No Grey Skies Here – Out Of The Grey Coffee Review

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Do you spell grey as grey or gray? 


Neither is wrong, funny enough, but I’ve always preferred spelling it grey. 


Grey is actually one of my favorite colors too; it’s all over my house and I think it’s because grey can go with anything.


Grey is a great color and I will always and forever spell it grey.


I think it chalks back to the fact that my family tree on my dad’s side ties back to England. Way back…someone in the family married a woman that came over on the Mayflower and that’s how my family ended up in Northern America…pretty cool!The logo for Out of the Grey Coffee


Anyway, whatever the reason for my preferred spelling method of grey, though, I’m blaming it on my British roots.


So, I’m glad that Out Of The Grey Coffee chose that spelling too. 


And, I’m thrilled to bring this truly unique coffee company to you today on the blog. 


Not based out of England, but rather headquartered in Erie, PA, Out Of The Grey Coffee roasts some truly excellent roasts that I’m so glad I was able to sample.


What’s more unique to Out Of The Grey Coffee is the fact that their roastery is on the top of Tobacco Row Mountain in Virginia…so kinda in my backyard!


At their roasting spot, they use two classic drum roasters and stock 25 different coffee beans from around the world. 


They are currently building a new facility there too, according to owner Jack Barton (more commonly referred to as Java Jack).


Out Of The Grey’s offerings include over 180 coffee creations as well as 17 loose-leaf tea selections!


They also have stickers and chocolate-covered espresso beans available for purchase.



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For this review, I received the following coffees to sample:

Of the three coffees I tried, my favorite was the Royal Kona. 


Overall it was delicious and had a really great smooth texture and feel. 


I know that might sound strange, but coffee can sometimes be grainy and I hate that feeling/taste in my mouth.


This single origin did not have any of that and I appreciated the texture a lot. 


A medium dark single origin, the rare beans used are from Hawaii, the Kona District specifically on the Big Island. 


The Royal Kona blend from Out of the Grey Coffee was my favorite.

Kona coffee in particular is affected by the soil in Hawaii, which is largely volcanic and contributes to the overall flavor of Kona coffee which is dark and earthy.


Hawaiian coffee is famous for being small batched and highly sought after due to the small production scale when compared to powerhouse-producing coffee countries like Brazil, Columbia, and Ethiopia.


That said, according to the Hawaii Coffee Association, “coffee ranks fourth in the amount of land devoted to a single crop and fifth in value of production. More farms grow coffee than any other crop in the state.” 


So, it’s a small but mighty industry in Hawaii.


Another fun fact about Hawaiian coffee is it is divided into different grades including: 

  • Extra Fancy (the best of the best!)
  • Fancy
  • Number 1
  • Select 
  • Prime
  • Hawaii No. 3

Anything below Hawaii No. 3 is considered “off grade.” You can’t use the term “Hawaii” in conjunction with the product.


When it comes to using the term Kona Coffee, you can’t even put the word “Kona” on a bag if it’s a No. 3 or less. 


Who knew Hawaii had so many regulations around coffee?! 


Out Of The Grey Coffee uses the “Extra Fancy” beans for this single origin. And, that’s just another reason I enjoyed the Royal Kona from Out Of The Grey Coffee. 


I learned a lot about Hawaiian coffee while drinking it (it’s my first taste of a “Kona” coffee). 


My husband also enjoyed the Royal Kona and said it was his favorite of the three too!


I hope to try more Hawaiian coffee in the future so I can compare different beans from the different islands! 


I would absolutely recommend this coffee because it was unique and tasty. Just be sure to savor it, and don’t drink it too quickly! 


The Royal Kona in particular would make a great gift for any coffee lover too because if they are just an average coffee drinker like myself it’s something they might not have tried before!


Pair that coffee with a simple coffee journal and you’ve got the perfect gift for your coffee lover friend or family member!



The second coffee I tried was the Bourbon Street Black.


Because of the added chicory in the Bourbon Street Black, you can’t purchase it in whole bean form.


Out Of The Grey Coffee has to grind to your brewing preference. Which is interesting and something you don’t often see with coffee companies. 



This blend and the process it undergoes speaks to the high quality of coffee Out Of The Grey Coffee produces.


And I think that is best reflected in this statement on their website: 

“At Out Of The Grey Coffee®, a cup of great-tasting coffee is more than just a caffeine jolt. Coffee is about pleasure. It is that moment your hand is warmed by the mug when you raise it to your nose & deeply inhale & then take a sip. This experience should be savored one sip at a time over & over again.”

Bourbon Street Black really embodied that statement for me. And, I feel like Out Of The Grey Coffee has something unique with this blend in particular. 


Ground chicory.
Ground chicory

It’s unknown who first started using chicory as a coffee substitute, but it appears to have been popularized by Europeans who were looking for something in the New World in particular that mimicked coffee.


Chicory is actually a blue flower that has many uses as the entire plant is edible. Leafy and root parts of the chicory are cultivated for culinary purposes.


The roots of a chicory plant specifically are baked, roasted, and ground into a coffee-ground consistency. 


This ground chicory can be used as a substitute for coffee, but more often what you find now is that the grounds are used as an additive to coffee. 


Like they are in the Bourbon Street Black blend which is a 100% Haitian with chicory added in.


And those combinations make it a dark roast. Like really dark. 


