Home Office Decor That Will Inspire You Throughout The Day

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Decorating your home office is one of the perks of working from home.


You can do what you want, how you want, and have fun with your space. 


When you work in an office, you are often limited by your cubicle walls or maybe just constraints of the building (for example you might not be able to paint your walls or change your blinds). 


Regardless of where you work, there are so many ways to decorate your space and make it your own and keep you motivated through the long workday.


From color to wall art to plants there are all kinds of different office decor. 


But where do you start with it all?


How do you decorate your space so you stay motivated while you work? How do you make it look cohesive?


Keep reading to find out! 🙂 


home office decor that will inspire your workday - roundup of items


One of the first home office decor items you should have is a plant. 


Plants are great for so many reasons…including the fact that they literally help us breathe! 


They help filter the air, relieve stress, and create a more relaxing environment. 


My home office decor plant!
My home office plant!

This plant pictured right is currently in my office. And, if I’m honest with you, it’s not my plant. It’s one of my husbands 🙂 


I actually don’t do well with keeping plants alive. He’s the plant person in our relationship.


So if you are in the same boat, maybe try a bamboo plant or aloe vera plant…something easier to keep alive (Well…they are supposed to be easier…I have killed both, so I beg to differ. Like I said…not a plant person!). 


And, if you don’t have a way to keep a plant alive, just opt for a fake one. The greenery will still brighten your space and fuel your creativity, which is just another amazing benefit of having a plant in your office!


Having fresh flowers from time to time is another great way to brighten your space and inspire you during your workday too!


Make sure you have a pretty monthly calendar in your home office.


This might seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how easy it is to leave a calendar out of your decor…especially if you work from home. 


Never mind that we have calendars in emails, on our phones, or even in that little lower right corner of our computer screen…something about having a physical calendar is important. 


A lot of people have the daily calendars (myself included), but a monthly calendar is what you really want in regards to your office setup for both decor and productivity purposes. 


It’s right in front of you and you don’t have to open something up just to see the date.


If you work in a cubicle, tacking up a calendar with a push pin is easy. But, at home, it’s a little different. You might have to use a nail or maybe you don’t have much wall space at all. 


If that’s the case, consider a desktop calendar like this one or this one


I love having a hanging calendar that has pretty pictures to look at, or even a calendar with inspirational sayings would be great. 


Right now I have a calendar my extended family from New Zealand sent me earlier in the year hanging in my office. It has beautiful images of native New Zealand animals and I love turning the page each month!


I think next year I’m going to find a coffee-inspired monthly calendar 🙂


Home office decor that smells amazing too can do wonders for your mood and creativity!


Candles are of course the obvious choice for this, especially when you can get awesome bubble candles or a decorative bowl-style candle


But, alternatives are things like essential oil diffusers or reed diffusers. 


You might not realize just how important scent is until you start using something like this, but once you do it can be hard to go back. 


I have a few candles in my office, but I also like to use the Wallflowers from Bath & Body Works. 


Whenever I change the scent in our one upstairs (which happens to be right outside my office) it always smells amazing for the first few days because it is new and different. 


So consider something in your favorite scent if you are looking for inspiring home office decor!


Personalized artwork or pictures are a great home office decor item to generate inspiration.


Just like at a cubicle or office, you should have pictures surrounding you of the people or maybe places that are most important to you. 


When you surround yourself with images of what you love, you just feel better. They are the people and things that inspire you after all and are the reason you are working so hard! 


So print out pictures of your kids or your pets or of that trip you took to Itay. Frame them and make your office your own. 


I have pictures of my family and friends filling the shelves of my bookcase and I love looking over and seeing the people I love most staring back at me. 


If you want or can decorate your walls, that’s even better. Take the time to find a unique piece of artwork or something that speaks to you. 


Consider supporting a small business in the process too! A site like RedBubble is a great place to look for unique, inspiring home office decor for your walls!



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Another great way to accessorize your home office is to pick a color and then only buy items in that color.


So, for example, rose gold is super popular when it comes to office items. You can find soooo many office supplies in rose gold. Staples, paper clips, pens…even a height-adjustable standing desk!


Having a color pallet that you stick to for your office supplies can instantly make your office feel less cluttered/messy because everything is the same tone.


It’s relaxing on your eyes, it’s inspiring, it’s calming. Everything you want in your home office decor!


Here are some simple color pallet examples when it comes to office supplies and what you can do/use. I’ve linked some products that you can buy to match these style boards. 


Collection of rose gold home office decor inspired items

Check out these links below for home office decor that will inspire your rose gold themed home office!


Rose Gold Office Collection | Stationery Set | Pen Holder | Height Adjustable Desk Converter | Paper Tray Set | Sticky Note Holders | Paper Clips and Binder Clips


Teal office supplies collection

Check out these links below for home office decor that will inspire your teal/blue themed home office!


Teal Keyboard and Wrist Pad | Desk Top Organizer | Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo | Desk Mat | Paper Clips and Binder Clips


Purple home office inspired decor items

Check out these links below for home office decor that will inspire your purple themed home office!


Purple Post-it Notes | Desk Pad | Calculator | Paper Clips and Binder Clips | Desk Organizer | Gel Pens



Now that you’ve got all these amazing home office decor items, you need a place to display them!


The Carson Collection from Target is my absolute favorite when it comes to bookcases. 


We have three different versions of this bookcase in my house, including this 5-self bookcase that resides in my office!


It comes in so many different colors and style options to fit any space and the quality is great. I’ve moved the bookcase with me to four different homes (#rentallife) and it’s survived every move. 


Keep an eye out for furniture or home sales at Target too so that you can score the best possible deal on this collection too! 


Pinterest pin by KT Likes Coffee


Home office decor doesn’t have to be fancy, but it does have to inspire you. 


I hope that you found something new on this list to add to your space to give you the motivation and inspiration to get your work done for the day. 


If you have any other tips on inspiring home office decor, share them with us in the comments below! 






14 thoughts on “Home Office Decor That Will Inspire You Throughout The Day”

  1. Great suggestions! For plants (spider plants is another choice), a reminder on your electronic calendar to water them once a week is a great to keep them alive and avoid over watering.

    Also love the wall calendar! I have two: one for this month and one for next. I often glance at them during phone calls so I don’t have to touch my computer.

    1. Good idea about the reminder on your calendar to water plants! Also, love the idea of two calendars; I bet that helps with planning and you can purchase more than one calendar which is always fun!

  2. Great ideas here, I’m the same way with plants! But happy to report that I have not killed this one plant that was given to me last year. lol.
    I like you blog, it is easy to read and love the theme.

  3. Great ideas! I love your colored idea boards, so pretty! We don’t have space for a dedicated office, so I envy the thought! I too have killed the plants that you’re not supposed to be able to 😅..no green thumb here. And I definitely think you need a coffee calendar!

    1. Yes…totally need a coffee calendar! I’m with you in that I don’t have a dedicated office right now either (it’s an office/guest room). Wish it was separate, but I’ve tried my best to make it my own and then I just relinquish it for a few days when we have guests lol! (Normally it’s over the weekend so it’s not too bad!)

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