Brewtiful Designs: The Best Coffee Stickers to Perk Up Your Day

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Hey there, coffee lovers! If you’re like me, your morning brew is more than just a beverage—it’s a ritual, a moment of peace, and sometimes even a much-needed energy boost. 


But what if I told you that you could make that cherished coffee moment even more delightful? 


Enter the world of coffee stickers! 


Are you a pun enthusiast? 


Love cute coffee illustrations? 


From minimalist designs to colorful, detailed artwork, there’s a coffee sticker to match every aesthetic and mood.


Coffee stickers allow you to personalize your mugs, bottles, laptops, Kindles, etc. in a way that speaks directly to you. And, I’m excited to share my favorite coffee stickers with you.



Coffee stickers Pinterest pin



My Favorite Types of Coffee Stickers


1. Espresso Yourself

Let’s kick things off with a classic pun: “Espresso Yourself.” The sticker combines humor with a charming illustration of a steaming cup of espresso.


Another popular coffee sticker using espresso is: “More Espresso, Less Depresso.


No matter which you choose, it’s the perfect way to start the day with a laugh and a reminder to be your authentic self.


2. Rise and Grind

For those early mornings when getting out of bed feels like an Olympic sport (or you’re just a tired mom! #momlife), you need the “Rise and Grind” sticker. 


Its bold typography and captivating design are unique and it would look fantastic on a travel mug, thus making your commute or early-morning road trip a bit brighter!


3. Book and Coffee Stickers

For all the bookworms who love to sip on a steaming cup of coffee while getting lost in a good book, book and coffee stickers are a match made in heaven. 


These delightful designs often feature cozy scenes of books stacked next to a coffee cup, or whimsical quotes that celebrate the joy of reading and coffee drinking. 


Stickers like “Books & Coffee” or “Coffee and a Good Book” capture the perfect balance of literary escapism and caffeinated bliss. They’re ideal for decorating your journal, favorite bookmark, or even your coffee mug, creating a charming aesthetic that highlights your love for both reading and coffee.



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4. But First, Coffee

No coffee sticker collection is complete without the iconic “But First, Coffee” sticker. 


I love this specific coffee saying because it can be featured on a sticker in several ways – like this one on an iced coffee cup or beautiful plain text


Its straightforward message and stylish design make it a versatile addition to any coffee mug, laptop, or Kindle.


5. Cute Coffee Characters

Who can resist adorable coffee-themed characters? 

cute coffee stickers


From smiling coffee cups to kawaii mugs, these cute coffee character stickers add a playful touch to mugs and notebooks.


Check out 8 Bit Magnets Co for some unique, adorable character designs!


6. Latte Art Love

As a fan of latte art, I adore stickers that celebrate this beautiful craft. Latte art stickers can feature intricate designs of hearts, rosettas, and tulips, paying homage to the barista’s art. It’s a delightful way to show appreciation for the skill and creativity that goes into every cup.


For a fun activity, pair a sticker of a beautifully designed coffee cup with your actual latte art (or latte art at your favorite coffee shop), and you’ve got an Instagram-worthy coffee moment!





7. Coffee Quotes

Sometimes, all you need is a bit of wisdom with your caffeine. Coffee quote stickers, like “Life Happens, Coffee Helps” or “A Good Day Starts With Coffee,” offer a mix of inspiration and humor.


They’re perfect for adding a thoughtful touch to your accessories and spreading positive vibes.


8. Disney & Coffee

Matt of Disney Coffee Blog has some of my favorite Disney-themed coffee stickers! From coffee orders of your favorite Disney princesses (and Walt!) to original FastPass-style coffee stickers (IFYKYK!), there are clever and amazing options for everyone.


Belle coffee sticker from Disney Coffee Blog


9. Coffee Stickers for Planners

For those who love both organization and a good cup of coffee, coffee stickers for planners are the perfect addition to your scheduling routine. 


Coffee planner stickers can feature charming coffee cups, motivational coffee quotes, or fun coffee-related designs that help you plan your day with a caffeinated boost. Add a dash of coffee-inspired charm to your organization and stay on top of your tasks with a smile!


10. Coffee Roaster Stickers


A collection of coffee roaster stickers

Show your support for your favorite coffee roasters with coffee roaster stickers! These stickers are a fantastic way to celebrate and promote the brands that bring you your beloved beans. 


Whether you’re a die-hard fan of a local roaster or simply appreciate the artistry behind exceptional coffee, coffee roaster stickers let you proudly wear your coffee loyalty. I love collecting stickers from various roasters I’ve sampled coffee from. 



Coffee stickers are more than mere decorations—they’re a way to bring joy, creativity, and a touch of personal flair to something. 


So go ahead and fill your travel mug, laptop, Kindle, or whatever you want with stickers, and make your coffee moments as unique and delightful as you are. Happy sipping (or maybe I should say sticking!).




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