Find Motivation for Decluttering and Reclaim Your Space

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Wrap-Up and Motivation for Decluttering is the last and final post in the “Cut Through Clutter” series. If you are just now stumbling on this post, you can find parts 1-4 in this series below! 




If you’ve been following along in the series, we’ve explored not just what decluttering is, but also books, tips, and rules on how to do it…but we haven’t explored the motivation for decluttering.


And, that’s what this wrap-up to the decluttering series, “Cut Through Clutter” is all about.


There’s a reason why many people start on a decluttering project during a stressful or turbulent time in their lives. 


Cutting out clutter does more than just make your home look neater or more spacious. 


Decluttering can actually be a life-transforming process in a multitude of ways.


And, to close out this series on decluttering, we are going to discuss tangible ways decluttering can improve your life and why you should do it. 


Keep reading to learn about different motivations for decluttering!



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Tangible Motivation for Decluttering and How It Can Improve Your Life




Gain More Time


Think of all the time you waste searching for things in your messy environment. 


Abstract modern clock showing how time time escapes us

Do you ever feel like not doing anything or going anywhere because your cluttered surroundings have left you feeling depressed?


Or, maybe it’s the opposite, you never want to be at home because don’t know where to start?


Investing the time to clean out and organize your living space will pay off in all the hours of your life you take back.


It will essentially be like crossing one big, giant thing off your mental to-do list. 



Be More Focused


A messy environment leads to a disorganized mind. 


Being surrounded by clutter makes it hard to concentrate and can even zap your energy too. 


You can’t focus with brain fog, but an organized space can truly rejuvenate you.


Think about when you clean up your desk at the end of the day or you get all the dirty dishes out of the sink and the counters cleaned.


Whenever I do those things I feel so much better afterward. Like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. 


And, that’s because my space is clean and I can focus on things that matter more. 


Like spending time with my family or concentrating on the next proposal I’m working on at work. 


Knowing that you’ll be more focused at the end of your decluttering journey is a great motivation for decluttering. 



Get Better Sleep


By clearing the clutter, you are making more room for energy to flow freely about your bedroom. 


I know that totally sounds cheezy, but it’s true that human beings are made up of energy. 


Being surrounded by energy that can circulate without obstacles allows for deeper and more restful sleep.


I don’t know about you, but restful sleep sounds like great motivation for decluttering!



Room for Personal Growth


By removing physical items from your home, you’ll be making more space to move around. 


A great motivation for decluttering can be getting focused and gaining more time to do things you enjoy

Some creative reorganization or consolidation of your possessions could lead to having more space for something you love, maybe it will even open up an entire room for you to put to new use. 


You just never know what space you will make for yourself until you start decluttering and organizing.


Maybe you will find the space for a desk and can start a hobby you’ve always wanted to pursue. 


Or, you will actually get the spare bedroom set up as an adequate guest room for extended stays from family and friends. 


Whatever it is, just think about the possibilities for what will happen after you are done decluttering and use that as motivation to get started.



Make Extra Money


Woman take photos of products she will sell online from decluttering

Surely, you have some possessions lying around that would be of value to someone else. 


One of the best motivations for decluttering for some people is the thought of making a few extra dollars off things they are no longer using. 


And I don’t blame people!


Why not gather up those things of value you no longer use and sell them on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist? 


The money you make from any sales can go toward something you love like a new hobby or maybe even just a bonus dinner out on the town one night!


You can use the extra cash for anything you like, so let that thought be your motivation for decluttering and see where it takes you!



Final Thoughts and Wrap-Up


There’s so much more to decluttering than you ever realized. It’s not just about getting rid of things, but a shift in mindset too


Decluttering, in general, has a lot of positive outcomes if you just open your mind to the possibilities. 


Hopefully, this wrap-up has given you the motivation you need to begin your decluttering journey. 


Best of luck with your decluttering journay, and be sure to report back to me on your progress! 


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