Infused with reishi and chaga mushrooms, each sip is a soothing experience as it offers adaptogens and antioxidants. It’s perfect for those hectic days when you need a moment of calmness.


I enjoyed this Dark Roast in both forms, although I don’t know if it took away the stress that comes with raising a toddler 🙂



Next up, and probably my favorite from Peak State, was the Light Roast Ethiopia Yirgacheffe


Light Roast Coffee with Benefits from Peak State

I adore Ethiopian coffee, and this light roast is a delightful dance of berry and citrus notes. It’s a true celebration of the beans’ origin, which are known for their bright acidity and distinctive fruity undertones.


The health benefits of the Light Roast are crafted to enhance cognitive function. 


Packed with nutrients from lion’s mane and cordyceps mushrooms, it’s the ideal companion for moments of focus and creativity as it supports brain health. 





My least favorite of the variety pack was the Medium Roast Guatemala, which I found interesting because medium roasts are my typical go-to. 


Medium Roasts Coffee with Benefits from Peak State

The Medium Roast offers notes of chocolate, caramel, and grape, and honesty that is probably why I didn’t like it as much as the Dark and Light Roasts (I’m not a big fan of grapes).


It just felt like too much to me, this Medium Roast, and I think the flavor notes and wide range of mushrooms were competing with each other. 


That said, the Medium Roast boasts immunity benefits as it is infused with mushrooms known for their immune-boosting properties – reishi, chaga, turkey tail, cordyceps, and lion’s mane specifically.


Lastly, I tried the Nitro Cold Brew with Benefits, featuring a Dark Roast Sumatra with notes of milk chocolate. 


Canned cold brew mushroom coffee from Peak State.

It was a standout for me, especially in the canned cold brew coffee world. It is indulgent, like really indulgent. 


Nitro cold brews typically provide a smooth and creamy texture to the coffee and this mushroom cold brew with benefits is no exception. 


Beyond the taste, this cold brew mushroom coffee offers a combination of everything noted above: brain function, immunity support, and stress balance. 


I used the cold brew mushroom coffee in my iced coffee lattes because it was just too rich for me to drink as a straight cold brew. It was strong, even stronger than the whole bean Dark Roast Columbia. 


It’s good, but just be prepared for a coffee punch like you’ve never tasted in a cold brew.



Peak State Coffee’s mushroom coffee with benefits go beyond the ordinary coffee roast. 


They are unique and carefully crafted to balance the taste of traditional coffee and mushrooms. 


So whether you seek stress relief, brain sustenance, or an immunity boost, Peak State Coffee and its mushroom coffees might be the holistic addition you are looking for in your morning routine. 


To save on your order of $25 or more at Peak State Coffee, use code KTLIKESCOFFEE for a discount!



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