30 Day Song Challenge List for Instagram

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When I stumbled upon this 30-day Song Challenge for Instagram idea it sounded perfect! 


I’ve honestly never done any of the 30-day challenges before, but I’ve always wanted to.


The easiest way to start any 30 day challenge like this is at the beginning of the month, so that’s what I would recommend doing.


So, for this challenge I used my Instagram account and shared a post each day with the song theme for that day along with my song selection and a brief description of my choice. 


But, I also wanted to turn this into a fun blog post too so I could share my selections with you and give you a copy of the challenge you can use as well!



If you try this 30 day song challenge list be sure to tag me so I can see your song selections @ktlikescoffee or #ktlikescoffee.




30-day Song Challenge on Instagram
30-Day Song Challenge List for Instagram


Day 1 – A favorite song you discovered from a TV show

“I’ll Be There For You” – The Rembrandts


I love Friends. It is one of my favorite TV shows. I can’t even tell you the number of times I’ve seen it that’s how often I watch it. IF there isn’t anything else to watch, I put on Friends. I fall asleep to Friends at night (when my husband lets me control the TV that night! LOL). 


Friends gives me comfort and always makes me laugh, no matter what my day has been like. 


I don’t think this song would mean anything to me if it weren’t for Friends. Let’s be real, it probably wouldn’t have been as popular as it was (and still is!) without the TV show either. 


Day 2 – A song that motivates you

“Remember The Name” – Fort Minor


Day 3 – A song you listen to while working 

Hey Look Ma, I Made It – Panic! At the Disco


Honestly, this day was pretty tricky for me. I pretty much always have music on since I work from home. 


Any song on this list I would gladly listen to while I’m working. But, if I had to pick something right now it would be this song. 


I like catchy songs that I can sing along to while typing an email or compiling a quote for a customer. So that’s how I landed on this one! 


Day 4 – A song perfect for when it’s raining

“I Will Follow You Into The Dark” – Death Cab for Cutie


Day 5 – A song that makes you dance

“Shape of You” – Ed Sheeran


Day 6 – A song from your childhood

“Grandma’s Feather Bed” – John Denver


My dad loves John Denver. Growing up and going on road trips, we listened to a lot of John Denver


This one was always a favorite of mine and my sisters. It’s just a fun song. 


Anytime I hear it I think of my family and those road trips. They are happy memories no matter how long or short the drive was. 


Day 7 – A song while working out

“Swing” – Joel Fletcher and Savage


Day 8 – A song that soothes you

“One Man Band” – Old Dominion


Old Dominion is my favorite band. I’ve followed them for a while (before they got big!). 


The first time I saw them was at a small venue in Maryland where they opened for Chase Rice. I love that they have ties to Virginia (where I currently live), and I just enjoy their music so much. 


This song is one of my favorites by them; I love the calming vibes it gives. 


Day 9 – A song without words

“Symphony No. 5” – Beethoven


Day 10 – A song that puts you to tears

“Terrible Things” – Mayday Parade


Day 11 – A song you played at your wedding (or will play if you aren’t married!)

Day 11 – 30-day Song Challenge on Instagram

“From The Ground Up” – Dan and Shay


This was the song my husband and I danced to for our first dance.


It has been our song for years and I’m so glad we got to have it incorporated into our wedding. 


So much of the song applies to our life and I love it even more now that we have a daughter.


Her room might not be painted pink, but she’s beautiful and I like to think she looks like me.


Day 12 – A hit song from the year you were born

“Blaze of Glory” – John Bon Jovi


Day 13 – A classic song you like

“Let It Be” – The Beatles


Day 14 – A song while commuting

“Can’t Stop the Feeling” – Justin Timberlake


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Day 15 – A popular song from a different country

“Despacito” – Luis Fonsi


Day 16 – A song for a creative boost

“Party in the U.S.A.” – Miley Cyrus


Day 17 – A song that makes you confident

“Roar” – Katy Perry


Day 18 – A song that’s on repeat

“Good 4 U” – Olivia Rodrigo


I still cannot get enough of this song. It’s been out for a while now and probably overplayed, but there is just something about it that is so much fun and I could listen to it over and over again! 


