The Short Years Baby Book – A Beautiful Alternative

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Did your mom give you your baby book after you had a child? 


Mine did. 


And, so did my husband’s mom. 


I feel like it’s a right of passage or something after you have your first child…you get your baby book from your mom. 


It’s like coming full circle in some ways I guess. 


Or, maybe it’s their way of telling you to get started on your baby book for your child?


But, the thought of actually doing a baby book while in the newborn stage was so overwhelming to me. 


Actually, the thought of doing a baby book, in general, sounded overwhelming to me. 


I knew I wanted to capture and remember those moments. To loving document my child’s first year of life the same way my mom and my husband’s mom had.


But I knew there had to be an easier way to do it all. Something that didn’t involve remembering stories years later or printing my pictures.


So I went to good old Google and searched around. 


Eventually, I stumbled upon The Sort Years.



The Short Years is a company that allows you to create a baby book right on your phone. 


I scrolled through the website, read about the process, downloaded the app, and started an account right away. 


What’s great about The Short Years is that you can download the app and start working on your child’s baby book for free.


Android App

Desktop App

You don’t have to pay to use the app at all (you just have to pay if you want to turn your work into a physical baby book). 


So you get a chance to try out The Short Years baby book and the app without making a financial commitment, which I love. 


You can put in your child’s information, answer questions, and add pictures…you can do everything if you want to for free.


So that’s what I did. 


I wasn’t sure how I would like it or if I would purchase one because they are a little pricey (especially when compared to your $20 write-in baby book you can get from practically anywhere). 


But, I caught a sale one day and decided to purchase the first year option.


Features of The Short Years baby book:

  • Premium fabric cover in 7 different colors
  • Name card for the front cover
  • 130+ content pages including 19 chapter covers for easy organization
  • Hands and feet print pages (with an option to add on an ink pad too!)
  • 6 lined journaling pages 
  • Optional keepsake envelope for hospital bracelets, photos, and more
  • Free printing and shipping of all pages created in the app
  • An option to add on “The Toddler Years” for additional chapter covers and content pages







I haven’t added on The Toddler Year’s option (which is an additional expense), but I’m still filling it in now that my child is a toddler.


If I’m being honest, though, I will probably purchase that piece eventually too.


After the physical book and pages I had already created came in the mail, I was even more inspired to continue making and adding things to my daughter’s beautiful baby book. 


Because that’s the best part…her baby book is beautiful.


There are still pages to write on by hand and a little keepsake envelope so I can store precious items.


It still has those elements my baby book has, but I was able to make it during her first year right on my phone



The Short Years baby book saved me so much time.


I was able to live in the present and answer questions about my baby girl as they were happening!


I didn’t have to go back and try to remember something that happened months ago. 


It just made things so much easier to be able to do everything on my phone (often times while holding a sleeping baby!).


By far one of my favorite features is that I was able to upload pictures from my phone right to the album.


You just pick a photo format and upload the images you want to use.


It is SO SO easy.


And, when I tell you it’s a beautiful photo album I mean it! 


This baby book is gorgeous! And, it’s complete. 


Even if I never add The Toddler Years she would still have a complete baby book documenting the first year of her life. 


For so many reasons it was such a great investment and I’m so glad I took a chance on the company because I’m so happy with the results. 


Everything about the process has been easy and manageable, even when I was in the throngs of the newborn stage and postpartum depression.


I can’t wait to give it to my daughter one day; I hope she cherishes it as much as I do. 


If you are curious to see a sample of what the completed book looks like, you can flip through this example on The Short Years website. 


If you are looking for a unique baby shower gift this would be such a great present! You can buy an eGift Card for someone here




The Short Years Baby Book Review




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