13 Tips for Managing Stress as a Mom

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This is a guest post by Mckayla of Everyday She Moms.

Being a mom is stressful. And I mean stressful.


If you’re a mom and you’ve managed to avoid any type of stress – I need the secret, cause this mama deals with stress daily. 


And, while I’m no miracle worker when it comes to avoiding stress, I can absolutely offer a few tips for managing stress as a mom.


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About the Author: Mckayla

I’m Mckayla, a stay-at-home mom of three under four! I’m a freelance writer by day and a mom blogger for my website, Everyday She Moms, by night. I live in a very rural area, so our days are spent playing outside with our pup and spending time with friends and family. I definitely embrace the “mom loves coffee” trope, but I’m a big fan of hot cocoa and tea too – I love writing, gaming, reading, and spending time with my family.


The types of stress we deal with as moms can come from anywhere. 


Sometimes it’s from the cleanliness – or lack thereof – of our homes, our busy schedules, rough nights with our toddlers, hard times with our teens, our jobs – the list could go on and on. 


And since we can’t escape our stress, we can utilize different methods to deal with our stress.


It’s important to consider that not all stress management activities or practices will work for every mama – or even every situation. 


Find a system that works for you, have a backup, then have a backup for your backup for the days when you get truly overwhelmed and stressed out.



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How to Manage Stress as a Mom & Why it Matters


Let’s not act like we’re all perfect, because there’s no such thing as a perfect person or even a perfect parent. 


We’re allowed to struggle – especially when we’re stressed. But, when we’re stressed mamas, we run the risk of our overwhelm going into our parenting.


We have a shorter temper and patience, our brains start to malfunction, and we get annoyed by kids just being kids. None of which feels good to us, nor to our kids.


Now to the good stuff – here are my top 13 tips for managing stress as a mom:



#1 Learn Your Stress “Cues”

Managing stress can be hard, but learning your stress cues can help.


Awareness is key.


Learning when you start to feel stressed so that you can intervene before hitting that way-too-stressed experience is what’s going to help you successfully manage your stress. Even if you’re learning how to cope with your stress in a different way, you still need to learn how to identify your cues. 


Cues could be sensitivity to loud noises, anxiety, overwhelm, sweats, and even increased agitation. 



#2 Get Your Body Moving


Did you know that people who stay active are up to 52% happier than those who don’t?


Does that mean that exercise is going to keep your stress away? Nope. 


But it will definitely help you manage stress in motherhood. 


Taking a walk, stretching, yoga, and jogging are just a few examples of how you can get moving. Are you a busy mom? Try one of these 10 ways to fit movement into your day.



#3 Find a Support Group 


This doesn’t need to be anything fancy – even a simple Facebook group dedicated to moms can work wonders.


A woman sitting on a couch texting her mom group as she has had a stressful day and talking to your support group is one way to manage stress as a mom.

Personally, I have a group chat with a few local and not-so-local moms (about 10 in total) where we just chat and vent. It helps on those days when I feel alone and need a bit more interaction than my littles.


Plus, it’s a bit of a stress relief when another mom has a similar experience to mine. It reminds me that even those stressful mom moments are normal.



#4 Start a Hobby


One of the best ways to manage stress as a mom is to put yourself in a place where it’s harder to become stressed – and that means doing something for yourself. 


There are tons of hobbies that moms can start at any point. You can keep exploring until you find one that’s right for you. 



#5 Take Breaks


Taking breaks as a mom can be a privilege depending on how much help you’re able to receive, the age of your kids, and even your financial situation. For example, a mom surrounded by a trustworthy family may find it easier to take a break vs. a mom who lives far away from their family. 


If possible, prioritize a break at least once per month.


Take some time with your partner or go out on your own. When you’re not experiencing the same thing every day you’ll be less likely to become stressed at home.



#6 Follow the Mom “Hacks”


An example of a meal plan on a chalkboard on the wall.

Do you find that meals or meal preparation are stressful? Maybe bedtime routines with wild toddlers are the worst part of the day. 


It’s time to follow some mom hacks. 


Prepare for the times when you know stress is coming. Meal time? Prep your meals throughout the day or the weekend before to take the stress off. 


Bedtime? Keep a routine that your kids can repeat each night with supervision vs. hands-on guidance.



#7 Journal


Journaling is a great way of managing stress as a mom

You won’t realize how much journaling helps you relieve and manage stress until you try it. It can be as simple as journaling a little bit in the morning with your coffee and it’ll help you have a clear mind for the day – or you can journal at night about the events that happened and how you feel.


Journaling is one of those things that you can do in the notes section of your phone, in a paper journal, or even just on paper printables. 


Essentially, it’s something you can do on the go or at home – the perfect stress management tactic for busy moms.



#8 Keeping a Positive Mindset


Easier said than done, am I right? 


We all go into our days with the best mindset possible, but there are a few tricks and tips you can follow to try and maintain your positive mindset. For example, you can try daily affirmations! 


Still, don’t shame yourself if you find it hard to wake up perfectly happy or positive, it’s okay!



#9 Take a Shower

A white tiled bathroom with a shower. Showering is a great way of managing stress as a mom.


Cold showers are proven to reduce anxiety – but hot showers are my personal preference when I need to quickly clear my head or decompress.


While this might be hard for some moms depending on the age of their children, it’s okay to step away when you find things becoming a little too stressful and just take a shower. 


When you’re happy – or at least in a better mindset – you can tackle whatever situations are happening at the time.



#10 Ditch the Mom-Guilt


You’ve probably heard the term “mom guilt” before or have experienced it yourself – well, it’s time to kiss it goodbye! There’s nothing like snowballing your stress by feeling guilty that you’re stressed out by #momlife. 


Work on reminding yourself that it’s okay and simply giving yourself grace and space as a mom.



#11 Set Boundaries


Setting boundaries and learning how to say no was one of the best pieces of advice I received as a new mom. 


You’re allowed to say no to things, you’re allowed to reschedule on stressful days, and say no to events, toys, or more that you know would just be a big deal at home. 


It’s hard to set boundaries with your kids – they tend to require a little bit of flexibility – but there is nothing that should prevent you from setting boundaries with other adults in order to maintain your sanity.



#12 Focus on Self-Care 


A woman stretching her arms above her head wearing a pink robe, eye mask, and hair towel.

Self-care is an absolute necessity when you want to manage your stress as a mom. 


One way you can ensure that you make time is by dedicating one day a week to self-care.


Just like with all of my tips for managing your stress, you don’t have to do anything fancy! Pick one or two things that make you feel great, confident, and cared for to use for your self-care.




#13 Communicate


Communicate with your partner, communicate with yourself, and even communicate with your kids. 


They’re learning from you – why not teach them how to calmly express their needs? 


Explain when you need a second because you’re starting to feel stressed or if you need to step back from an activity and come back later. 


Be clear and succinct with your words – particularly if you have younger children who may not fully comprehend what stress is.



What methods do you use to manage your stress as a mom? Let me know in the comments below!




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  1. Best tip is know your own cues and also dealing with them so you don’t blow your lid. It’s so easy to do that, but when the kids are smaller, it can be trying on being more mindful. Thanks for sharing this.

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