Embrace the Summer Vibes: 20 Fun Journal Prompts for June

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If you haven’t started journaling this year, June is the perfect month to begin by embracing fun journal prompts! 


The weather is warming up, the days are getting longer, and a sense of adventure is in the air. 


Whether you’re lounging by the pool, hiking through nature, or just enjoying some downtime at home, journaling is a fantastic way to capture the essence and fun of this vibrant month. Because journaling doesn’t always have to be reflective or a form of self-care it can be fun too!


So with that in mind, here are some fun journal prompts to inspire your June entries and kick off summer.



Fun Journal Prompts for the Summer Pinterest Pin



20 Fun Journal Prompts for Summer


1. Create a Summer Bucket List! Write about all the activities you want to do this summer. Whether it’s visiting a new place or trying out a new hobby list things you hope to achieve before the summer ends. If you need some inspiration check out this Summer Coffee Bucket List!


2. June 21st marks the official first day of summer. Describe how you plan to celebrate the summer solstice. What traditions or activities can you enjoy on this day?


3. Reflect on some of your favorite June memories from past years. What made those moments special? How can you recreate or build upon those experiences this year?


4. Take a walk in nature and describe what you see, hear, and feel. Pay attention to the small details – the colors, the sounds, the textures. How does being in nature affect your mood and thoughts?


5. Compile a list of books you want to read this summer. Why did you choose these particular books? What are you hoping to gain from them? Check out this list of summer reads if you need inspiration. 


6. Write about your favorite summer recipe(s). Do you have any special dishes or drinks that you love to make during this time of year? Record the recipes and why they are meaningful to you.


7. Collect flowers and leaves during a summer outing. Press them and glue them onto a page in your journal. To make this a fun journal prompt, write the name of the leaf/flower,  the date you collected it, and anything else you want to remember about the day you collected it.


8. If you could travel anywhere this summer where would you go? Describe your dream destination. What would you do there, and why does it appeal to you?


9. If you could send a message in a bottle from the beach, what would you write and why?


10. June is halfway through the year, making it a great time for a mid-year reflection. Look back at your goals and resolutions from the beginning of the year. How are you progressing? What adjustments do you need to make?



A cup of coffee next to a notebook



11. Create a summer playlist! How do these songs make you feel? Do they bring back any specific memories?


12. Take some time to watch a sunset or sunrise. Describe the experience in your journal. What thoughts and emotions did it evoke?


13. Imagine there’s a hidden treasure in your garden. What is it, and how do you find it?


14. If you could spend your summer in any fictional world, where would you go and what would you do?


15. Write about your favorite ice cream flavor and the memories associated with it.


16. List five things you love about summer and why you’re grateful for this season. How does summer make you feel compared to other times of the year?


17. June often brings various festivals and community events. Write about a festival or event you’re looking forward to attending. What makes it special?


18. Write about a cover of a song you think is better than the original. Why do you prefer it?


19. Write down some of your favorite summer quotes or poems. You can use decorative lettering or calligraphy to make them stand out.


20. Describe your summer self-care routine. What activities help you relax and recharge during this busy season?


June is a time of fun, exploration, and sunshine.


Use these fun journal prompts to capture the joy and excitement of the start of the summer season.


Happy journaling!



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