It’s rich and has a great smell.


I enjoyed it best with milk over my traditional preference of drinking my coffee black. 


This blend in particular showed me why I like to space out my coffee reviews too. 


After making this one a few times, I learned my taste preference and I actually used fewer grounds than I normally would in my drip coffee maker. 


A bag of coffee next to a sticker.

It has such a rich flavor that you need to balance it out more if you don’t want it to be so strong (which I didn’t!).


And, that’s because of the added chicory.


The coffee itself is darker and actually less acidic than other coffees, so it can be a great choice for someone with digestive issues.


It’s a unique and interesting coffee that I think speaks to what Out Of The Grey Coffee is all about: unique and specialty coffees that leave you wanting more. 



Last up I also had the privilege of tasting the Jamaican Blue Mountain. 


A specialty coffee, the Jamaican Blue Mountain from Out Of The Grey Coffee is a single origin that has been rated among some of the best exotic coffees in the world


Much like Hawaiian coffee, Jamaican coffee has regulations on beans and its high-quality rating is part of the reason it comes with an expensive price tag. 


A bag of the Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee from Out of the Grey Coffee.

The term “Champagne of Coffees” is often used for beans out of this region and it’s a very rare coffee that provides a unique flavor experience.


The Jamaican Blue Mountain tasted really good and I would drink it again in a heartbeat.


It is a mild and well balanced single origin that makes for a tasty cup in the morning. 


You can read more details on the Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee at Out Of The Grey’s website (the details on all their coffees are actually amazing and very educational!).




I really enjoyed the varieties from Out Of The Grey Coffee that I sampled.


All three coffees stretched me both as a daily coffee drinker and now reviewer because they were all very different. With some being a type of coffee I’ve never even tried before!


Bags of coffee from Out of the Grey Coffee.


I plan to go back and order more at some point because with 180+ options available…trying three just doesn’t feel like enough!


Their flavored coffees in particular sound intriguing. They recently released some seasonal coffee flavors that I think you would enjoy! 


Java Jack recommends the African single origins as those are his personal favorite. 


He describes them as, “distinctive coffees with flavors ranging from berries to grapefruit and aromas with hints of flowers, chocolate, and spices.”


You can use discount code KT10 to save 10% off your coffee order at Out Of The Grey Coffee.


And, if you purchase from Out Of The Grey Coffee, be sure to open a “Bank Of Java™” account to receive points (aka “beans”) to use towards your purchase or any future purchase. 


In addition to receiving points for every dollar spent, you can get points for following Out Of The Grey Coffee on social media. 



The “beans” can be used towards additional savings and even free shipping. So, it’s another great way to save some money when you shop.


You can find Out Of The Grey Coffee on Instagram at @ootgcoffee and at their corporate headquarters: 900 State Street, Erie, PA 16501


Be sure to keep an eye out for their new facility in Virginia too!


If you try Out Of The Grey Coffee, be sure to leave a comment and tell me your thoughts. I can’t wait to hear what you think!



20 thoughts on “No Grey Skies Here – Out Of The Grey Coffee Review”

  1. I used to be a massive fan of coffee, but then I switched to green tea. Your blog makes me want to jump back on the wagon, lol. Great post!

  2. Love this post! I learned so many new and interesting things about coffee grades and blends. And the Royal Kona blend sounds delicious! I’m a long-time coffee lover, but I’ve developed a love of tea recently as well. I’ll have to give Out Of The Grey’s coffee and tea a try! Thank you for sharing, and I love a discount code!!

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed this blog post! As I sit here and drink my coffee, I’m now super curious about trying this coffee brand. I really love how they grind the coffee to your preference. As a seasoned coffee drinker, I have to have a specific coffee blend or I just don’t get that extra push for the day 😂 I worked as a barista in high school and would sometimes talk to customers about how personal coffee is when it comes to preferences of blend and how you make it. It’s nice to know that a coffee brand understands that and has done something with it.

    1. Hi Noelle! So glad you enjoyed the review. I couldn’t agree more that coffee is personal and that’s something I love about it! I think there is a coffee out there for everyone. It’s always nice to find a company that feels that way and has such a wide range of quality options too.

  4. I absolutely love everything coffee. Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee has always been one of my favorites since vacationing on the island a few years ago. I’m always searching for that roast. Thank you for the suggestions!

  5. I have to say that I have discovered over the last few years that Kona beans are my favorite. Thtat being said, I never knew that the “off grades” cannot use Hawaii in conjunction with the product. That’s interesting! I love the coffee reviews you give not only to learn new coffees to try, but to learn the interesting little tidbits along the way as well! Thanks!

    1. Thanks so much Michelle! I’m so glad you enjoy my reviews! This really means a lot to me. I love sharing small coffee companies and facts about coffee too. It’s a really interesting product and there are so many great coffees out there! Thanks for reading.

  6. These sound so good. I could sample a ton of Hawaiian coffees on vacation once, and it was a really neat experience. Kona coffee was the first coffee I could sip without putting tons of milk and sugar in it. I’ll have to try Out Of The Grey. Thank you for the great review.

  7. I loveloveloveeee coffee and I honestly don’t know much about the coffee I drink, I always just grab and go from the grocery store so I loved reading more about these blends! I love the term “Champagne of Coffees” and totally want to give that Jamaican Roast a try one of these days!

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