9 Boutique Summer Dresses Every Working Mom Needs

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As a working mom I live in dresses in the spring and summer (leggings in the fall!). 


I love boutique summer dresses especially because they are so easy to wear and you can dress them up or down as needed.


Working from home, I find that simple casual dresses I can throw on easily in the morning make me feel amazing and give me a boost of productivity. 


But, I’m all about comfort and style. Even though I’m home all day, I don’t want to look like a potato sack. I want something stylish, yet very comfortable.


And, any dress I buy I try to make sure it has multi-purpose use. Whether it’s something I can wear to the park with my toddler, sitting at my desk all day, or out to a nice dinner, it needs to have multiple uses for me to purchase it.

Basically, I don’t like buying something for just one occasion and then never wearing it again.


Keep reading to find a list of my favorite boutique summer all working moms need!


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1. Floral Sleeveless Tank Maxi Dress


I got this maxi dress as part of a matching outfit for my first Mother’s Day last year (see below!).


Since then, its become one of my favorite casual, yet dressy dresses! 


I love that I can put a white or cream sweater over it if it’s a bit chilly and that I can dress it up or down with heels or flats. 


It also pairs great with gold or silver jewelry! The bonus is you can match your little one too! 🙂


Mommy and me boutique summer dresses!


Mom holding a baby in matching boutique summer dresses.
My first Mother’s Day – May 2021

2. T-Shirt Dress (probably my number one essential boutique summer dress on this list!)


There are tons of t-shirt dresses out there, but this one on Amazon is by far my favorite. I’ve owned mine for years now and it has held up great!


You can wear it plain, with leggings, sweaters…I’ve even put jeans on underneath before! 


It’s also so comfy…I kinda feel like I’m wearing a giant t-shirt when I have it on (in the best kind of way!).  


It’s one of my favorite things to throw on in the morning if I need to start my day quickly. It’s that simple and easy. 


3. Casual Dress with Pockets (pockets are an essential dress feature for me now!)

Girl in a field with flowers in a white boutique summer dress with pockets.
Pockets in dresses are a must-have for me right now!


I’m all about pockets! My wedding dress even had pockets! 


And, now that I’m a mom I find pockets even more useful. 


My cell phone, a tissue for a runny nose, some baby goldfish for my daughter (and maybe me…).


Pockets are so useful and an essential part of my wardrobe. 


I’ve got this dress in the long sleeve version, and I love it so much, so I’m adding the short sleeve version to my wardrobe for the spring/summer too. 


The pleats in this dress add a little touch of elegance and make it a boutique summer dress that is still comfy too.


And did I mention it has pockets!? 


4. A Mini Dress


Mini dresses are such a great option because they are the epidemy of a boutique summer dress! 


Perfect for hot summer days or a work function, all working moms need at least one mini dress in their wardrobe.


I adore this floral mini dress from No. 14 Boutique. And, I love that I can support a boutique small business making great clothing for women. 


No. 14 is based out of Pittsburgh, PA where they have a storefront on Butler Street in the Central Lawrenceville neighborhood. But, they also ship nationwide!


You can find No. 14 on Instagram too!


They release a new product online every Tuesday and if you are in the Pittsburgh area go check them out in person at their shop! 


5. Tank Top Maternity Dress


When I was pregnant I had two of these tank top style maternity dresses and they were just perfect!


Simple, casual, comfortable, but still boutique (for a pregnant working mom!).


I was able to wear them all day and not have to change to go out to dinner or to the grocery store. 


Because of the ruched design, I was able to wear these dresses for months too while I was pregnant. I bought them around the 5-6 month mark and they were still great when I was 9+ months pregnant.


Baby bump picture in my tank top maternity dress. An essential dress you need if you are pregnant during the summer months!
Baby bump picture in my tank top maternity dress. An essential dress you need if you are pregnant during the summer months!

They were perfect for everyday use, a special occasion/event, or just my weekly pregnancy bump pictures (see above!) 🙂


I highly recommend you have a maternity dress like this in your wardrobe if you are pregnant during the spring/summer months. 


6. Color Block Dress


I’m new to Shein, but I know so many moms who swear by their women’s and kid’s clothes because they are cute, affordable, and of good quality. 


I love this color block dress from there because it is available in a number of different color combinations. 


It’s flowy and made of cotton so it is a great choice for warmer weather. It resembles the t-shirt style dress I noted above, but the color blocking adds something different to the style. 


All in all, a boutique summer dress like this is just a great addition to your wardrobe because it is so versatile.


You could even wear it with leggings once the weather starts to turn cold again!


7. A Sandra Darren Dress


I have a boutique summer dress from Sandra Darren from a few years ago that I absolutely love.


I couldn’t find my exact dress anymore, but it is very similar to this white dress.


I purchased it for engagement photos and our rehearsal dinner because I wanted something white and dressy, but comfortable.


Since my wedding festivities, I’ve worn my boutique summer dress from Sandra Darren dress so many times! 


And, since my wedding was in 2019, I’d say this dress has held up really well! 


Any of the Sandra Darren fit and flare dresses make the perfect boutique summer dress addition to your wardrobe!







8. A Wedding Guest Dress


No spring or summer wardrobe is complete without a go-to dress for a wedding you will probably get invited to.


I love floral prints for events like this because they are typically bright and vibrant.


And, if you have a plus one, they can just wear a plain white shirt with a simple color-coordinating tie or a plain polo (depending on the dress code for the event!). 


This floral high low dress from Shein is the perfect wedding guest dress. I love the Multicolor and Dusty Pink color options specifically. 


It is easily a dress you could wear for so many occasions beyond a wedding too, and the price point is amazing!


9. A Fun Boutique Summer Ruffle Dress 


I already mentioned that I love supporting small businesses whenever and wherever I can.


When I stumbled upon this Sophie Dress from Buckeye Creek Boutique, I knew it had to make this list. 


Every working mom needs some type of ruffle dress like this. 


The Sophie Dress is just an all-around great dress that offers a loose fit with a tie at the waist.


Buckeye Creek Boutique also has awesome options for kids and infants too if you are looking for something unique for your little one! 


You can find Buckeye Creek Boutique here on Instagram!


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If you are a working mom, having a collection of boutique summer dresses is essential for your wardrobe.


But, at the end of the day, you can’t just buy something for one specific occasion and only wear it once. It’s just not practical. 


And, just because I work from home all day, doesn’t mean I want to wear my pajamas (although some days I really want to!). 


Everything on this list is something I’d be happy to wear at home all day too…especially any type of t-shirt dress!


If you haven’t worn one of those yet, I highly recommend that be your first purchase from this list!


You won’t regret it!



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16 thoughts on “9 Boutique Summer Dresses Every Working Mom Needs”

  1. I love dresses, especially functional ones with multi pockets to put my cellphone and kids’ knick knacks. Casual dresses with pockets are the way to go for me!

  2. A comprehensive list! I’m leaning towards dresses with pockets these days too! So handy. But I’ve always been partial to t-shirt dresses around the house.

    1. So glad you are inspired by this post! I’m not a huge girly girl, but I love the simplicity of dresses! I feel like it’s one complete outfit and I don’t have to think about anything else after I put one on.

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