Day 19 – A song by a local artist

“She Is Love” – Parachute


Many artists have come out of Virginia, but I wanted to find someone that maybe people didn’t know where they were from. 


In doing my research I found out that Parachute is from Charlottesville, VA! Parachute was formed in 2006 and this song, “She Is Love,” was released in 2009 as the lead single from their debut album. 


It was fun to read about the band and how they formed and I’m glad this challenge sent me down the rabbit hole of learning more about them and this song. 


If you are ever looking for something fun to do one day, browse Google for artists that have come from your state and see who you find!


Day 20 – A song you sing in the car

“Boomerang” – The Summer Set


Day 21 – A song that puts you to sleep

“How to Save a Life” – The Fray


Day 22 – A song that reminds you of your friends

“Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)” – Green Day


Day 23 – A song for a road trip

“Bohemian Rhapsody” – Queen


Day 24 – The #1 song on the day you were born

“Vision of Love” – Mariah Carey


(Can you figure out my birth date from this song?)


Day 25 – A song that makes you sentimental

“All Too Well” – Taylor Swift

All Too Well - 30-day Song Challenge on Instagram
Day 25 – A song that makes you sentimental

This song, seriously, where do I even begin with this song. I love Taylor Swift, and this has to be one of her best songs ever. 


The lyrics, the music, her voice, everything about this song is perfect in the best possible way. 


Every time I hear it I’m taken back to old boyfriends and high school love. 


I vividly remember her performance of this song at the 56th Annual Grammy Awards in 2014. That performance was amazing and still gives me chills. 


If you haven’t listened to this song you are missing out on possibly one of Swift’s best songs of all time.  


Day 26 – A song you love singing along to

“December” – Neck Deep


Day 27 – A song by your favorite boy band

“Sucker” – Jonas Brothers


Day 28 – A favorite song you learned from a movie

“I See Fire” – Ed Sheeran (from The Hobbit)


Day 29 – A song by your favorite solo artist

“Galway Girl” – Ed Sheeran


Day 30 – A song from your first concert

“Livin’ On A Prayer” – Bon Jovi


To be honest, I’m not 100 percent sure if this was my first concert or not, but this is the first concert I remember. 


2006 at Heinz Field….Nickelback and Bon Jovi concert to celebrate the Steeler’s 5th Superbowl win. 


I know my parents are pretty cool to get me tickets and take me to this concert. 


I’m pretty sure it was just my mom that took me (Nickelback and Bon Jovi aren’t really my dad’s thing, lol). My mom’s best friend came with her (she lives in Pittsburgh) and I think my boyfriend at the time maybe came with me? 


I honestly can’t remember…It’s funny how you forget things as you get older. Who came with me wasn’t important I guess. 


But, I remember the concert and having so much fun. 


It was bands I loved (yes at 16 I was a Bon Jovi fan, lol) and it was so unique because it was a celebration of the Steeler’s Superbowl win (my favorite football team!). 


Anyway, I had a blast and will never forget the concert. 



30-day Song Challenge on Instagram



And, just like that…that’s it! That’s my 30 day song challenge list along with all my selections!


I hope you had fun reading and getting to know me a little more. 


Drop a comment below with your song selections or your favorite music memory. I’d love to hear about it! 


And, if you try this 30 day song challenge on Instagram be sure to tag me in your posts (@ktlikescoffee) or use the hashtag #ktlikescoffee so I can see it!




6 thoughts on “30 Day Song Challenge List for Instagram”

  1. This is such a fun idea! However, I’m not sure if I will last all 30 days. Looking forward to see your song selections over the next few weeks!

  2. The Friends theme song is so good. My husband and I always put the show on at night if we have nothing else to watch, and when falling asleep.

    Have you listened to the extended version of All Too Well from Taylor’s new Red album? I’m obsessed with it (as I am with all of her songs!).

    Great list of songs for the 30 day song challenge!

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