Choose Coffee Over Cardio When You Don’t Feel Like Working Out

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I’ve had a few people ask me before how I find the coffee companies I review. 


And, to be honest my number one resource is Instagram


It’s crazy I know. 


But, I follow a lot of other coffee bloggers and coffee lovers because I like to see what they are brewing daily and I get ideas on coffees to try. 


I also end up with lots of recommended content suggestions that are centered around coffee and ultimately that’s how I found Coffee Over Cardio. 


The name instantly drew me in. 


Coffee Over Cardio.


Yes, please. All day every day I pick coffee first then cardio. 


I followed them on Instagram and then proceeded with my usual perusing of their feed and website. 


They have a lot of flavored coffees and that seems to be what they are best known for, but I was really intrigued by their offering of hydrates and creamers too. 


Those two things are something you don’t normally see from a coffee company, so I added them to my never-ending list of coffee roasters, and many months later here we are.


Coffee Over Cardio Review Pinterest Pin



Coffee Over Cardio Review


If you’ve been following me for a bit now, you know I like to get a sampling of coffees to taste. 


Coffee Over Cardio picture of bag of coffee k-cups, and hydrate powder.

Sample sizes are perfect ways to figure out your favorite roasts without buying a whole bag of something.


So, I was happy to see that Coffee Over Cardio has a sample option. It’s only available in K-pod form, unfortunately, but it’s still worth it to try some of their most popular flavored coffees.


  • Messy Bun (Cinnamon Bun)
  • Birthday Cake (Cake Cake Cake)
  • Saturdaze (Chocolate Donut)

I also purchased a bag of the #Workflow (mainly because I couldn’t pass up a nod to working women in coffee form) and a Hydrate in the Peach Tea and Apple Juice flavors. 



Key Takeaways from Coffee Over Cardio


If you are looking to cut to the chase, these are the positives and negatives at a quick glance. 


Overall, the negatives wouldn’t deter me from ordering coffee from Coffee Over Cardio. They are just things to be aware of. 



  • A wide range of coffees to choose from, including flavored and non-flavored options
  • K-cup options as well as ground coffee
  • Hydrates and creamers that are unique, tasty, and provide additional nutrients/benefits
  • Secret Stash Coffee Club – Exclusive coffee flavors delivered once a month


  • Only available in ground coffee (which is not my first choice)
  • In my opinion, Some of the flavored blends fall short of the promised flavor. They tasted good, but, for example, I didn’t get that strong birthday cake-flavored coffee I was expecting.






Coffee Over Cardio Review Details


If you like the nitty gritty of coffee reviews, then this is the part for you! 


I’ll start with the #Workflow because it was my favorite out of all the coffees I tried. 


#Workflow dark roast coffee from Coffee Over Cardio

It’s a dark roast that was delicious! It was very smooth and flavorful; really just a good classic coffee flavor. 


I enjoyed #Workflow best with milk and the bag design was five stars. As a working mom, I loved it and instantly connected with it.


My husband enjoyed this one too and we finished the bag pretty quickly. I know I’m going to get more of this one at some point. It’s a great dark roast.


From the sample K-pod pack, my favorite was the Messy Bun


A light roast, cinnamon bun-flavored ground coffee that is delicate and flavorful


It has a hint of cinnamon along with some hazelnut and that small dash of hazelnut is what really sets this one apart. 


Those two flavor pairings make for a great combo that is not too sweet and still allows the coffee to shine through. 


This one is Coffee Over Cardio’s best seller and I can really see why. It’s a great flavored coffee that delivers on its flavor promise. 


Also in the sample K-pod pack were the Saturdaze and Birthday Cake flavored coffees.


K-pod bundle from Coffee Over Cardio.

Both, again, are light roast coffees. 


The Saturdaze is a chocolate donut flavor. I enjoyed this one best with milk added in because that brought out the chocolatey flavor profile even more. 


The Birthday Cake flavored coffee, however, missed the mark for me. It tasted a little bitter and just didn’t have as much flavor as the other two from the sample pack. 


If are choosing between any of these three, I highly suggest the Messy Bun coffee be your first choice. Or just opt for the K-pod sample pack and try all three! 


Last up I tried the hydrate powder from Coffee Over Cardio, which is an electrolyte mix-in. 


This is something I was really excited about because the reviews that I read really raved about this powder. 


I ordered the Peach Tea and Apple Juice flavors in the water mix-in hydrate powder. I’ve also now tried the Strawberry Daiquiri and Pink Lemonade


There are also mix-ins for your coffee, which is really neat, but I like my coffee black so I opted to just try the water hydrate mix-ins.


The hydrate powders are honestly amazing.


Peach Tea Hydrate Powder from Coffee Over Cardio

I really can’t rave about them enough. It’s become a staple for me almost every day at this point. 


I typically add it to my water in the afternoon and I find it really gives me a nice pick-me-up that helps me get through that afternoon work slump (and often forgo my afternoon cup of coffee!).


The Peach Tea flavor was really good, but it’s been phased out along with the Apple Juice, and Mojito Blast.


My favorite, though, is the Pink Lemonade. 


It’s delicious and tastes so good!


My one tip for the hydrates is that the recommendation of 1 scoop to 10-12 oz of water is too strong.


So, I’ve adjusted for my taste preference and do about 20oz of water in my tumbler with 1/2-3/4 of a scoop. That ratio is perfect for me. 


It also makes the powder last a little longer as you get more than 30 servings out of it by using less than a full scoop.


Coffee Over Cardio also has a Secret Stash Coffee Club which is similar to what Surviving Motherhood Coffee does. 


It’s a monthly coffee subscription with an exclusive/new flavored coffee every month. So you never know what you are going to get and that’s fun especially if you like flavored coffee. 



Coffee Over Cardio K-pods image



All and all, Coffee Over Cardio is a great company offering unique and delicious flavors. But, what really sets them apart, are the hydrates and creamers they offer that include extra benefits. 


I’ve noticed such a difference in my energy levels in the afternoon in particular since adding them to my daily routine and I highly recommend you check them out!


You can follow Coffee Over Cardio on Instagram.


Be sure to use discount code KTLIKESCOFFEE to save 10% on your order with Coffee Over Cardio too!



So tell me, what are you going to try first from Coffee Over Cardio? 



2 thoughts on “Choose Coffee Over Cardio When You Don’t Feel Like Working Out”

  1. What an interesting name and concept. You hooked me on Coffee 0ver cardio. I was hoping this coffee could replace my cardio workouts. Lol. The coffee flavors are unique. I am a huge coffee lover. I am drinking coffee at this moment while reading your blog. I will try the Messy Bun flavor you suggested. The hydrated mix sounds interesting as well. Thanks for sharing your honest review.

    1. I wish it could replace cardio completely too, but alas we still need that I suppose, lol. The hydrates are really great though and could help with workout recovery especially. Glad you enjoyed this one!

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